Donna Tan Cares about the Right to Privacy

By Shadowgate

Donna Tan walked into a Goodings Grocery Store. She saw the new savings card posters and displays. After spending an hour filling up her basket with groceries she walked up to a checkout counter. When the cashier asked "do you have a Goodings Grocery Store Card?"

"No and I don't intend to it was a stupid idea when Fred's Market did it and now you guys had to do it as well!"

Donna pulled out a small wallet from her purse and said "this is what I carry around for a wallet! Somebody better get a fucking card and slide it through the register or I'm leaving this whole grocery basket right here and I'm never coming back!"

Donna stamped her feet and repeated her demand to have the card scanned at the register without having to sign up for one.

Donna Tan later went on to cuss out a manager.

Later that night Donna Tan went to see a movie that was rated R.

She looked over and noticed a mother with two children.

She got up out of her seat and walked over to see them.

"Excuse me surely you're aware this movie is rated R?"

The lady replied "yes I know that."

Donna asked "why are you bringing your kids into see this movie?"

The woman said "well they're my kids and by law I can bring them to an R-rated movie."

Donna said "well kids are noisy and they shouldn't be allowed to be in R-rated movies. Furthermore this puts my privacy in jeopardy."

The mother of two told Donna "you're the one violating our privacy by screaming at us."

The kids stared down Donna with dirty looks and Donna became furious.

"Don't give me those Goddamn dirty looks!"

The woman yelled back "Leave my fucking kids alone you bitch!"

Donna stormed back to her seat realizing there was nothing she could do.

After the movie Donna went home. She turned on her television and saw a case where the parents of a nine year old girl was strip searched at her elementary school are suing. Donna pounded her fist on the table and yelled "children don't have a right to motherfucking privacy and they should not be allowed to sue!"

So ends the tale of Donna Tan. A woman who cares about HER right to privacy. She doesn't give a fuck about you.