Chapter: Prologue

In the year 0000, our world of Oun was created. Nobody really knows how or why, although there are some interesting ideas. Not much happened really, until the year 0521. Humans were discovered to have animal spirits, or Neos as they were dubbed, inside of them. The person who made this discovery went by the name of Loki Shobbes. He found a new crystal and through experimenting discovered the Neo's. These spirits had to be unlocked through a process called the Awakening, which has since Shobbes discovery been perfected. Once the spirit was unlocked, it could communicate with it's host, or NeoSync. Through practice it was found that the spirit could project into a material form, taking on the shape of an animal and later weapons. A classing system for Neo's was later created with 7 classes in it. Common, Uncommon, Extremely Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic. The higher tier you go, the harder they are to find and the more powerful the spirit. There's only been a handful of Legendary Neos, and one Mythic in history. The Mythic NeoSync's name was Arthur Brund, and it was he that established the first ruling body of the land, The Brund Empire. He ruled over with an iron fist and war soon broke out. The year 1527 marked the beginning of what was to be known as The Great War. This war lasted until the year 1790, when the last of Arthur's descendants was killed in battle. Their tyrant defeated, the people split into four main governing bodies for the four different continents, the Church of Ele, Atlas Incorporated, the Freig Military State, and the Republic of Ter. They soon became superpowers and dominated each of their respective lands. For years a peace was upheld between the nations, the memory of the bloodshed still very fresh in their minds. It was until the year 2025 the peace was held. This is where our story begins, with the 18th birthday of a young man, miles away from the soon to happen battle, in the Republic of Ter.

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