I can't make sense of the person you turned out to be.
This stab in the front is the best memory.

A rejection so crushing that my world starts to blur.
The lie was so bold - The whole world could concur.

It's a little hard, but I smile through the day.
Not like you care if I'm feeling okay.

The selfish, among me, give too much to do.
But that wouldn't matter... Since all you care for is you.

Don't enforce a lie if it's only your view...
Really hoped that you'd find something better to do.

You had once called me stupid - said "my mind wouldn't grow."
Now I know that you're lying, so I'm letting you go.

I don't want this so bad that I'd brush aside my sense.
Especially with all insults and calling me dense.

It sucks that I love you and you'll never like me.
It sucks that I'll go out and help you for free.

A stab is a stab, but to my heart - here's the key...
That shows me the person you turned out to be.