The simple Shepherd boy

He sits in the grass watching his flock

like any good shepard does.

No lust for power, or wish for adventure.

Only to sit and watch his sheep.

Calm and serious, he plays no games.

Though he loves his sheep, he gives them a good whack if it keeps them safe.

His bow at the ready he knows the dangers beyond those trees.

He shoots down any wolf he sees, no mercy for the wolf.

No love for the wolf.

Only hate.

And though he loves his sheep his family is just as loved.

His life is only to protect.

No fear of death.

No regrets for his decisions.

A simple shepherd boy, born for so much more.

He does not wish to be more.

He does not wish to be great.

He merely wishes to watch over his flock.

Though he is flesh like all.

Wishing for a wife.

A child.

But not riches.

Not fame.

Nor the love of many women.

He wishes for enough.

He wishes to be simple.

He wishes for one.

Though he is destined for fame.

Destined for riches.

And the love of many women.

He does not wish to kill men.

Only wolves.

He does not wish to wield the sword.

Or lead men to war.

But he will kill men.

He will kill more than wolves.

He will wield the sword.

And more.

He holds no regrets on his shoulders.

But one day he will hold many.

Does not wish to save the world.

He does not wish to change the world.

But he will save the world.

He will change the world.

He does not wish to leave his flock.

But one day he will.

Hey, sorry if this isn't any good, I never was too good at poetry. This is describing one of my characters from a story of mine. I'm hoping it will give me a better idea of his character so I can try and keep him in character. Reviews are appreciated though.