I love the kingdom of the dead,
to be empty and rattle up the
gates of heaven and hell, I carry
the load of long lost causes and
bury the blame past the flames.

Hang the flowers in the attic,
cover your shame with the sweetness
of their dying, I'll help you crawl
during atonement, bleeding out all
their hatred, screaming from the ashes.

Drag your chains around, the music
of their weight pulling you down
hides the echoes of your mind, spit
out the venom in your mouth, we have
always been the children of the dark.

I'll be gone before winter starts,
withered summer wishes left to die,
no one's ever good at saying goodbye,
but the night holds our breath captive
and a piece of time stays still.

Give and take what was promised,
hold nervous fingers behind your back,
I'll see right through you, paper
thin skin breaking with the wind,
closed door to hide innocent sins.

I give no second chances, I stand
too tall, the violence on my skin
feeds the fire around me, but I've
never lost control, no chains to hold
me, only darkness and memories.