The Peak of Power

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2013

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1:

Intelligence Nightmare

A shot was heard. Some computer screens were blown to pieces by a pistol. It was police force against secret agents, both sides with pistols at the ready.

A police officer called out, "stand down!"

A secret agent called back suggestively, "you should talk!"

Another police officer shot a hanging computer screen down. A second secret agent tumbled out of the way in time, the computer screen exploding in flames inches away.

He called out to the other agent, "go! Go!"

The first secret agent started firing her pistol, chasing after a man in a gray coat. The man fired back with his own pistol, wounding the secret agent in the shoulder. She continued after the suspicious man, who got onto an elevator. The secret agent jumped through the glass elevator, smashing her way into it and tumbling inside.

Days earlier…

In an American office was a man with short brown hair. He was sitting in the executive chair of the office, seated with black cushioning. It matched the color of his formal suit. In front of him was a wooden desk, and on the floor was a seal of an eagle sealed in the center like a giant colored stamp. A personal adviser with long reddish blond hair and a black formal suit was coming through the office door.

The man with short brown hair asked, "What is it? Can't you see I'm busy with these reports?!" The adviser insisted with hidden contempt, "sorry, mister president…but it's very important."

Another report was added to the pile of papers on his desk. President Carter sighed, "what is it?"

The adviser pointed out nervously, "a construction crew recently stumbled upon…a second layer of oil. They were making a tunnel for a future subway system, but…"

The president interrupted, "are you serious?! I thought that underground oil was buried by now." The adviser pointed out, "apparently not, sir."

The president noticed something disturbing as he read through the report.

He sighed, "And the Middle East is offering billions of dollars worth to get permission to help us mine it. Even I don't trust the Middle East's leaders." The adviser added, "along with other nations, sir. What should we do about it?"

President Carter muttered, "We continue using environmentally friendly vegetable oil, and don't do business with them."

The adviser gasped, "But Carter, we have been fighting the Middle East's forces for years. If we can open diplomatic relations with them, I suggest we take it…sir."

President Carter figured manipulatively, "don't we have diplomats for that kind of thing?" The adviser commented, "yes sir, but I don't follow what you mean by that."

President Carter continued, "well, it's very simple: We have our diplomats open meetings between the Middle East's nations, and let them destroy each other with their own resources."

The adviser muttered, "And you want this to be the case among all the nations asking for underground oil deals?" The president smiled, "indeed. They don't deserve what they can't see with their own eyes."

The adviser muttered, "yes, sir." She left through the office door, muttering to herself. She muttered in anger, "you're still your stubborn self, Carter."

In another office was an executive woman with shoulder length red hair. She was sitting at a black cushioned seat, at a glass desk. She wore a white formal suit. Computer screens made up the walls. One of them spilt open as a sliding door, with a personal adviser with shoulder length black hair and a white formal suit coming through the door.

She asked her personal adviser, "What's up?" Her personal adviser answered, "I thought you'd be interested in this piece of news."

The executive looked at his report with growing interest and concern.

She commented, "The Middle East and other underground oil reliant nations suddenly want to do business with us? Well, this won't go unchecked by the CIA." Her personal adviser muttered, "but how do we even get enough teams of agents to do that?"

The executive figured, "then we'll do it in pairs of agents. It might make it harder, but at least we'll have agents deployed all across those nations." Her personal adviser added, "Right away, Sarah."

He left through the same door he came in by. Sarah sighed, "This is going to be an intelligence nightmare. I just know it."

A few hours later…

In two airplane seats were a couple of people, though not exactly in the romantic sense. One had short blond hair, the other with long brown hair. They had already gone over their cover stories, ready to act like a married couple under instruction from the CIA.

The agent with long brown hair sighed, "What time is it?"

The other agent pointed out, "Why do you keep asking me that?" The first not so secret agent replied, "Because I'm bored, ok?"

The second not so secret agent muttered, "You know, you could have brought something to do."

The other agent whispered, "Between assignments, I haven't had much free time at all…to do anything worthwhile."

The second agent muttered, "You're not thinking of resigning, are you?" The first agent confirmed, "as a matter of fact, yes."

The second agent suggested, "Have you ever been to Russia before?"

The first agent muttered, "No, I haven't. But…I've heard bad things about it."

The second agent muttered, "how did I get stuck with such a cynical…person?!"

The first agent sighed, "I'm sorry. I just haven't had much time to be a person." The second agent put a hand on one of her hands, "its ok. I shouldn't have gotten excited over it."

In a second airplane were another couple of people, heading towards the Middle East. They were not a romantic couple though, whether as a disguise or not. On the same airplane was a diplomat, heading for a conference in the same place.

Suddenly, a red military fighter jet with armed missiles shot one of its missiles into the plane. An explosion came off from the tail of the plane, the tail spiraling out of control.

Emergency masks begun being lowered down to the passengers.

A flight attendant called out, "everyone stay calm!" The pilots were trying to make an emergency landing, but they were countries off from the Middle East.

Not only that, but…

Another missile was launched into the cockpit, destroying the front of the airplane in a big explosion of fire.

The flight attendant corrected herself, "everyone out! Now!"

The plane plummeted down to the hard ground of a mountain side, high above a road many miles below. The passengers were evacuating through the front side door of the plane, but the fighter jet was swooping down towards them.

An agent with long black hair pressed a button on her watch, releasing a laser from the center of the watch's digital screen. The third missile exploded in seconds from the laser, knocking out several of the passengers from the impact. They fell off the mountain, plummeting to their doom. The fighter jet started firing bullets at the remaining passengers, but the second agent with short red hair had another trick up his sleeve. He clapped his hands together, releasing from a wedding ring a sonic blast. The blast smashed the bullets into harmless pieces of metal.

The fighter jet retreated, but not before launching a big grappling hook at the diplomat below. The two agents went into action in the confusion of the confused crowd of passengers, leaving the crowd to jump onto the grappling hook.

The agent with long black hair muttered, "The cable's too thick."

The other asked, "How is that possible?"

They began climbing up the surprisingly sturdy cable, which was interestingly partly made of metal.

The fighter jet was now in the clouds, heading for another country entirely. With the curious fighter jet switched to autopilot, the pilot herself opened up the cockpit to fire a pistol at the two agents. One of them was shot down, but the other dodged it by swinging around the cable.

The short red haired agent let go, extending his human sized built in glider out from his black shirt. The pilot with shoulder length blond hair kept firing at the remaining agent, the agent struggling to use the wind currents to dodge the bullets in the air. The diplomat was pulled into hollowed out space, where the fighter jet's bottom was. The agent was firing back with a pistol of his own, taking out the cockpit's middle glass screen with a couple of shots. The pilot covered her head in reaction to the tactful surprise.

The agent glided into her, kicking the pilot against the cockpit from above. The pilot fell unconscious. The agent sighed with relief as he got into the cockpit. Several more curious looking fighter jets appeared in the middle of crossfire, firing at each other around the agent to his frustration.

He muttered, "what did I get myself into?!"

Within a certain white house's backyard…

President Carter's second in command with short black grayish hair and a black formal suit was getting an interview from three of the We Know News network's reporters.

One of them asked, "So, how is diplomatic relations going in the Middle East?" The president's second in command sighed in a chair adjacent to the reporters' nearby chairs, "It's…gotten complicated."

The reporter insisted, "could you be more specific, Goran?"

Second in command Goran chuckled uneasily, "we've recently been getting many calls from nations across the world. So, it's hard to be specific when I don't know which nation you're talking about."

A second reporter added, "how about Afghanistan then? Dictator Forziama has been there for some time now…yet American troops are beginning to draw away from years of fighting." A third reporter muttered, "I've been wondering about the same thing."

Goran muttered, "Forziama finally wants to listen to the American government."

One of the reporters urged, "And why is that, sir? Our viewers have a right to know."

Goran sighed, "because…because Forziama and Carter have an understanding that's strictly for the greater good of the Middle East." A second reporter insisted, "And what kind of understanding is that?"

Goran went on, "strictly business. Money brings well being to the Middle East, and keeps them from threatening America as a whole."

A third reporter responded, "Over the discovered layer of underground oil, I presume." Goran continued, "That's a very good guess."

A reporter assumed, "so…that's it then? The Middle East's citizens are left for doomed?!"

Goran more calmly commented, "not at all. After all, what better way is there to bring peace to the Middle East…than having dictators partner up with each other to balance out executive power among their nations?"

The same reporter commented, "I…haven't thought of that."

Goran urged, "Any more questions?"

One of the other reporters figured, "I guess that's it for questions, Goran."

Goran added with hidden unease, "glad I could answer them for you."

The reporters and their cameraman left the lawn, leaving Goran to his thoughts.

Goran thought to himself, "Why doesn't Carter ever show up to these public appearances? It's not like I can handle all of them by myself. I'm only one person, after all."

In one of the meeting rooms in America…

There were many representatives of its states. They wore a mixture of black formal suits and white formal suits. Small half oval shaped arrangements of chairs and desks were spread out in equal sections across two floors of the same room. Some representatives sat in a more traditional style of desks and chairs, but they were all considered to have the title of senator.

They were arguing like crazy.

One of them called out, "everyone, settle down!"

Most of them sighed in realization of the significance of the speaker.

This senator continued, "Now, let's try this again. What does New York have to say about it?" One of them complained, "Why is it always New York anyway?"

The senate speaker sighed, "Ok…how about the state of Washington first?"

Most of the senators agreed on it.

One senator pointed out, "I think that with the president's expenses on solar cells and cures for diseases, a return to underground oil is more cost effective in this time of economic crisis."

A second senator argued, "more cost effective?! We're already paying through global warming and extreme weather insurance costs. A return to underground oil would only flood the United States, and possibly the whole world with it!"

A third senator pointed out, "isn't that a job for the secretary of agriculture to worry about…and not ours?"

Another senator argued, "It's not like the president would approve of it anyway. He's more in favor of new technologies than the old ways any day."

One of the senators pointed out, "and if the Supreme Court rules in our favor?" A senator commented, "Then we should vote on it."

The senators' apparent main speaker said, "All in favor of a return to underground oil?" Fifty five senators raised their hands.

The main speaker continued, "All against a return to underground oil?" Forty five senators raised their hands. The main speaker confirmed more calmly, "then it's decided."

Across the world…

There was a Chinese office, with a single half oval shaped desk and a man with short grayish black hair sitting there. A personal assistant of his came through an elevator like door, who also had short grayish black hair.

The first man with short grayish black hair urged coldly in another language, "Sit down, Hyrule."

The other man did as he was told, sitting in a seat opposite of him. Hyrule had on a white coat from the black market, and so did the other man.

Hyrule confirmed the request in the Chinese language, "what do you ask of me, sir?"

The other man went on, "I take it you've gotten reports of another layer of underground oil, found in our oil wells. Am I correct, Hyrule?" Hyrule confirmed, "yes, sir."

The other man urged, "It means that we can charge less on oil and more on everything else. And China's farmers would have to give in to progress."

Hyrule suggested, "But don't we need farmers to provide our crops…especially in our already polluted atmosphere?"

The other man insisted, "I don't need to explain myself, least of all to you. You forget your place as the public image, Hyrule…and as part of the People's Republic of China."

Hyrule apologized uneasily, "I'm sorry, premier. I've just been tired from holding out the public image." The premier figured, "of course, Hyrule."

Hyrule requested, "Permission to go on vacation, sir?"

The secretary general asked back, "where to?" Hyrule concluded, "Russia, sir."

The secretary general responded, "You have three days, Hyrule." Hyrule replied more calmly, "thank you, sir."

Hyrule left through the elevator like door. The premier pressed a red button on his cell phone.

He instructed coldly, "send some of our best men to escort president Hyrule…immediately."

In another part of the world…

Office desks and chairs were sitting on top of a sun baked apartment shaped building. A tent made of microfibers covered them. At the desks sat many women in black cloaks. A man with shoulder length brown hair in white yellowish clothes came to one of the women.

He asked urgently, "what's taking so long, Forziama? We have a schedule to keep!"

Dictator Forziama urged, "Patience, dear…we will take down Supreme Leader Fonum today. I already sent a double agent that is capable of being a one man army."

The cruel man figured gleefully, "good, good. Have I told you that you're my most favorite wife?" Dictator Forziama chuckled, "only ten times this week, dear."

In another sun baked apartment shaped building…

There was a meeting. And at that meeting were three diplomats. Two were wearing cloaks. One had a black cloak and one had a red cloak. One of the diplomats had on a white formal suit, who was there on president Carter's behalf. All three of them went through metal detectors, and had an impersonal body check to check for any hidden items on their person.

The diplomat sighed, "at this rate, we're not going to get anywhere!"

The red cloaked diplomat muttered, "it's not my fault. Dictator Forziama has been disregarding our authority as a respectable people for years!"

The black cloaked diplomat argued, "you know something? Iran's not so cheerful either!"

The American diplomat muttered, "there you go again! Everyone just…try to put your feelings aside." The red cloaked diplomat confirmed, "and then…we can proceed with business. I'm beginning to like you."

The black cloaked diplomat realized, "come to think of it, I have a suggestion as to how we can come to an agreement." The red cloaked diplomat concluded, "this ought to be good."

The American diplomat wondered, "and what do you suggest?"

The black cloaked diplomat concluded, "that it's time to say…goodbye!"

He suddenly clapped his hands, activating a clever device from his own hands. His fingernails folded out as thick claws made of microfiber and tiny metal pieces, all of which were too small in scale to detect from a typical metal detector.

The red cloaked diplomat chuckled, "well, I'm impressed."

He punched the black cloaked diplomat against the meeting room table. The black cloaked diplomat tumbled to the floor, dodging another punch from the red cloaked diplomat.

The American diplomat called out, "security!"

Ten or so bodyguards came charging into the room, knocking down the door off its hinges. At the same time, they got ready to fire their pistols at the black cloaked diplomat. The red cloaked diplomat tried to kick back down the black cloaked diplomat, but the black cloaked diplomat grabbed his leg with his own two legs. The black cloaked diplomat quickly turned his legs to the side, sending the red cloaked diplomat landing against the floor.

A bodyguard shouted, "get down!"

The American diplomat ducked as bullets were fired at the black cloaked diplomat. The black cloaked diplomat just held his fingernail claws in front of his chest, deflecting the bullets in seconds. The bullets clinked against the floor. The red cloaked diplomat kicked the black cloaked diplomat from behind as he was getting up, sending him across the room. The black cloaked diplomat sliced through some of the guns in midair with his extended claws. Several bodyguards were knocked backwards by the explosions of the destroyed guns.

Some of the bodyguards tried to knock him out with punches. But, the black cloaked figure grabbed one arm and used it as momentum to spin kick into some more bodyguards. One of the punches though knocked the black cloaked figure back onto the floor, despite several more bodyguards falling to the ground dazed. The red cloaked figure took a chance to wrap his arms around the black cloaked figure, putting him in a choking hold.

The dazed black cloaked figure instinctively rammed an elbow of his into the red cloaked figure. At the same time, the red cloaked figure kicked the black cloaked figure in the back. This resulted in both of them falling back to the ground. The black cloaked figure was knocked out, but the red cloaked figure merely had the wind knocked out of her.

The red cloaked figure coughed with partial relief, "that…was close."

On the next day, back in America…

There was two familiar faces, sitting down at a whitish table for lunch. They were inside a first class hotel room in a first class hotel called the Wonder Rooms. Sky blue walls with circular port hole styled windows were everywhere in this hotel.

Goran was saying with a sigh, "why do I always end up showing up at your public appearances for you?"

Carter figured sarcastically, "gee, I don't know…maybe it's because we both agreed that I'm really not a people person?" Goran commented, "yeah…I think you should work on that."

Carter pointed out, "oh, come on! All you really do as vice president is show up at places when I can't be there. And clearly I'd be rude in public…and so I can't really be seen in public."

Goran sighed in realization, "doesn't make me feel any better about it though."

Carter sighed, "look. You're getting paid well for covering my appearances…and you're more of a socialist anyway. So, suck it up."

Goran warned, "money isn't everything, Carter. And, it's going to take more than just money for me to stick around."

Carter stood up angrily, "then why don't you just walk out on the country, and see where it gets you?!"

A glaring Goran stood up abruptly. Goran muttered, "at least I'm thinking about my country. Are you really thinking about your country, or just about yourself?"

He walked off and left the hotel room, leaving a taken off guard Carter behind.

Carter wondered absentmindedly as he stared at his food, "what am I doing wrong?! I must have done something wrong, but what could it be?"

In a Russian office…

There was a man in a black formal suit with short red hair. He sat in a green cushioned chair, with a flat computer screen on his desk. Beside his desk, and only a foot or so away, was a woman sitting at another desk. She had long brownish black hair and wore a white formal suit.

The man with short red hair asked casually in another language, "so Valara, what shall we do about this newfound layer of underground oil?"

The woman with long brownish black hair concluded in the Russian language, "well, let's see. We're already negotiating with Venezuela for their oil reserves and military personnel. And we certainly can't stop the oil negotiations at this delicate time. So..." The man insisted, "go on."

Valara concluded, "well Benon…I think Venezuela should become part of the Federation of Russia."

Benon urged, "maybe that's taking it a little too far. How about making an underground oil corporation nationwide…that specializes in exporting and processing oil?"

Valara reflected, "it would certainly help us monitor and conservatively maintain the mining of underground oil for years to come. Sounds good to me."

Benon reflected, "and it'll give us an excuse to replace those costly nuclear power plants with more cost effective factories."


The two CIA agents on route to Russia had made it to their destination…at a reasonably modest hotel. So far, they've been taking in the sites as tourists…while keeping an eye out for something suspicious. The agent with long brown hair kept looking around, as if expecting something suspicious. Well…that was about to come.

The agent with short blond hair was insisting in a harsh whisper while they were standing on a sidewalk, "Kara, why can't you just enjoy the sights and…?!"

Then he noticed what Kara had noticed: Hyrule with his white coat on was swiftly motioning to a figure in a gray coat to come his way, with several bodyguards stationed around his person at varying distances.

The agent with short blond hair gasped in whispered shock, "that's…mainland China's president."

Kara suggested in a business like manner, "all the more reason to see what he's up to, Rovan."

Kara and Rovan acted like they didn't notice Hyrule's bodyguards, but they were regardless watching one another as the two started walking down the sidewalk.

Rovan whispered, "we've got to get out of range of these guys to even get close to Hyrule."

Kara slightly nodded and activated the built in laser in her watch. She shot it at one of the bodyguard's sunglasses, setting it on fire. The glasses exploded in shattered glass, with the bodyguard throwing them instinctively to the ground. With one of the bodyguards distracted, Rovan punched him in the head and sent him to unconsciousness on a sidewalk. Rovan and Kara ran past the unconscious body, losing themselves in the small crowd of confused citizens that crowded around the very same body in confusion.

One of the bodyguards ran to the scene to check on the unconscious bodyguard, while the remaining three bodyguards continued to follow Hyrule. Rovan and Kara jumped onto a nearby fire escape, then leaped off of it and tumbled back onto the sidewalk. They were tailing Hyrule successfully now, without a bodyguard looking their way. Rovan and Kara's quick thinking was working.

Time passed, as Hyrule came onto a bus with the figure in the gray coat. They moved to the back, where not much people were seated. Rovan and Kara activated magnets in their shoes, allowing them to climb up the bus when it stopped at a bus stop. The whitish blue bus was at the bus stop…when Hyrule got onto it. Once on top of the bus, Rovan and Kara laid their bodies down against the roof of the bus to avoid being detected.

Rovan activated what looked like a hearing aid within his ear. It was actually a selective type of listening device that could allow the hearer to hear talking through one layer worth of walls.

The figure wearing a gray coat was whispering, "do you have the money?" Hyrule slightly nodded and laid down a suitcase full of cold hard cash onto the bus floor.

He reminded his contact, "your part of the bargain…two days from now." Hyrule's contact confirmed, "yes, sir."

The bus got off at the next stop, where the contact got up and took off with the suitcase full of money. Next to it was an identical suitcase left behind by the contact, which Hyrule opened with a devious smile.

Hyrule approvingly figured, "one target down, one more to go." Kara whispered, "we better keep an eye on him…within two days."

Within America…

Sarah was having a late breakfast, in a first class hotel called Ground Towers. It was built like a miniature skyscraper, with clear glass windows overlooking the landscape and city beyond its walls. Even the guest rooms were made out of clear glass, with of course curtains to respectfully move over the windows.

Today, Sarah was meeting with Carter…and it was starting off as anything but calm.

Carter exclaimed, "the president of China…doing shady business in Russia?! It's quite hard to believe he would be that desperate for a reputation."

Sarah sighed, "I honestly don't know why he would resort to a shady cash deal either…but CIA reports rarely ever lie."

A somewhat calmer Carter reasoned, "maybe it's something bigger than money. After all, China's economy and government would greatly benefit from the second layer of underground oil."

Sarah pointed out, "but not as much as Russia would. The People's Republic of China could just be more greedy and jealous of that kind of economical power."

Carter commented, "following that path of logic, they might as well go after Canada instead." Sarah figured, "then it's probably not about money. Well, whatever the reason may be, I intend for it to be found soon."

Carter concluded somewhat annoyed, "good. Can I go back to eating now?"

Sarah sighed, "there's one other thing I found out from my reports…and it definitely concerns you."

Carter asked in concern for himself, "ok…what is it?"

Sarah commented coldly, "you hired someone to get dirt on most of the senators yesterday, just so you can use the power of the press to discredit them today. If you weren't so good at decision making at such an important time for our nation, I'd see to it you were arrested by now."

Carter exclaimed angrily, "can't you see?! Those senators were going to get the Supreme Court to back up their backwards law of reinstating underground oil: If it wasn't for what I did!"

Sarah shot back with words, "did it ever occur to you that the House of Representatives might have thought otherwise?! The senators didn't even share their decision with them at first."

Carter figured, "well, either way, I got my way…and so did the environmentalists."

Sarah angrily warned, "if you ever do something like this again, I will have you way or another." Sarah got up and left, leaving a sighing Carter behind.

He figured coldly, "maybe then I should get Sarah arrested."

In a Venezuelan office…

There was a man with short brownish black hair in a black formal suit. He was standing in what looked to be a crime scene, with police tape and a wrecked office. The inside of the office had turned into ashes by a clever bomb. Luckily, this government official's secretary hadn't shown…at the time.

He sighed in another language, "if only we stopped this terrorist in time…"

The man broke into tears…reflecting on the Venezuelan president that was killed by the bomb: In this very office.

He was alone, except for a police official with shoulder length black hair coming through the door.

She asked him in the Spanish language, "you all right, sir?"

The man insisted in Spanish as he wiped his tears away, "yeah. I'll be fine. Anything on this vile attack?"

The police officer concluded gravely, "yes…you may want to see the report for yourself."

The government official glanced at and scanned the words in a report on paper, which was handed to him by the police officer.

The government official gasped, "the fingerprints from the door handle…it matches with a Russian military leader."

The police officer asked, "should we transfer this case over to the Ministry of Defense?" The government official concluded, "right now…that seems like the best idea we've had all day."

Two days later…

Kara and Rovan had followed Hyrule back to China by airplane. Hyrule entered a stock exchange building, carrying a Chinese credit card. He still had bodyguards around him, but they were starting to leave the building without Hyrule. However, there were some more agents in the area…unknown to Kara and Rovan. They too have been keeping an eye on Hyrule, and Hyrule was trying to lose them in the crowd.

The guy in the gray coat from earlier quickly exchanged his already opened coat with Hyrule, making it look like Hyrule was the other guy. Rovan however heard it: By the hearing aid picking up the sound of two coats being zipped up. And so…he put two sounds and an assumption together into a conclusion.

He urged, "this way."

Kara nodded slightly. Both of them walked after Hyrule, following him to an ATM machine on the side that read his credit card.

Kara suggested, "behind you."

Rovan turned around, noticing two agents in white formal suits escorting the mysterious figure in the white coat out of the building.

Suddenly, Hyrule fired his pistol at one of the agents in white formal suits. He fell to the ground. The mysterious figure surprisingly rammed his elbow into the other agent, knocking him down to the ground. A shot was heard.

Some computer screens were blown to pieces by a pistol, which was aimed at the mysterious figure and ended up misfiring. This was a result of the other agent being knocked down by the mysterious figure. Chinese citizens started running from the scene in fear, leaving the building behind. The police officers nearby turned in the direction of the scene, aiming their pistols at the knocked down agent.

It was police force against secret agents, both sides with pistols at the ready.

A police officer called out, "stand down!"

The knocked down secret agent called back suggestively, "you should talk!"

Another police officer shot a hanging computer screen down, towards the knocked down secret agent.

A certain second secret agent by the name of Rovan tumbled out of the way in time, the computer screen exploding in flames inches away. Kara tumbled in the direction of the knocked down agent, knocking his body away from the explosion in time.

Rovan called out to the other agent, "go! Go!"

The knocked down agent started to get up, going after the mysterious figure from far away.

The mysterious figure was almost out of sight at this time, but the agent recently put a tracer on the figure so he could track him down. A certain first secret agent by the name of Kara got up and started firing her pistol, chasing after a man in a gray coat by the name of Hyrule. The man fired back with his own pistol, wounding the secret agent in the shoulder. She continued after the suspicious man, who got onto an elevator. Kara jumped through the glass elevator, smashing her way into it and tumbling inside.

Hyrule kicked Kara, sending her flying towards the edge of the elevator. She instinctively grabbed the edge, her body hung over the elevator shaft. Kara struggled to pull herself up as Hyrule kicked one of her hands off of the elevator. She cried in pain from the resurfacing pain in her shoulder. Kara activated her magnet shoes in time to have footing on the elevator shaft itself, when her body let go of the elevator. She ran up the elevator shaft, running after Hyrule and aiming her pistol at him.

The two exchanged pistol fire, barely missing each other. Then Kara finally got Hyrule. She kicked off of the elevator shaft to slam her pistol unexpectedly through the smashed glass from earlier, hitting Hyrule in the chest. He instinctively fell to the ground in pain, clutching his bruised chest in his hands. The pistol dropped from his hands.

Kara grabbed onto an elevator cable, using it to swing into the elevator's side opening worth of smashed glass.

She sighed, "now…what to do about you."

Hyrule cried, "please...spare me! I didn't want to do it…but I had my orders."

The elevator stopped at its destination. Kara ordered with a glare, "keep talking."

Hyrule told her in painful groans, "judging from what happened today…the Russian secret service is already onto me. So you see…there's no harm in telling you what they already know. The premier of China…had me hire a Russian assassin to frame them of taking out…the leader of Venezuela and an American diplomat. And all to discredit…Russia's credibility as a trustworthy nation."

Kara insisted, "why?!"

Hyrule concluded, "what's bad for…one nation…is good for…China's profits. They were going…to start an…international oil…corporation…starting with Venezuela. If things went bad…between the two nations…Russia would probably…abandon the idea…altogether. It would leave…China in…charge of most exports in…the Far East."

Kara commented bitter sweetly, "well, that was easier than…I thought." She was still in pain from her badly hurt shoulder.

Hours later…

Sarah was meeting with the premier of China, in a meeting room not far away from his office. A rectangular but small table was in the middle of the circular room. An elevator door was on part of the walls. Four or so seats were around the table, with the premier of China in one and Sarah in another.

The premier of China exclaimed in English, "you can't be serious!"

Sarah wondered, "are you just denying it, or did you really not engineer such a devious plot?"

The premier of China insisted, "I'm telling you that I did not come up with such a plan! I was only going to tax everything else in China but underground oil. And I don't know how I can make myself clearer on that point."

Sarah concluded, "then I guess you'll have to take a lie detector test to test your claim, since there's no clear cut evidence as to whether you planned it or not."

The premier of China sighed, "I should have kept a closer eye on Hyrule."

Sarah inquired, "are you saying he planned it?"

The premier of China thought out loud, "well, everyone in China's government is exceptionally clever in some way or another. And we didn't exactly part on good terms."

Sarah pointed out, "that may be the case. But, you'll still have to come with us…in case you did in fact plan to ruin Russia's relations with the world's nations." The premier of China confirmed somewhat calmly, "I understand."

On the following night…

Sarah and Carter were uneasily back together, in Carter's office. Sarah had given him an intelligence report, which Carter was reading to himself.

Carter realized in partial amusement, "so Hyrule was found guilty of framing Russia."

Sarah confirmed, "yeah…and the premier of China has him exiled to another country."

Carter concluded, "so the premier wasn't found guilty after all?"

Sarah summarized, "he wasn't. The premier's even starting negotiations with Valara and Benon about an international oil corporation."

Carter wondered, "vegetable oil or underground oil?"

Sarah nervously pointed out, "underground oil, sir."

Carter sighed, "they're as determined as I am. If we weren't relying so much on trade goods from other countries, I'd break away from relations with China and Russia." Sarah commented solemnly, "I wouldn't doubt it."

Carter reminded her, "and the relations in the Middle East?"

Sarah more warmly responded, "a few bumps here and there, but the negotiations are starting to go smoothly."

Carter noted, "good. If there's one thing I wouldn't be able to stand, it's not being able to have my coffee."

Sarah commented in an annoyed tone, "I can't stand to even be near some people."

Carter commented, "it's a part of politics: You get used to it."