This is a skit I wrote for my Latin class. It is very simplistic and should not be taken seriously, though I do want to say that it is historically accurate. The first scene with the Greeks and the Trojans is all in Latin, so I apologize for that. You can put it into Google Translate, but who knows how accurate that'll be. To those who know Latin, the verb endings aren't exactly correct. My Latin teacher wanted to make sure that we knew how to make verbs subjunctive, so he said to make all verbs subjunctive. I hope you enjoy!

[Trojans merrily bring the horse in.]

Trojan #1: Graeci liquerint!

Trojan #2: Celebremus!

Trojans: BVIA!

[Trojans celebrate. After many hours]

Trojan #2: Sim defessus.

Trojan #3: Quoque sim defessus.

Trojan #1: Dormiamus.

Trojan #3: Graeci absint! Whooo!

[All Trojans fall asleep. The Greeks break out of their horse.]

Greek #1: Mutemus! Occidas Troianos!

Greek #2: Occidam iamiamque!

Greek #1: Bene!

Greek #3: Monite! Excitent!

[Greeks and Trojans fight. Hector appears and leads to Aeneas.]

Hector: Aeneas, wake up!

Aeneas: Hector! You're supposed to be dead! What are you doing here?

Hector: You're about to die! Get out of here!

Aeneas: Oh no!

[Aeneas wakes up. He shakes his wife.]

Aeneas: Creusa! Wake up!

Creusa: Aeneas! What's going on?

Aeneas: Troy is being destroyed!

Creusa: Oh no! What ever shall we do!

Aeneas: I'll collect our gods and the family! You wait by the door!

[Aeneas goes to his dad.]

Aeneas: Pater, let's go!

Pater: What's going on?

Aeneas: Troy's getting destroyed! Come on!

[Pater, leaning on Aeneas, goes with him to wake his son.]

Aeneas: Ascenius, let's go!

Ascenius: What-?

Aeneas: Troy's going down! Let's go!

[Pater, Aeneas, and Ascenius all run away! They get to a boat. Aeneas, realizing Creusa is not with them, ushers Pater and Ascenius on board. He turns around and runs back to Troy.]

Aeneas: Creusa!

[Creusa appears.]

Creusa: Aeneas, I'm dead.

Aeneas: What?

Creusa: Leave.

Aeneas: (shouts) NO!

Creusa: Get out of here!

[Aeneas stumbles away and gets on the boat and they sail away.]