It should have never happened. It was an accident, a mishap, a tragedy, but it should have never happened. Not to him. Not to Aaron.

Well, to be fair, there were many things that shouldn't have happened to Aaron that did. The death of his parents one particularly icy winter. That was sad, but life happened. Or, at least, that's what all the social workers had told him and his three siblings as they were shepherded into foster care. Foster care. Another thing that shouldn't have happened. Houses over crowded with tiny, grabby hands begging for another scrap of food and that became too cold some nights to get any real sleep.

His oldest sister, Sarah, shouldn't have been drifting away from her younger siblings. She should have taken on the role as mother—or something—and reassured them all that they'd be fine. One day. That's all they needed to hear, but they never did. Not from her lips, anyway. Sarah shouldn't have been so okay with the fact that her younger brother, Aaron's older, soon rose through the ranks of the foster mob by beating the smaller, weaker ones. No, she definitely shouldn't have been okay to see him come home every night with split and bruised knuckles.

Vincent, the aforementioned brother, shouldn't have beaten up on other kids. He shouldn't have felt the need to attack just to feel secure in his survival. Aaron one time heard his foster mom making excuses for him: saying that it was just his way of dealing with witnessing his parent's death. Another thing that shouldn't have happened, but did. He'd hear Sarah, though, sometimes, mutter under her breath that PTSD had nothing to do with it. Aaron heard a lot of things he shouldn't have.

Aaron's twin—older by less than three minutes—Danielle, shouldn't have been so protective of people she didn't know. She shouldn't have worn her heart on her sleeve. It made her vulnerable, and in the foster system, being vulnerable made you a target. Luckily, she was Vincent's baby sister. His favorite. She was safe so long as he loved her. Danielle shouldn't have stepped in front of some stranger kid. Shouldn't have protected him from Vincent and his goons. Shouldn't have made him mad. But she did.

Aaron shouldn't have been in the house. He should've been out with Danielle at the park, or with Sarah, hidden away in some corner. He shouldn't have been reading his favorite Dr. Seuss book on his brother's bed. He shouldn't have been anywhere near Vincent that day. He shouldn't have been in his line of sight. But he was.

Aaron should have never died.

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