Chapter 2

King Gabe smiled at everyone before him.

"Welcome, everyone, to the presentations of our daughters. For centuries, our Kingdoms have been friends and allies. Today, we welcome a prophecy of our daughters. Legend has it, that each of our daughters will live up to their bloodlines and protect us from any, hurt, harm, or danger. Not only as Queens, but as our Protectors.

"From the Kingdom of Calibrin, dressed in white and gold, we have your future Protector Allison. Her power; to control the Earth beneath our feet. From the Kingdom of Adarline, dressed in Burgundy and Gold, we have our future Protector, Carmen. Her power; to control the Air that we breathe. From the Kingdom of Sylvania, dressed in Purple and Gold, we have your protector, Carter. Her power; to destroy anything with flame. From the Kingdom of Normack, dressed in Maroon and Gold, we have your protector, Jacie. Her power; to control all things water. From the Kingdom of Gallion, dressed in Blue and Gold, we have our protector, Shaylee. Her power; to control all things metal.

"Though each of them control an element given to them by a blood relative, they each can control the other's but only to a certain extent. May the Gods above help them. And may they prosper in both magic and mortal ways." The King raised his glass along with the others. They took a stand next to each other as each Queen remained next to them with their child in their hands. King Todd stepped forward. "To our daughters." He said. The other Kings followed suite. Then someone shouted from the crowd. "To our Protectors!" the crowd erupted. The different colors blended beautifully together and the Queens couldn't be even happier.

By the time the clock struck seven that night, the Presentation turned into a party. The Queens retreated to their rooms to feed their daughters but Queen Avery wanted everyone to her rooms. When each Queen arrived, their own ceremony took place. With their daughters laying in a line on the large bed, the Queens took their place in front of them.

"May the Gods be with each of you. May you live up to the blood that runs through your veins." Spoke Queen Avery.

"May each of your reign be one unforgotten. May you live up to the blood that runs in your veins." Spoke Latease.

"May each of you, carry yourselves with pride and honor. May you live up to the blood that runs in your veins." Said Michelle.

"May each of you never forget where you came from. May you live up to the blood that runs through your veins." Spoke the Queen of Normack, Queen Zula.

"May you all know the story of the White Wolves. May you live up to the blood that runs through your veins." Said Selena.

As a magic light from each queen came out of them, they intermixed with each other and was released into a necklace that hung around each Princess's neck. These necklaces weren't just any necklace either. It was the amulet of each Kingdom and in the middle, was a dragon and a wolf print.

When the Queens' finished their prayers and protection spells, everything had gone silent downstairs. Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. Queen Avery walked towards the door. She put a hand on it but not on the knob to open it. Instead, she used her power to see through the door. It was King Steven. "Steven? What is it?" she asked.

"Get the kids out of here." He said. He had Kamel, Hunter, and the twins, Seth and Sophia with him. He shoved them inside and looked down the hall to see Tolkin and Steven's own Captain of the Guard coming towards him.

"What's happened?" Avery asked again.

"The witches of the East. They have returned." Steven said. Avery opened the door, letting in Steven, Tolkin, and other guard Flynn.

"What do we do?" Zula asked.

"You all must leave. Take the children and do not return until someone is sent for you." Steven said.

"We cannot just leave." Avery said.

"But you must. If you wish, Flynn and I will travel with you. I'll send for Rollo and he will come as well." Tolkin said.

"But our children. They are so young." Said Zula.

"I promise, the witches will be taken care of. They will be out of here soon." Flynn said.

"Instead of leaving, let us hide the children away." Michelle suggested.

"That is too risky." Tolkin said.

"But it is the only way. We will not abandon our Kingdoms. And the girls are too young to travel with." Michelle said.

"Fine." Steven said. He turned to Tolkin and Flynn.

"You two will stay with them at all times. Tolkin, you know this castle like the back of your hand. Make sure you get them to safety." Steven said.

"I will." Tolkin said.

The Queens wrapped their babies in silk and the elder children in their cloaks. Tolkin poked his head out the door to make sure there weren't any witches in the hallway.

"Ok. Come on." He said.

Tolkin took the lead of the line and lead the queens and their children out of the room. Flynn was the tail. Waiting, and watching.

"Tolkin, where are we taking them?" Flynn asked.

"To the old dungeons below the castle. It is the only safe spot in the Kingdom and no one even knows about them. The King converted them years ago. In case anything like this ever happened." Tolkin said.

The Guard led the group to the castle library and mumbled a spell under his breath. A bookshelf in the far corner of the library opened and Tolkin looked inside.

"Have you ever been down there Avery?" Zula asked.

"No. Tolkin was right about no one knowing about them. Even I didn't know about them." Avery answered.

Right before Tolkin could say anything, the castle shook. It shattered some of the windows in the hallway. Suddenly, the library door shut and it locked.

"Get inside. Now." Flynn said. The Queens looked at each other and followed Tolkin inside.