This fable isn't the greatest piece of fiction ever written, but it's not bad. Enjoy!

In a forest similar to one you may have seen before lived a monkey. This monkey went to school with a wide variety of animals, including otters, jaguars, frogs and snakes. The monkey's best friend was a lizard. The lizard was normally nice, but to strangers, he was often rude and judgmental, much to the monkey's dismay.

"You can't just go around telling people that!" he said to the lizard after he had just called a mole a bully by simply looking at its face.

The lizard shrugged and said, "He looked at me and I could tell he wanted to hurt me. I could see it in his eyes."

"That's just what he looks like! He can't help it," the monkey said, but the lizard ignored him.

A few months into the school year, the monkey and the lizard were having trouble in their science class. The lizard refused to ask the teacher, given that she was a "rather disturbing-looking snake" as he put it, so instead they searched for a tutoring service. After a long day of searching, they eventually found one.

There were two tutors that were highly skilled in the subject that the lizard and the monkey were struggling in, and the monkey made the lizard promise to listen to both of them when they reached the tutoring service.

The next day, they set on their journey to find the tutors. It was a two-hour walk away, but neither of them cared. They enjoyed the exercise and were able to joke around a lot like they were children again. When they reached the tutoring service, which was surrounded by trees almost making a perfect circle, they searched for their tutors.

When they found the science section, they saw their tutors for the first time. One was a bear with a stern expression on his face. The other was a ladybug, with a warm smile for all to see.

"Well, I think it's obvious who our tutor's gonna be," the lizard said and began walking toward the ladybug.

"Wait!" the monkey yelped, grabbing the lizard's tail. "You promised you would listen to both of them."

"Yeah, but the other one's a bear," the lizard pointed out. "And that face...I think he's mad at us just for walking into this section. But the ladybug, she's happy to see us. She's nice, kind, and gentle, not a monster like the bear. Come on." He yanked his tail out of the monkey's hands and began making his way to the ladybug again.

"Well, I'm going to try the bear first," the monkey said. "Feel free to join me."

The lizard turned around. "Are you joking?" When the monkey shook his head, the lizard turned around again. "Whatever. I'll see you at your funeral."

The monkey turned his gaze towards the bear. He really did look mean. His eyes seemed to burn a hole straight through the monkey's head. However, the monkey knew that it wasn't right to judge people based on their looks and that you couldn't really know someone unless you talked to them. Taking a deep breath, he walked over to the bear.

Once he reached the bear, the bear, "Can I help you, young man?" His voice was deep, but in a gentle way, not a scary. A good sign, the monkey thought.

"I'm having troubles with science in school and I was wondering if you could help me?" the monkey asked hopefully.

The bear smiled. "Well, you've certainly come to the right place. Tell me, what is it you don't understand. I'll help to the best of my ability."

"Well, what do you not understand about that?!" the ladybug snapped.

The lizard jumped back in fright. "Well, you see, I'm…"

"If people like you waste my time on stupid things one more time, I'm going to quit my job and move to the fields!" the ladybug yelled. "Now get out of my sight!"

The lizard scurried away, scared to look back in case she was glaring at him.

The monkey emerged from his tutoring session with a smile on his face, happy to have gone through with this tutoring. He now understood science perfectly.

When he came back into the clearing that was the tutoring company, he found the lizard sitting by a tree, sulking.

"What's wrong?" he asked when he reached his friend.

"The ladybug was just as bad as the bear," the lizard said. "Let's go back. I don't want to ever see this place again."

"What are you talking about? I love it here!" the monkey exclaimed.

The lizard gave him a bewildered look. "You do?" he asked incredulously.

"Yeah! My tutor explained things so well. I know I'm going to pass the science test we have next class."

"Wait. The bear...wasn't...mean?" the lizard asked, very confused. "But what about his eyes and the glare he was giving us. He was so rude."

The monkey shook his head. "You can't know that unless you talk to him," he said. "The bear was very smart, kind, and, well, everything you said he wouldn't be."

"Really?" the lizard said, looking back. "Maybe I should…"

"Go ahead. I'll wait here." The monkey sat down next to the tree as the lizard slowly and cautiously made his way towards the bear.

The whole walk back, the lizard couldn't stop talking about how surprisingly nice the bear turned out to be.

"He didn't act like his face!" he proclaimed excitedly. "I was waiting for him to roar at me, to yell at me 'Go away, or I'll eat you!' or something but he didn't!"

The lizard continued to talk eagerly about the bear and the monkey chuckled silently. He assumed there would be no more rudeness from his friend just by simply looking at someone.

The monkey's wish came true, and the next day the lizard apologized to the mole he'd called a bully and countless others. As the years went by, the lizard became one of the nicest people in the forest while the monkey watched proudly. They never stopped being friends and they lives they led were long and exciting.

And they all lived happily ever after.