The closer you get, the faster I run.
Yes, this is where the poem has begun.

See, there's something about me that you didn't know.
I am something you hate and it's been dropping me low.

It might have been a mistake.
God might have tempered with fate.
But, at the end of the day, you will not appreciate...

That the closer you get, the more I must stay away... (There is nothing I do that can make it okay.)

You tried to know my heart, but the truth you'll ignore.
You tell my fly like the eagle, but don't want me to soar.

I gotta hold in the secret and I can't say it's fun.
And now, the closer you get, the more I must run.

Now, I've debated that maybe (just maybe) you'd change.
Assumed that I could be different without feeling so strange.

I close my eyes with a blink and dreamed you'd change in a wink.
But then you already told me the awful things that you think.

So now, I know if you get close, that I had better go run.
Because if you see my existence it will kill off our fun.

There's no way you could find me beneath all this rain.
There's no way you could reach me, deep down in this pain.

Oh, there must be a chance... A chance to take in the sun.
Because you are too close to see through the reason I run.