I stand on the sidelines,

Watching the bright birds

As they dance and sing and spin.

I'm not lonely,

I tell myself.

I have my binoculars,

And my Species Identifier,

So what if I

Wish I could fly too?

Chaotic seagulls,

Orderly geese,

And pristine white swans.

So beautiful in their movements,

Their harsh cries and gentle songs.

I sit on the ground,

My mouth glued shut,

My wings pinned down,

And I wish I could fly.

I'm not lonely,

Down here on the ground.

I have my paints and paper,

And I can draw the birds from here.

The birds are singing,

Dancing and laughing.

Oh how alive!

I wish to be alive, too.

A caged bird I am,

Trapped behind rusty bars.

I'm not lonely,

I tell myself.

I'm just an observer, I say.

I don't want to fly,

Birds are silly little things

That no longer interest me.

I've always been good at lying, you see.