In a world underneath the sea, a celebration is going on. There is mermaids and mermen are getting together and putting together a stand and microphone for somebody to give a speech. Just then a eighteen year old mermaid comes swimming out and her intention is to swim where the other mermaids are but something stops her. She turned around and sees a mermaid hiding behind a post but the shy mermaid won't come out to she swam back to her and said,

"Uh...hello? I'm Sabrina, who are you?"

The shy little mermaid looks around then she said in a soft voice,

"I'm Nixie."

Sabrina smiles then she waves her hand then says,

"Come out here."

Nixie again looked around and watched the mermaids and mermen swimming around in a hurry and she asked,

"Where's everybody going?"

Sabrina smiled at her new friend then she said, "They are going to hear the queen today, you can come with me."

Nixie's eyes lit up and her smile came on her face as wide as the ocean and she asked, "I can?"

Sabrina nodded her head then she looked at her new friend, Nixie looked to be a few years younger than herself and she had beautiful blond hair that was nearly white, she also had ocean blue eyes. Sabrina firmly nodded her head then said, "Of coarse you can come, all mermaids need to be there, to listen to the queen."

Nixie then asked, "What is she going to say?"

Sabrina smiled then did a flip then she said, "She's going to tell the story of how the mermaids and mermaids were saved from the Kraken forever and ever."

Nixie's eyes light up like Christmas decorations and she said, "She is? Wow, I've never heard the story before."

Sabrina shook her head then said, "I have but I love hearing it over and over again..."

She then looked at her new friend with a puzzle on her face then she asked,

"Where have you been to have never heard the story?"

Nixie shrugged her shoulders then said, "Well, I was with my parents until last year, my parents sent me to live with my grandmother but they'll be here next year."

"What does your parents do?" Sabrina asked.

"Daddy is in security."

The time Sabrina's eyes light up and she said, "Your dad is in security? No wonder you never heard the story before, people in security...well, they are secured."

She and Nixie laughed at that then Sabrina motioned for them to swim down to wear the other mermaids gathered around and when they get down to them, Sabrina announced;

"Hey guys, this is my new friend Nixie."

All the other mermaids smile and they all happily said, "Hi Nixie."

Sabrina then said, "Her dad is in security, so she's never heard the kraken story before."

One of the mermaids swims away from her spot then said, "Oh! Then you need to be here! In front!"

Nixie looked in amazement then said, "Thank you!"

Nixie swam over to the space the mermaid just left then Sabrina said, "Oh, Nixie; this is Avalon and the other girls are Lola,Jewel and Merry."

Nixie happily nodded her head at the girls as they waved to her then a merman swam over to him and he said, "Hey ! Who's the shr..." He doesn't finish his sentence because Sabrina and all the other mermaids swim right up to them and glare at him with anger in their eyes then he realized his stupid choice of words so he then gave a short little laugh that ended in a cough then he said in a weak voice, "Well, there's the guys so I'll go over...there."

He swam away from the girls fast! The mermaids all burst out in laughter then Nixie asked, "Who was he?"

Sabrina answered her friends question, "That's Reggie, who thinks he is Zeus answer to the mermaids."

The mermaids all laugh again then they hear the loud sound of the gong giving a huge "B-I-O-N-G " then they all pay attention and not a sound is heard on the floor of the ocean. They see a huge spotlight shining on one spot, Sabrina turned her head around and saw a large group of silverfish swimming in a circle to make the spotlight then she turned her head back around then she waited for the queen to come out.

There came a shadow and Nixie kept her eyes glued to where the shadow was then watched as the queen came boldly out ! As far as Nixie was concerned the queen was the most beautiful mermaid in the world! Her head was had kind of a round shape, her hair was all the colors she could imagine! Aquamarine, purple and blue! She had never seen anything like it ! And her eyes, they were ice blue but there was a warmth that came from them, she also had a button nose and such clear skin! She wished she knew the queen's name but nobody had said but then a chant started from the vast crowd:

"Queen Marina! Queen Marina!"

The whole crowd kept chanting and Nexie started chanting it also then Queen Marina went up to the microphone and she raised both her arms to silence the crowd then she said, "Thank you my people! Thank you for welcoming me so warmly on this day as we celebrate...our survival! ..." Everybody clamps and hits their tail against the ocean floor until a deafening sound is roaring through out everywhere.

After a few more moments of claps and cheers,Queen Marina raised her arms for silence again then she spoke into the microphone, "It is written in our olden books about what you wish me to tell the tale?"

Everybody shouts at one time, "YES!"

She smiles then she said, "At one time, we filled these oceans as much as the fish and our ancestors swam with the whales! But we had an enemy and it was as dark and evil as the poison from death itself, yes, it was known as the Kracken, part squid and part crab and it was doing its unholy best to completely erase all mermaids and mermen from the great oceans! Nobody knows why but its mission was death from day one!"

Nobody moved, nobody dared even breathed as she told the tale, Nixie wanted to look around and look at everyone's faces but she couldn't take her eyes off the Queen.

"At first it was a mermaid here, a merman there and nobody took to much notice but then it quickly started taking massive amounts of us, somebody took notice but it was almost too late. Our race as the people of the ocean was quickly coming to a close...until...what some of us was left got together and came up with an idea to capture it then kill it. But the plan was risky but it had to be done. For what must be done, it had to be done with perfection, they couldn't make any mistake with this massive creature."

She then swam around and thought about her next words then said, " Someone had thought of making a gigantic cage but the Kracken must not realize what it was being used for, so many of our ancestors put their heads together and they came up with a grand but very dangerous plan. A few miles from where they were was an ancient ship that had wrecked and came down to the bottom so they made the cage in the back of the gigantic hole in the ship and disguised the cage with seaweed.

Then one brave mermaid or mermen, we don't know who for our books do not tell but the person went to the Kracken and got his attention then swam back here for miles to trick the great monster ! The person swam into the hold and the Kracken thought he would follow but he became trapped in the cage! As soon as they had it in the cage, they bravely removed the seaweed to show the monster that he was trapped like crabs in the traps."

The queen stopped for a moment to catch her breath and she looked out on the crowd listening closely to her every word then she smiled then continued,

"They wondered how they were going to kill the great beast to make sure no more killings would be but something happened that they did not expect! When the great monster realized it was trapped, it changed colors on its body to a sickly white then the scales on the body started dropping off quickly like dried up scabs on your body then finally something so unexpected, they could not believe their eyes! The monster exploded! His body tore apart! It was raining Kracken body parts!"

Queen Marina then put a smug look on her face then she raised her left arm and balled her hand in triumph then shouted,

"And that is why we celebrate! We celebrate our SURVIVAL!"

A great ROAR is erupted from the crowd, they clapped and danced in the water, they cheered all the best they could then Queen Marina raised her hands to silence them then she said,

"After that, the SECURITY squared was assembled together for the protection of our species. They give their lives to help all of us! They have invented the secret spacial wall to keep us invisible to the upper world for us to stay secret. Only the whales and dolphins knew that we lived and they will always be here for us, that is why we give them the highest honor from our hearts."

Sabrina whispers to Nixie, "Your father is one of them, you must be proud now that you understand."

Nixie happily shakes her head then the queen tells them,

"Now, go to the stations to get your assignment on what will be your part of the celebration."

The queen then turns and leaves the platform and nearly all the mermaids and mermen go to the stations in the back then Nixie turned to Sabrina and asked,

"How will we know where to go to?"

Sabrina then said, "Well, look to the right of you on the floor."

Nixie looked down on the ocean floor and she saw seashells placed to make "1-F" then she looked back at Sabrina then she said,

"Come on!"

The girls swim to the back and stop at the tables then they see little yellow machines and Sabrina takes a breath then pulls out a little ticket then she reads it then yells out:

"Yeah, I got the caves!"

Nixie looked at her then asked, "What's that mean?"

Sabrina twirled around then said, "I get to decorate the caves! It's so much fun! There's just so beautiful anyway and I get to decorate them...oh, you take a ticket now and see what you got to do!"

Nixie nervously goes up and she gets one then reads it and shows it to Sabrina then she says,

"I got the caves too!"

The girls join hands and swing around in a circle then Reggie walked up then the girls stop in place then Sabrina asked,

"What are you doing here?"

He had his left hand behind his head and had an embarrassed look on his face then said, "Uh, well, I came to apologize for being a jerk back there."

Nixie looked at Sabrina then back at Reggie then says,

"Well, it's not like I haven't been called Shrimp before."

Reggie shook his head firmly then said,

"Well, it doesn't give me the right too, sometimes I can be a jerk sometimes."

An eyebrow raises on Sabrina's face then she asked, "Sometimes?"

Reggie looked at her then they all three break out in laughter then Sabrina asked, "What did you get to decorate?"

Reggie perked up more then said, "Oh, the seashells and rocks."

Nixie then said, "Cool."

Sabrina then said, "Well, let's go to it."

The two mermaids and merman swim off to decorate the things they were assigned to decorate for their holiday.

Fresh Wildflower.