Hello, dear readers! I hope you all are enjoying my fantasy story about own-made deities. I've got the inspiration to write this (and 'create' those deities) by the Greek mythology I've been interested in for a very long time. So, this is a very short author's note I got for this chapter, but prepare for longer ones!

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There are many universes that exists, even ones we never hear about, or aren't able to be seen by our eyes… In one of these universes there is one special world, created by powerful deities. But that universe isn't a regular, generic one. It is special, because of its never before seen planets and the deities themselves. For example, other universes aren't usually created by deities, but by natural occurrences. Or they don't have planets that house many advancing species. This universe is unique on its own, by all those characteristics. But the main unique part of this universe is its deities… Those deities all have different tasks, and they all represent something. There aren't just three deities, there are a lot. Many of them are unknown, since most of them are still learning how to use their powers to the fullest. However, there are still a handful of gods who are already fulfilling their functions, and are protecting the human mortals. Most of the humans are worshippers of those mentioned gods and goddesses, to make sure they'll fulfil their tasks.

High up in the sky, there's a hovering mountain which houses one of the goddesses of the mortal world. The mountain isn't made out of dirt, minerals and other natural resources, but out of marble. Inside the mountain is where this goddess lives. It contains its own tunnel system, made out of hallways and rooms at different heights. There is a weapon room, an armour room, and even a library filled with books containing battle tactics, and other information regarding fights and even wars. In the mentioned armour room, a tall young female person is sitting in a comfortable chair. She holds a cup of holy water in her right hand. In her left hand, she's holding a sharp, sparkly diamond rapier. The woman finishes drinking her holy water, before putting a cup on a small table next to her as she stands up.

"I think I should check the others, to see if I need to do something to those mortals..." says the woman holding the rapier, before proceeding to walk towards the nearby armour room. She looks at stone statues resembling herself, all wearing different sets of armours. The visible ones in this part of the room are a bronze set, one made out of mostly leather and stone, and one that is made out of gold and diamond. The woman looks back at the diamond rapier she's still holding in her left hand. The divine rapier starts shivering, indicating it has a consciousness and is ready to speak. "Which one should I choose, my sharp diamond?"

"Don't choose one of these, dear Tekai. I predict that there won't be something important coming up during the meeting with the others. So, please take something less suited for combat. You know they don't like show-offs at the Plaza of Protection…" sighs the weapon towards its mistress. It disapproves of Tekai's usual clothing choice for those occasions. She always tends to pick some heavy armour, to brag about her status as the goddess of war and bloodlust. The others deities always glare at her for the bragging, since they all treat everyone equally, instead of acting according to a hierarchy. The brunette moves aside her short hair as she turns her head to look at her weapon. A brown aura starts covering Tekai herself as she glares at her weapon.

"You know I won't do that! Why don't you trust me for once? Ugh, you're so annoying..." grumbles the girl while the aura subsides along with her anger. She starts walking to another part of the room, which contains sets of light armour. Those aren't very protective, but they are at least good enough to battle with. She points at a set of aluminium light armour, which really only protects her chest and part of her legs by gauntlets, before it starts hovering. The chosen set of armour hovers underneath Tekai's long red dress, snapping itself around her chest and legs, protecting those vital parts of her body. Then the goddess proceeds to put her diamond rapier back in its scabbard, on her yellow belt. That's usually the resting place of her weapon, so it doesn't need to hover all day. The sound of high-heeled shoes resonates through the hallways, when the war maiden starts running towards the exit of her own home, to meet up with the other deities. Otherwise known as her family…

When the goddess walks out of the door of her home, she looks around. The scenery of many deity-created mountains fills the sight of the female warrior. She starts stepping on something invisible. Upon touching the invisible object, the object reveals itself to be a transparent staircase that leads to the sky. The moment she runs, she starts to speed up insanely, reaching a very strange cloud. On top of the cloud are a gate and a small entity that is made entirely out of light. That same entity starts to greet Tekai by sending out a pleasant sound. The goddess smiles at the entity, before saluting to it to finish their greeting. "Hello, Luki! How's the weather at the Forum of the Divine?" asks the goddess, before getting a response from Luki. It shows with light a small image projected in the sky, showcasing sunlight. It is clear that Luki wants to tell Tekai that the weather is beautiful up there. The teenager giggles a bit when she sees Luki's projection, before nodding. "All right, so it's sunny! So, may I get in? I want to give them a piece of my mind, about something they didn't tell me before!" Luki does not know what she is referring to, but it "shrugs", before it flies into a lock that keeps two golden doors of the gate closed. The lock shines brightly white after it gets opened by Luki's power, which opens the gate for Tekai.

Behind the gate is a big plaza visible, with one huge marble building, with big windows. It looks very important, and the goddess knows why. She salutes Luki one more time, before stepping on some stones which forms a path to the important building. She sees a small adult man walking into the building, which makes her angry. "Samaloti… You will not forecast what I will do to you…" she grumbles, before shaking her head and steps into the building as well, with a visible glare on her face.

Upon walking into the building, she reads a plaque on a small statue depicting all deities as of now. The plaque has the words "The Forum of the Divine" written on it, stating the name of the building. Tekai gets even more angry when she notices the depiction of Samaloti in the statue, before rushing off after him, to the big meeting hall. Several statues of all the deities are seen, including ones based off Tekai herself. The moment she arrives in the meeting room, she sees the man she has been chasing for a while sitting on a chair, in a corner of the big stone table. Two other deities are sitting as well, but the most important deity among them, the leader of all the meetings, is Samaloti himself, due to his knowledge of time and future events. Tekai does not take a moment to sit down with the others, but immediately starts yelling.

"SAMALOTI! Why didn't you tell me that the small mortal war was ending that soon?! I was rooting for those northern citizens! Those peaceful western citizens didn't deserve to win by the help of the other sides!" She is quite furious at the unexpected event in that particular small war, which decides who will get which villages, due to a recent found gold mine. Samaloti does look calm towards Tekai, before he starts with drinking a cup of tea out of the teapot he prepared for the whole group. He expected this playful, yet serious reaction of the goddess of war and revenge, so he doesn't look all that interested towards her.

"If you had thought about that war, then you would know the eastern and the southern citizens of that area are loyal to the other sides. The northern side always wanted their own rules and deals, so they never swore peace to the other sides. Besides, calm down. No more mortals are going to get hurt by that stupid little war that you love so much," says the god of time and patience, with a calm, but annoying to Tekai, voice. "Those mortals should not fight, and you know that. You do not want the mortals to blame the war on you, and try to hunt after you. You know what the "Almighty" can do. It could turn you into a mortal temporarily, forcing you to live with those mortals. But if they recognise you after such a war, then they will easily destroy you. You don't want that, do you?" He tries to scare Tekai a bit, to hopefully calm her down and increase her feelings of cautiousness The goddess looks up, before looking back at Samaloti.

"You are right… I am sorry, Samaloti. I just like the tension the war gives me. The excitement of fighting, of not knowing what will happen in those fights. It just fuels my happiness…" Another deity walks towards Tekai. She is an adult woman, who has a blowpipe that men use for making glass objects strapped on her back. It has the words "The Existing Breath" engraved with gold, indicating its use for the goddess. Tekai looks at the woman.

"Don't worry, Tekai. Maybe you'll find something else exciting for you! Maybe you should try some art. Even though you're the goddess of war, you could paint something war related! Although I don't know if you want to…" suggests she, while trying to cheer the teenager goddess up. The teenager obviously doesn't want to change her passion, so she looks at the woman angrily and wiggles herself loose of her shoulder patting.

"Leave me alone, Minas! You know nothing about me! You know nothing more than how long paint takes to dry! Ugh, none of you understand me! Just, Just, if any of you know anything war-related, then tell me so! But do not keep it a secret!" Tekai decides to storm off, with her angry at the same level as before, leaving the two deities alone in the meeting room.

"...I think she has the lust of war and her anger from her father. Do you agree, Minas?"

"Don't you remember that it's forbidden to speak about "him"? Because of what he did, we all decided to stay silent about him, hoping we won't anger her..."

"Yes, Minas. But… you know what happened to him, correct? He has been sealed away, and let us hope that he will not return…" replies Samaloti with a sigh to end this conversation. Both Minas and Samaloti look at each other, before leaving the room like Tekai, to focus on their other divine duties.