I don't know if any of you have ever had to deal with an overly religious parent. If you do not follow their particular beliefs, then you are wrong. I need to vent. Thoughts?

I will be heard today

Whatever you think will happen to you when you die will happen.

Even if you think nothing happens, nothing will happen.

After death, you will cease to exist.

Later, if you decide God is waiting, He will be.

Like, if you think he is vengeful, He will be.

Dying can even cause reincarnation, if that's what you believe.

In the end, there is no one right answer.

Even now it can't be that simple.

And we can't all be right.

Now if a murderer thinks he is doing Gods work,

Yet he beleives in a God that judges, he will be judged correctly, feeling he is Heaven-bound.

That is alWays how I have always felt.

That is how I hAve always believed it worked.

But no one will ever see it that waY.

There haS to be one right answer.

There is no gray area. There never has been. WE ALL DIE ANYWAYS.