At the beginning of time, When God has just finished polishing the world,
he entrusted the world to 12 Celestial Guardians.

Each guardian having their own specialty and unique abilities,
these abilities the 12 guardians possess must be used in order to
keep the world balanced at all times.

These guardians must work in collaboration at all times. A small mistake on their decisions,
or a small crack on their relationship, could lead to the destruction of the world.

These guardians, fearing that they would be unable to keep the world the way
God wants them to, asked, "What do we need to do in order to succeed?
What do we need to keep in mind?"

God, who was about to leave, said his final words to them.
God said with a soft voice, "Love the world just as i have loved you. Protect it just as i have protected you.
Weep with them, Laugh with them and struggle with them. Do this and you shall succeed."

Time passed by and the guardians held God's words dearly in their hearts. The world, guided
by the guardians, is starting to develop. Human population is starting to grow, and humans
truly have good, pure hearts. They helped each other, loved each other, held each others
hands with no doubts.

The guardians were overjoyed at the sight of it. The Arch guardian prays, "Father, thank you
for giving us this task. The task to guide and protect the world and it's people.". After
praying, the Arch guardian commanded the rest of the guardians, "Let us recite the words our Father
has taught us so that we will not forget our purpose." and so, they recited with their hands on
their hearts and with powerful voices.

A thousand year has passed, the world has greatly developed and the human population
has grown so much. The world seems to be at its best but then, humans suddenly started
fighting each other. Greed, lust and pride, these were the primary cause of fights
among humans. Not too long, humans started waging wars against each other. Causing
enormous amounts of deaths and damages. Not only humans, but nature itself has been ravaged.

The guardians, surprised by the terror and suffering that humans has brought upon
themselves, grieved. The Arch guardian who was watching the world get destroyed, said with a very sad, heavy voice,
"Where did i go wrong? What did i do for the world to suffer like this?". The
Arch guardian's tears slowly flows out of his eyes. His crying voice echoing.
The other guardians kept quiet as their leader weeps.

Moments later, the Arch guardian stopped weeping, he stood up and said with a commanding voice,
"Let us put a stop to the evil that has seeped in through the world." All the guardians then
sent 12 protectors and messengers to stop the destruction of the world. The messengers and
protectors managed to talk things out with the humans peacefully thus, bringing a temporary
peace for the whole world.

Temporary because, in truth, humans only agreed to the protectors and messengers due to the
fact that humans currently doesn't have enough power against the messengers. Deep within the people's
hearts, Darkness and evil still dwells.

God saw all of this and he knew that this wouldn't be the end of it all. God saw the dark energies
dwelling within the world the guardians have been guarding. This energies will soon give birth to
something terrible. Something that might spell the end of the world. Something that might cause
utter destruction upon the world God has made which the guardians have guided for a thousand years.

This dark energies, after sometime, have finally given birth to a terrible being which
even the guardians doesn't know of. Only God knows of this terrible being which has
the power to crush the world he has loved so much. Monsters have started appearing out
of nowhere, people being slaughtered all around the globe. Even the messengers that
the guardians sent became corrupted by the power of this terrible being.

What will happen to the world now that the "terrible being" has finally awoken? Is there still
a way to save the world? Is there still a way to bring back the peaceful, joyous times which
the guardians and the world had shared together?

Ofcourse, God isn't just sitting idly. He has his plans in mind. The guardians themselves are
getting ready for the coming of the "Apocalypse". Who will win the Apocalypse? The "terrible being"?
or will it be God and his guardians? This is the beginning of an adventure that will mark the
history forever. This is, "The Gear of Destiny"