One Last Fight

I'm ready, take me to the ring

For one last fight against the tides arising

Down the browbeaten path of the past

That has seen my struggles to the last

No gloves on my hands, no guard on my face

My wounds all open, for everyone to trace

Maybe my blows won't make a difference

Maybe they'll break and dent the iron fence

I'll let the blood trail down my fingertips

And the sweat pool into the hollows of my grips

No time to wipe them away

This minute, I have monsters to slay

And everyday, I may chalk up defeat

Yet, everyday I'll labour in the heat

I'll stoke the dying fire in my belly

I'll count experience through every folly

I'll sleep every night with a body worn sore

By the struggles and battles of the day gone before

And everyday I'll wake up to reset the tally board

And everyday I'll wake up to even the scores

So as the years roll by and the seasons wear to change

I'll stand on either sides of the firing range

Maybe I'll bite the bullet, fighting the same battle

My body left to rust, my bones bent to rattle

But I'll still have strength for one last fight

A flicker, before waning, I'll burn meteor bright.