Gear of Destiny

Chapter 4: Duel: Messy Hair and The Idiot

After all the cleaning and other things including lunch and a little bit of slacking off, it is finally time for the duel.

"Hey! Messy hair! You're late! What have you been doing?!" Nil shouted at Kazetachi. Kazetachi replied, "what do you mean late? I came just in time. Aren't you just too excited that you came here too early? Look at the time you idiot". Nil answered back saying "nah! Whatever, let's just begin already!".

Kazetachi asked Nil about the rules of the duel and Nil said, "Just the usual. The first one who can land 3 hits wins. Doesn't matter if its a major, a critical, or a minor hit as long as you can land 3 hits. Speaking of landing a hit, hah! I won't allow you to land even a single hit on me!".

"Alright. Then let us begin". Kazetachi quickly draws his sword and slashed the air with his left sword. A seemingly ordinary crescent moon slash came out rushing towards Nil's direction. "Whoa?! Why you?!" Said Nil while taking his stance to block Kazetachi's crescent moon with his Grand Fenrir's Spear. Unfortunately, Kazetachi's crescent moon seems to be enduring Nil's effort. Nil is being pushed back and despite Nil blocking the crescent moon it still hasn't vanished.

"What the hell?! You used a superior version of the crescent moon with the size of a normal one so i won't notice?! Talk about being tricky!" Nil said angrily. Kazetachi answered back saying "You didn't state a rule that will limit me from using a certain strategy."

Meanwhile, Lune, who's watching the match, talked to herself, "oohh! He didn't use that against me. Indeed, its kinda tricky. But I also know how to do that. He he!".

The crescent moon that Kazetachi used disappeared. It's about time for Nil to counter. Nil went straight to Kazetachi and attacked him hoping to get an opening to use some of his skills. Kazetachi, however, didn't allow Nil to get a chance. While Nil has more raw power than Kazetachi, Kazetachi has more speed. On top of that, Kazetachi's "power to speed ratio" is really good. It means that even though Kazetachi's specialty is speed, he still can hit like a truck.

Nil shouted, "Legend piercer!" but Kazetachi side stepped and dodged the attack. Nil swung his spear on Kazetachi's direction but Kazetachi jumped a little backwards to evade the attack. The moment Kazetachi jumped backwards he used another crescent moon slash. This time it's a reversed bladed crescent moon slash. Since Kazetachi attacked very quickly Nil didn't have the chance to evade. All he could do was to block but obviously, he will be pushed back big time due to the force of the reversed crescent. Luckily for Nil, he didn't get hit so he's still safe.

This time Kazetachi took the initiative to attack. Yes, Kazetachi has the upper hand due to his speed but Nil won't go down easily either. They attacked each other and when Kazetachi found a chance to strike, he switched his right hand's stance to that of a dagger. Kaze slashed Nil in the arms. Kazetachi got the first hit. Two more and he will win the match.

Nil, pissed of by this, leaped up high. He took his stance while looking at Kazetachi intently. The tip of his spear is pointing at Kazetachi's direction, Nil shouted "Piercing Fenrir!". There, Red colored energy in the form of a fierce fenrir came out the moment Nil pierced the air. The fenrir roared as it go nearer and nearer to Kazetachi. Kazetachi stepped his right foot backwards as if to prepare for the enemy's attack. Kazetachi shouted "Superior Crescent: Reversed".

Kazetachi let out a reversed crescent moon that's bigger than the normal crescents to counter the fenrir. The clash between the crescent moon and the fenrir made a pretty big explosion.

Smoke due to the explosion is hindering their vision. Kazetachi took this chance to do some hiding and so, the moment the smoke has cleared, Kazetachi cannot be sighted anymore. Nil tried paying attention to his surroundings but he cannot detect Kazetachi's presence. Suddenly,

"Hey, idiot! Look above you if you don't want to get hurt badly!" Kazetachi shouted at Nil. When Nil looked above, there is a crescent moon that's most likely reversed which is about to hit him. But before it directly hits him, Kazetachi shouted, "Explode!". The reversed crescent exploded before hitting Nil. Yes, Kazetachi got the second hit. Nil got pushed back pretty far due to the force of the crescent.

Nil who's so pissed, went blank for a second. He went rushing towards Kazetachi without thinking. He's gonna swing his spear to slash Kazetachi. But Kazetachi has a plan in mind. He's gonna use a counter skill called "Opposing Force". Nil is going to slash Kazetachi but Kazetachi turned on the opposite direction of Nil's intended attacking direction. Kazetachi spinned once and hit Nil's spear on the opposite direction of its attack. Nil lost his grip on his spear due to the force and the spear went flying.

Nil, who's without a weapon, cannot fight. Kazetachi pointed his Pegasus's Might on Nil. "Hey, do i still need to hit you for the third time? Its clear that its my win." Nil answered back "hah! Do you think you've won already?! If i were you I wouldn't be so sure. I might still have something up my sleeve". Kazetachi replied with a mocking expression on his face, "Seriously? Okay. Show me what you have. Let me see if you really have something up your sleeve. He he!". Nil, who cannot show anything, paused for a few seconds then said "Hah! I just let you win because you look pathetic!. Don't think that you're stronger than me just because you beat me. It's clear that you were having a hard time!".

"Oh sure, dream on. Anyways, im going home now. See ya. Idiot! Ha ha! Train some more! Ha ha!" Kazetachi mocked Nil while walking away. Nil, who's so pissed, shouted with all his heart, "Damn you messy hair! I'll beat you to a pulp one day! Just you wait and see! You will come kneeling before me!".

Before Lune joined Kazetachi she first came to Nil and said, "Don't worry Nil, you're already strong. I've seen everything. In fact, if you'll ask me, i think you're already qualified to be in an apocalypse raid party". Lune said this while tending to Nil's injury.

Nil's eyes widened as Lune said this to him. "But I still need to train some more. I need to get even stronger. I want to do more than what i can already do. I... I want to surpass that bastard messy hair!" Nil said to Lune with a determined and motivated expression.

Lune replied with a smile one more time before finally leaving and joining Kazetachi, "I know you can do it. Just remember not to abuse yourself. Just believe in your power and don't lose sight of your goal. You'll be fine".

Nil looked at Lune as Lune leaves and said to himself, "Alright! I'll make sure to surprise that messy hair next time. He would be so surprised he will be speechless. And I also have to impress Lunaria. She might just fall in love with me. Ha ha ha!".

Meanwhile, Kazetachi and Lunaria are walking back home together. Well, I guess that's not surprising considering they live in the same house for now. So anyways, Lune has been smiling for a while now and Kazetachi noticed so he asked, "What's wrong with you? Don't tell me you've finally broke up there?". Once Lune heard this, she said in a loud voice and a frown, "How dare you! Im not broken anywhere! It's just that, you really did your best to motivate him. I'm just happy". Kazetachi reacted,

"Motivate him? More like i did my best to piss him off and now im tired I wanna sleep". Lune laughed, "why can't you just be honest? You actually treat Nil as a friend. By the way you can't sleep yet! It's still too early and we're still gonna eat dinner."

Kazetachi replied with "Alright, alright. You're actually a good cook. I bet someday you'll make a good wife. He he!"

Lune blushed and said to Kazetachi with a pretty loud voice, "what are you suddenly saying?! Did you fall in love with me already?"

Kazetachi answered back with "No no, that's not what I mean. Ha ha ha!"

Lune pouted and they continued fooling around each other just like that.