All alone in an empty room

The door opens and fear enters

First one fear comes, but others soon follow.

Slowly, slowly like a creeping tide.

Soon, soon I'll be buried alive.

The door slams shut.

I back against the wall.

I can't face one fear, yet alone them all.

Faces of loved ones past and present close around me.

Their arms are crossed and their faces drawn into scowls and frowns

A few have tears in their eyes as they stare.

"I'm afraid," I whisper as they glare.

The still small voice says, "Do not; do not be afraid"

The room starts to whirl.

Around me the unknown spins.

I caught glimpses of strangers;

I saw foreign places.

The whirlwind consumes the room.

Faster, faster it spins as it devours more and more.

My voice is lost in the roar as I yell, "I am afraid."

The Rock of Ages declares, "Do not; do not be afraid."

Next three doors surround me.

They circle around me; they open and shut.

I can catch only a glimpse of what lies inside.

One more door, two, three, four, then five—

Join the circle and trap me inside.

"I am afraid," I confess.

The Good Shepherd says, "Do not; do not be afraid."

As one, the doors stop moving and slam shut.

I reach for a door, but I hesitate.

Before my eyes, it dissipates.

I run towards another but reach it too late.

Panicking, I run from door to door;

Each door vanishes at my touch.

Only one door remains.

I grab the knob and twist in vain;

I pound my fist into the wood.

"I am afraid," I scream.

The Author and Finisher insists, "Do not; do not be afraid."

The room is crowded with those I know.

Their backs are to me; they bar my approach.

I call to them, but my voice is lost

In their whispers, shouts, giggles, whoops, and laughter.

I move around and wave at them.

Although their eyes are open, they seem not to see.

"I am afraid," I cry and sink to my knees.

The One who was an enemy who calls me friend says, "Do not; do not be afraid."

The scene clears and a cross rose up from the floor.

The crowd jeers; the world leers.

With astonishment and shame, I hear my voice join the mocker's cry.

I try to run, but I'm buffeted by the crowd.

Their scorn reaches my ears, "You know this man!"

"I do not!" I yell as I run.

Hands grab me and throw me down, "You are not one of us."

"I am," I insist, "I belong."

"You are His," they hiss.

"I do not know Him," I yell.

As the rooster crows, my first tears fall.

"I am afraid," I lament through the tears."

"Do not; do not be afraid," my Redeemer says.

All alone in an empty room.

The door opens and through it is the things I fear.

"Go," my God whispers.

I shake my head.

"Go," my Father commands.

"Please, no," I beg.

"Go," my Lord demands.

"I am afraid," I confess.

"Go, I am with you," the Comforter consoles, "Do not; do not be afraid."