Number Two: Too Far, Too Fast

She knew very well that she had fallen much too far into a dark, deep abyss, and much too fast into that very same abyss.

What was it called again? Right. Love.

It's not like he was some sort of skirt-lifting man whore or anything.

It was just far too much, far too soon.

She hardly knew a thing about him.

He seemed like a nice guy, but who's to know the truth, her friends had warned her.

Not you, not anyone, they had continued.

Sure, his smile was sweet and seemed genuine and was the flipside of her saucy best friend's self-satisfied, signature smirk.

And his voice was definitely soothing and gentle, quite the opposite of her brother's post-puberty deep, resonating one.

But nobody knows who he really is.

He was a mystery, an enigma. Not just to her. Not just to all the straight girls and gay guys that had fallen for him. Not just to the school body. But to everyone, his family, few friends. Everyone.

Beyond the facade he had managed to build and reinforce- that was her destination, she decided. Even if not for romantic intentions, and only for the successful breach of the icy walls he had worked so hard to put up, shielding himself from the world, she would do it. She would be the one to open him up. She would be there for him, even if he thought he didn't need her, even if he shoved and pushed her away. When he fell and when those defenses fell, she would be there to catch him.