Chapter 1. A Death on Pavement.

A cold boom of thunder ripped through the sky, reverberating through his chest and causing him to look up towards the Heavens.

Blue and purple lightning streaked down from the sky, illuminating the sombre statues of ancient beings clattered together around the walkway. And a shrill, rendering sound boomed through the air, coming from far off in another sector of Hollan city.


His hands shook as he spun, ignoring the clap of lightning as it dipped down and smashed the ground next to his feet, creating almost magma cement.

A man walked over calmly, umbrella in hand as he stopped. "I've been waiting for this…"


A drizzle of icy water become a torrent that beaded down on his skin in rivulets along his face, causing his garbs to cling to his skin.


"It was you," he whispered, shaking in tandem with the bending sky.

A bolt of lightning came down—the man's arm lifted and he grabbed it coolly, smirking as he threw it back up. "So…shall we speak like civilised people?"

With a grunt he spun and dashed across Hollan as fast as his feet could take him, glancing around himself to make sure his stalker hadn't caught up to him.

"…You're unlucky that you don't have your powers anymore….I'm surprised you aren't dead by now…..considering you've come across so many centre points of the cosmos and only narrowly missed them."

The rain pelted down, riveting in a twisted arc—lightning streaking and whipping winds breathing a thunderous sound.

Shit…..I could die if I'm not careful!

The rain rolled down his skin as his heart pumped faster—adrenaline kicking into overdrive. Not just anyone can see the very cosmos.

The air became thin—breath becoming hazy and a rasp, twisting in a whip-crack that boomed as a twister formed in the air. He shook and dodged a lightning bolt that rocketed down and zapped steel into carved magma from the oozing heat.

"So, what are you going to do?" the man croaked—hunching over as light flipped in his hands, oozing out of him, a streak of light, seemingly to barrel forth at lightspeed in a flash.

In a twisted roll, he dropped down and dodged the attack, choking on ozone as his flesh melted.

In a jump, he twisted around to see who the man was. Synapses snapped together. A figure stood in front of him; lean and tall, powerful and strong. He wore all-white, and a long fraying cloak. His hair was blonde, glinting in the night, but his skin was a canvas of existence.

"Why did it take you so long to come find me? I know you felt me….even with that shattered soul of yours." A sound of thunder reverberated in tandem with the man who oozed light from his pores.


The rain rolled down his face, calming him, but his eyes narrowed. "My mother always told me to never talk with strangers…..that's a horrible end just waiting to take place."

A bolt of lightning flared, coiling as it met the man's form—the figure smirked. "There isn't a need to be on edge….I'm a friend…." a streak of light, and the lightning creaked through osmium steel.

He laughed even through the fear. "Tch….a friend? Doubtful."

"We don't all get to choose the kind of friends we have."

"Well I don't want your friendship, whomever you are." He cut back.

"That hurts my feelings."


"Well aren't you conspicuous."

"Only in your wet dreams." He gritted his teeth, wishing for his powers not for the last time. "What are you? A wraith that's taken on a humans form?"


A clap of thunder rose in the air, and the man's fathomless eyes narrowed. "Don't compare me to such a measly being…young one." As rain fell down the man's skin, it shredded away-melting and coiling in a canvas of blood and gore as he reached beyond—an entity of light. Flowing and convulsing in the wind, he lifted his hand, and a sword made of light came into being.

He froze, heart failing him as he shook. "What?" he choked grabbing his chest.

"Good…it seems you have an inkling of what I am….It's very difficult for me to shrink my power down to this level and size, but it'll have to do."

I'm so dead.

"And…..what are you going to do with it?" he asked with baited breath.

"Isn't it obvious?"

A boom of thunder sounded through the air again—shrivelling the Heavens as lightning coiled down in an arc. He gulped.

"I'm going to kill you with this."

A whirl in the air, and the full force of the cyclone smashed against Hollan's first layer of defence, the material that protected the insides of the city—taken from the cores of neutron stars. The weathered, almost ancient like metal survived the onslaught—the same could not be said for the outer casing of osmium, which turned into magma as surely as rock.

"I've never known you to run like a child from anything…after all, you can't win if you run away."

He ran as fast as his body allowed, jumping over rooftops and cars. Only narrowly dodging the sword strikes from the man.

"I thought your main goal was to win."

A whip-crack of wind and he gritted his teeth, almost gnawing at them as the blade of light cauterised the flesh on his hip.


"What would your father say if he learned his prodigal son was nothing but a child who runs away endlessly?"

Bastard. He thought as he traversed over several cars to jump over a brick wall. His lithe build managing to allow him some athletic skill as he clambered over and continued on his way.

"You can't run forever you know. So how about we end this little game, hmm?"

He climbed up a house and jumped to another, ignoring the shrieks of pain his very broken bones gave off. His body seemed to spill out ozone, and he barely held back a scream as the osmium metal he had grabbed onto oozed into magma.

Finally standing, he jumped away from the collapsing heated liquid, giving a sigh of relief as he looked behind himself and didn't see the man. He slowed, but collided with a form.

"You done yet?"

How? He looked up as a cold sweat began to overflow his form. The form he had collided with was his resident stalker, who held onto the sword of light. He quickly threw a jab at the man, groaning in pain as it passed through the man's form. Quickly, he flipped and planted his hands on the metal floor, ricketing a kick to the man's head.

The kick, which surely would have snapped any mere human's neck, didn't cause any damage as it connected with the man's now tangible form.

"That would have killed any normal human, too bad I'm neither a human nor a normal one."

With ease the man grabbed his leg and slammed him down into the wall. Breath hitching, he almost screamed out in pain.

"So weak…" the man offhandedly tossed him over his head and onto the ground.

He heard a loud crack form from his spine as it severed itself. With a groan of pain he let out a high pitch gasp, almost not moving on the heated rooftop as blood began to funnel out.

Am I going to die here?

His heart began to fail him. A boom formed in the air as a scrapping sound screeched through the night sky, cementing his view of the ten tornadoes whipping towards him.

"…I'm sorry I couldn't get to you in time."—

His heart raced as a memory of a time long ago flashed through his mind. With a blink he turned, and the tornadoes screamed, twisting and whirling through osmium—a blank glow of white, and with strength that he shouldn't have, he clawed at the ground, trying to pick himself up. With a cough of blood he crawled over to the man, grabbing at his boots and choking on ozone.

"I'm so sorry."

A screech and the outer toppings of houses were sent flinging into the tornadoes. In the centre of an eye, the man lifted him up from the ground with a single hand, ignoring his twisted form and the gravitational pull of the tornadoes.

"Please don't go! What about your sisters? Are you really going to leave them behind? Leave me behind?"

A whip whirl that brought pain to his body as half was pulled towards the tornado and half was falling down. And in his dazed mind, he didn't notice that he was free-falling from the rooftop—nor did he notice slamming down thousands of feet. He couldn't feel anything as most of his body began to twist into mush from the abuse of the gravitational forces.

"I-I….I understand…you have my blessing….I love you…my son."

A bolt of lightning formed in the man's hand and went along the sword as he pointed it down.


In an extension of light—the sword speared out in a straight arc as a laser, and it was the last thing he saw as the flash of light seeped through his already failing heart.

His intestines burst out of his now opened up stomach, going upwards and sucked into the tornado, and his chest was ripped open, flaying into the sky. The blood began to seep across the cement, and the man stood over him—weathering through the tornado's eye, holding his umbrella in hand as the rain seemingly continued down in an arc.


"This isn't the end, child."

A clap of thunder was all he heard as a downward spiral of lighting pierced through, streaking down and turning his skin to magma.


A flow of lava from his body slipped down, and in a choking haze—he gave a gurgling breath filled with liquid.

Thus came his end.

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