It had been some time since anyone had heard from the Green Arrow and the Black Canary, so I had offered to go to Star City (a.k.a. Sherbrooke, Quebec) to investigate, taking Batgirl (my cousin Cherry) with me. It was conveniently timed for Wayne Enterprises (my family) was due to have a merger meeting with Queen Consolidating (my Aunt Jan and Uncle Bob) for the week; not to mention that the last word anyone had heard from Oliver and Laurel was that Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy had been working together in Star City. I had found this odd, as most super villains tended to focus their destructive energies on one place; a fact we heroes were largely grateful for as it left us to deal with our problems alone. An even stranger coincidence, as Freeze had hated Ivy ever since she had tried to kill his wife Nora the last and only other time they had partnered together; a grudge I doubted he was willing to forgive.

After spending a few days as Bruce Wayne, who was curious to find that Oliver Queen and his lovely wife were unable to join the company meetings, I could rest no longer. Suggesting that my being present would only hinder the merger, I politely excused myself (my family went shopping in town, leaving only me, Cherry and Aunt Jan at her cottage) to see what me and Batgirl could find. I knew it would be risky to go out in broad daylight, but the need to find both the Green Arrow and Black Canary was getting to great; plus I figured that it would be unexpected for me to show up away from Gotham, even more so in the middle of the day. Meeting Batgirl at the city's harbour, the last place they were thought to have been, we made our way to the Queen family yacht (my uncle's boat) to search for clues.

But as we started our search, we were ambushed. Now normally, twenty or so street thugs would have been no problem for me and Batgirl to take on-but this wasn't normally. Not knowing what either Oliver or Laurel valued, I told Batgirl to not break anything if she could. Star City was not our patrolling grounds, and we didn't know how the police, and the Queens, would react to the damage we would inflict, so keeping it to a minimum was a priority in the back of my mind. We were holding our own when I heard a flowery laugh and smelled rich earth on the air. Turning, I saw that Batgirl had been captured by none other than Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze.

Knocking the thug I'd been fighting out, I turned to the supervillain duo. "Let her go!" All was quiet around us. My mind raced with the options of every course of action I could take to ensure both Batgirl's safety, as well as my own; Freeze and Ivy together was a difficult combination to overcome without some form of injury.

"I'm afraid we can't do that, Batman," Ivy said with a smile pulling her green lips. "We need another subject for our experiment. Someone from our home sweet home of Gotham preferably," she said with another flowery laugh.

"What are you two planning? What have you done with the Green Arrow and Black Canary?" As I demanded these things, I tried to step closer, but Mr. Freeze simply pointed his gun.

"Not another step, Batman," he said in his cold monotone. "But rest your worried mind; your friends are alive. As Batgirl will be, as long as you do not follow us." For all his faults, Mr. Freeze was not a liar, and tried to not kill anyone whenever possible-he simply put them on ice. "She will be returned to you upon our return to Gotham." And with that, he turned to leave; as did the thugs who were still standing.

Once all the thugs had left and only Poison Ivy, Batgirl and I remained on the boat, Poison Ivy gave me a venomous smile. "There was something I was supposed to do the next time I saw you, Batman… What was it?" she asked with a coy finger on her lower lip, bringing a redness to it that matched her hair. "Oh yes! THIS!" she said flinging a vine-wrapped arm towards me.

On instinct, I raised my arms to defend my face, but that wasn't where I felt the sting of one of her animal/plant hybrids. Realizing too late that that her arm was a distraction, I felt the pain of her plant's fangs in my Achilles tendon. The effect was instantaneous, as I fell to the floor, smacking my face off the yacht's steering wheel's glass horn. Batgirl cried out as Ivy laughed. "Enjoy this gift from Arkham's Chemistry Club!"

As I fought the effects of the unknown toxin, slipping further and further into unconsciousness, I saw Batgirl break free of the vines holding her. And then there was blackness.

I awoke to find myself on a couch at the Queen's mansion (my aunt and uncle's cottage). Many of the executives I'd arrived with (my family) had come to see what had befallen Bruce Wayne. I must have still been infected with whatever Poison Ivy had infected me with for I could have sworn I saw my (not really) dead mother looking down upon me with a look of such concern: how was I going to get help in Star City, without revealing myself. Moira Queen (my Aunt Jan) offered to take me to a hospital, one she knew could deal with whatever I'd been infected with, as they reportedly helped both the Green Arrow and Black Canary when they had been infected with toxins. She didn't know my identity as Batman, but I saw my mother nod that that would be perfect.

So we-me, Moira and my mother's phantom-made our way to the hospital. But when she learned that the doctor who had treated my fellow heroes was not at this hospital, Moira insisted we leave. My mother agreed wholeheartedly. And so, we went to another hospital, looking for the mysterious doctor. Thankfully, this hospital had the doctor we sought, we waited for a half hour, during which I felt myself a little kid and complained to my mother about being bored. Then the doctor was ready to see me.

Seeing the gash in my right eyebrow where my head had broken the glass horn, the doctor insisted that we deal with it first so as to ensure it wasn't infected. Injecting me with a numbing agent, I felt myself being wrapped tightly in Poison Ivy's vines (really my mother and aunt holding me down so I wouldn't struggle) as a white sheet covered my vision. Remembering that I was Batman, I struggled as mightily as my weakened body could. But the more I struggled, the tighter the vines got, and without my utility belt I was powerless to all that was befalling me. But in my weakened state, as well as with the toxins from the Arkham Chemistry Club still in my blood, I quickly exhausted myself and fell back into unconsciousness.

When I next awoke, it was in a room at the Queen mansion in the middle of the night. My head felt like it had been split in two, but I did feel like my normal self. That's when I noticed that my mother was sitting at my bedside, worried as ever. As I tried to sit up, she realized I was awake and placed her hand on my shoulder to keep me down. Her fingers felt so real, the concern in her eyes so deep, that I obeyed her silent command and stayed lying down. "You make me worry much more than I should have to, sweetheart." Her voice was the same as I remembered it: caring, gentle yet with a hint of teasing anger.

I wondered if I was dead, for I knew that my mother couldn't be here. But if I were dead, why was I at the Queen mansion? "Is this real?" I asked. Or had Poison Ivy's 'gift' actually been a gift?

And just like she had in life, it seemed my mother could read my thoughts as she gave me a small, sad smile. "Both; the toxin seems to have enabled you to have a conversation with your memories and will wear off by the morning. Now, listen to your mother and get some sleep. I love you."

Still tired and not wanting to argue with my mother's memory, I closed my eyes and fell back asleep.

This story is a dramatization of how I ended up having to get stitches in my eyebrow when I was about 5-6. Combining the fragments I remember with a story to the game me and my cousin were playing, I've tried to relate my experience in an entertaining, yet truthful, fashion. My family was in Quebec, most everyone had gone shopping for the day, me and my cousin were playing on the dock and boat pretending to be Batman and Batgirl, I did hit my head on the steering wheel and had to go to two hospitals to get stitches. I also struggled mightily as I was being treated and my mother and aunt had to hold me down as I cried out. And apart from this incident, I remember nothing from that trip (or the majority of my past, for that matter).