Number One: Wishing Upon a Star Doesn't Do Shit

The sky was beginning to dim. The tall street lamps flickered on slowly, and the trees cast shadows upon the ground. The innocuously floating periwinkle clouds darkened to a dangerous, inky violet in the east as her eyes tracked the orb of flames while it was swallowed at a quickening pace by the crooked horizon.

Nights like this, she decided, are the best ones. These are the ones I could get used to. The arm that was formerly thrown casually around her shoulder squeezed gently, and she looked over at the boy. He wore a small, delicate smile, as if it could be broken by a single touch. And although his dark hair shaded the upper part of his pleasantly-tanned face, she knew the smile reached his eyes.

She leaned further into his familiar embrace, her back fitting comfortably into his chest before snaking a slim hand up to snatch one his earbuds.

He smirked at the look of surprised written obviously all over her face.

"What? Didn't think I listened to Owl City?" He asked as the soft melody of Vanilla Twilight filled her head.

"It's quite a jump from the usual crap you listen to," she muttered, sourly.

"Tch. Everything in moderation, somethings more in moderation than others," he replied.

She twisted her neck up to look at him, a single eyebrow arched skeptically.

"Like pizza."

She continued glaring at him, but he acted as if she were staring sweetly up at him in adoration as he swept a stray strand of hair away from her face.

"Did I forget something?" He feigned surprise and she stared daggers into his forehead.

"Oh, of course." He sighed.

"You. I don't know how I ever forgot about you, you know? I want to blame it all on everything else, but they're all just excuses." He looked up towards the sky, his hair falling back from his face as he gazed at the stars wistfully.

"Even if I wished on all these stars, just to start from back then, all over again, it wouldn't change anything."

"Well, scientifically speaking, if you were to wish upon a star, you'd be several million years late, meaning the star is dead. You know, just like your dreams," she said, somehow managing to stifle the laugh that had been bubbling within her. He pouted.

"But truly, I'm sorry."

"But truly, I forgive you. It's okay."

He leaned forward, his chin resting on her shoulder.

"I missed you, ya know?"

"Well, that's what five years does to you."

hey guys.

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