So...I had planned to upload these once a day during the month of December but I totally forgot. Haha, life will do that to you. So, all of these things will use characters from my Three's Company story, but it doesn't effect anything that happens in that story. This is...non-canon if you will. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy these silly little things.

- Mackie

Day 1: Sweaters

"No matter what you say I'm not wearing that…thing…"

Lexus's shoulders dropped at Jordin's assertion, the hangers that held one ugly green, red, and brown Christmas sweater hung down by her sides. "You didn't even look at it!"

Jordin was seated at her personal work desk, back straight and shoulders squared, copying her school notes into her 'study' notebook, alternating between writing in red, black, and blue. She paused in her writing, glancing over at Lexus with a perfectly manicured eyebrow raised. "I don't need to look at it hen you call it, and I quote: 'the ugliest sweater in the state'."

"I was exaggerating!"

Misery, who sat on Jorind's neatly made bed, snickered. Her own ugly Christmas sweater— mostly red, with green Christmas trees lining the bottom, with fuzzy yellow balls hanging off of it to represent stars— was folded neatly in her lap. She was being a much better sport about this than Jordin.

"I'm still not going to wear it." Jordin went back to copying her notes. "Especially not to a Christmas party."

"Not even if the theme was ugly sweaters?"


Lexus shot Misery a look that begged her to help, but the tall girl only shrugged. Lexus was on her own.

"Okay, JJ, listen," she walked over to the desk, sitting on the edge of it, being careful not to move or nudge the desk. "It's Christmas—"

"Christmas isn't for weeks."

"—and I just wanted to do something fun and festive," she continued like Jordin hadn't just interrupted her. "And that includes wearing ugly Christmas sweaters to the Christmas party. You won't even have to wear it for the whole time!"

Jordin sat her red pen down and folded her hands on top of her notebook. She pushed a strand of her flaxen blonde hair behind her left ear and looked up at Lexus. "Why do I have to wear the hideous thing? Why can't you bother one of your boys or something?"

"I got something different planned for them."

"It involves a sexy Santa suit," Misery chimed in.

Lexus grinned a moment before putting on her best pout. "Plus I wanna rock ugly sweaters with my besties!"

Jordin frowned.

"And if you do this with me I'll give you your Christmas present early?"

Jordin sighed, "What's the present?"

"That fancy label maker you wanted."

Jordin perked up at that, her eyes widening slightly, "Really?" She had had her eyes on the Paulson Label Maker for months but she never had the money for it.

Lexus nodded.

Jordin looked down and rubbed her temples. "Is it made out of wool? Because wool makes my skin itch."

"It's cotton, I promise!"

"Fine…" Jordin said and held out her hand. "Give me the stupid sweater."

Lexus handed over the sweater and Jordin held it up to get a good look at it. The sweater was mostly a forest green color with a picture of Santa and his reindeer with Rudolph's big red nose. Jordin dropped the sweater into her lap. "You were lying," she said.

"What? No I wasn't, it's made of cotton!"

"Not that," Jordin said, "you weren't exaggerating. This is the ugliest sweater in the state."