Chapter 1


Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Metal. They each controlled an element and a piece of each element lingered in the other. They were more than just five regular girls. They were Heirs of different kingdoms, beloved daughters and nieces. But more importantly, they were best friends.

Chapter 1

"Please, come in. Take your seats. The feast will begin." Said a tall man with broad shoulders. His hair was a light auburn color and his brown/green eyes matched perfectly. He was dressed in a royal uniform with a sword strapped to his belt on the left side.

"Come and join us for the presentation of our new heir." He said as he greeted every guest that came through the palace doors. As he greeted everyone, a young women came to him asking for his help.

"Tolkin, will you please come help me? The King and Queen will be ready soon and the Princess's bed is not yet set up." Said the woman. She was a thin woman with wide hips, a thin waist, and long silk blond hair. Her eyes were a majestic blue and her smile was award winning.

"Of course my dear Alice. Rollo, take over for me please." Tolkin said as he called to a nearby guard.

As Tolkin and Alice prepared the bed, a horn sounded, and everyone turned their attention to the front. A small, almost round man stood in the front door of the castle. He was dressed in attire that was not from this kingdom. The man cleared his throat, and began to speak.

"It is with great honor, that I announce the arrival of King Todd and his wife, Queen Selena from the Northern Isle of Adarline." He said.

Trumpets sounded as a man and his wife entered the castle with a young boy holding the King's hand and a baby wrapped in pink silk was cradled at the Queen's breast. As Captain of the Royal Guard, Tolkin excused himself from helping Alice and walked to greet the King and Queen.

"Your Majesty." Tolkin bowed. "Welcome to Sylvania. I take it your trip here was a good one?" Tolkin said as he raised himself to look the neighboring King in his eyes. King Todd smiled at Tolkin.

"Tolkin, how great to see you again." The King said as he embraced Tolkin in a hug.

"Nice to see you too Sir." Tolkin said trying to steady his breath.

"Todd," the Queen said. "Todd, the boy can't breathe." She said getting her husband's attention. The King released his grip on Tolkin and his color returned.

"So sorry my dear boy. Its been a while since I've visited. Now, where is my dear friend King Gabe?" King Todd asked.

"His Majesty is preparing himself for the presentations." Tolkin replied.

"So, his new child is a girl?" King Todd asked.

"Indeed she is." Tolkin said.

"Well, this is great. And what of the others? Kings Marcus, Steven, and Darian?" Todd asked.

"All girls and they are to arrive shortly as well." Tolkin said with pride.

"Well then, have at it. We best be getting up to our rooms then." Todd said.

King Todd was a round man as well. He was about five foot eight, mid-forties, and just full of energy. He was more of a friend than a King and his people adored him. Queen Selena was around five foot five, a thick woman with a wide hips, a small waist, and she was always full of smiles. Both were dressed beautifully in their Kingdom's royal colors of burgundy and gold. As Tolkin escorted the visiting King and Queen to their rooms, King Todd noticed a difference in the Kingdom he has visited three years earlier.

"I see my friend got rid of that awful green." The King said.

"Yes indeed. And may I say, this purple and gold is much better." Tolkin said.

"I'm pretty sure his wife had something to do with it. I always did say Gabe was color blind."

Tolkin grinned at the thought of his King. When Tolkin had finished helping King Todd and Queen Selena settle in, their son, Hunter decide to go along with Tolkin. To see how a Guard works. Hunter was a thin boy with dark blond hair and green eyes like his father. He didn't really want to be King and his father didn't mind it at all. His father had told him, "I'd rather you be happy as a Guard than miserable on a Throne."

By the time Hunter and Tolkin had made it back down stairs, King Steven had arrived. He was the oldest of six brothers, one of them was King Todd himself. Steven was a fair skin fellow with muscles that poured out of his royal clothing. He was a bald man but had much facial hair. He was about five foot ten and every angle of him was perfect. His Kingdom, Calibrin, was South of Sylvania and he wore his colors of White and Gold proudly. His wife, Latease, was a small woman about five feet even. She had shoulder length hair and a glorious smile. Although small, this woman was lethal. Both with magic and with swords.

"King Steven, Queen Latease, welcome back. The King has arranged for your rooms to be on the first level of the castle. Right near His as well as the rest of the Kings when they arrive." Tolkin said.

"Thank you Tolkin. Hello Hunter, how are you doing?" Steven said as he acknowledged his nephew.

"I'm great Uncle Stevie." Hunter said happily.

"That's good. Come on now, give your uncle a hug." Steven said as he bent down to Hunter's level. "I see your father has given you a new sword." Steven said as he pointed to the small sword strapped to Hunter's belt.

"Yea. Isnt it great?" Hunter said happily.

"It sure is. Better be careful with that now. You don't see many four year olds running around with swords." Steven said.

"Yes sir." Hunter said.

"Your cousins are in the carriage. I'll be sure to let your father know where you are if you wish to run along and play." The King said. Hunter turned to look at Tolkin.

"Don't do anything fun without me." He said. Tolkin smiled and bowed.

"Yes, Captain." He said.

By the time Hunter turned around, his twin cousins were already running to him. A boy with bright green and gray eyes and a girl with fair brown skin and eyes of a deep brown.

"Let's go get some candy from the market place." His cousin Seth said.

"Ok. And after, lets go to the bookstore and see if we can find any books on spells." His twin sister Sophia said.

"You will do no such thing." Their mother said.

"Awe mom." Sophia said.

"Sophia, you know the rules. You are not to practice your magic with your tutor or me or your father around." She said.

"But, mom," Sophia started.

"NO, Sophia. That's the end of it." Their mother said.

"Yes ma'am." Sophia said.

The kids ran along and the festivities were about to begin. Kings Darian and Marcus had arrived and hour after King Steven. King Darian was a rather tall man. About six foot even and he had beautiful green eyes with auburn hair. His wife, Michelle, was a tall woman about five foot five and had beautiful long black hair. The princess they cradled in their arms was their first child and they couldn't be more thrilled. They hailed from the Kingdom of Gallion. Just North of Sylvania as well. King Marcus was a caramel colored man. He was about five foot ten with short dark hair and had light brown eyes to match. Their oldest son, Kamel, was about six years old and he couldn't wait to be king one day. They hailed from the Kingdom of Normack. West of Sylvania

The clock struck twelve and the party was ready to begin. The King and Queen of Sylvania were on their way downstairs with their new daughter cradled in purple silk. As everyone gathered to the table, the royal announcers stood together each representing a kingdom. One in Purple and Gold, one in White and Gold, one in Burgundy and Gold, one in Blue and Gold, and the last one in Maroon and Gold. Trumpets sounded and each King and Queen appeared holding their child in their hands. Each Kingdom also had a Captain of the Guard. Tolkin and the others stood closets to the throne that was arranged to seat every King and Queen, each seat a different color to represent the Kingdom. King Gabe silenced the room and everyone turned their attention to him.