So if you're reading this, you know that, well, obviously I am just like you. I'm a struggling writer, who from time to time has a bit of an issue cranking out a story.

A bit? Really, what about that story that's sitting up there with the coming soon thing going on? You never went back to rewrite it. You just left it there like the lazy writer you are. So what do you mean "a bit"?

Okay, Okay, so I've got a few, ahem well, a lot of issues, but what writer doesn't have that from time to time, right? I've accepted it. Hence the casually unacceptable pen name of "ivegotwritersblock" – which I was actually surprised was not taken. But really to be honest, writing for me has been a bit of an issue. I mean, I'm supposed to be good at this. I've been told all my life, by every English and literary teacher I've had,

"You should take 'Creative Writing'", which I did (pure waste of time, but it was fun.), or how about "You write on a college level ( in middle school – but so what, I was just writing other peoples papers and doing homework for cash).. Or, "You should seriously think about becoming a writer."

And you took that seriously after the creative writing bit failed?

Yeah, I did.

I've been staring at the screen for the past several hours engaged in well, lets say the most enthralling chapter of my new novel. It looks a bit like this:

Once upon a time, ... |

I can't start this as a cliche. Especially not this. Well let's see. This is an fairytale twist. An adventure. Filled with intrigue, guile, betrayal, love, loss, and heroics. Definitely heroics, and. What the hell am I thinking. I don't know if I know what the hell this is about.

It really seems like you don't have much of anything. Do you?

Well I think I should just start over, and we'll see where that leads:

In a land far far away... |

Let me guess, you start as a cliche, yet again, and then you're gonna sit here and stare at this for another few days as well.

Don't patronize me.

Sorry about that. You see I have this little patronizing prick that wants to come in between me and my writing. Now, I don't know whether to call it my conscience or not. To me, it seems more like a writing hater, who can't really seem to me a motivation, But I think that we all have those moments to be honest. yet as I sit here, staring out of the window in to oblivion, waiting for an inspiring moment to arise, I find my mind constantly wandering into moments of oblivion.

So I guess as we move forward in this journey, it would be easier to understand why I can't write anything, and why I'm so blocked when I dream of writing all the time, and I have so many ideas, right.

Well, get ready:

Get ready for what? There is nothing to get ready for. There won't be many updates of this. Just another pending story with no reviews, no love, just waiting, boring, emptiness full of...


Again, my apologies for, well, if you come up for a name for my interrupting conscience or whatever, let me know.

This story/memoir will really be more random for me, and for you, as we move forward to random chapters and daydreams of what i think, feel and wish, as you see what happens to me, when I prepare to write, and what i am in the middle of. as well as what i think about writing, in the middle of my day, and what my thought process is like.

***So tell me what you think of this... review please.***