Into Death's arms I fall

His cold embrace comforts me

I have no fear

As I stand above the water

It's surface glistening calm

I feel nothing

As I leap from the ledge

Fingers of wind pulling at my hair

I feel just as numb

As I smack into the surface

Pain fills me, my body breaks

Still no fear; only pain.

But under the water

I cannot breathe

The ice-cold steals my breath

I try to swim, but my battered body

Won't obey me

I wonder; how can this be what I wanted?

I fall deeper, deeper still

The water's in my lungs

I cough and splutter, only gasp in water

I kick broken legs, but only keep falling

I think I changed my mind

Soon I stop struggling

No energy left to try

I see light above, but too far away

As I feel my life slipping away, sudden fear, a blind panic, seizes me

I don't want to die

I can't remember why I thought I did.