It's funny, a few decades ago everyone was positive that if the world was gonna end, it'd be either a nuclear war or the Zombie Apocalypse that did it.

Well, the fuckers were right- partly.

In early 2020, some government-it was never revealed to the public exactly who created Serum Six, but fingers were pointing to America- began to test certain chemicals with the human brain, trying to create people who could run faster, lift more, and think quicker than a normal human. That's where Serum Six came in, it was theoretically the perfect solution, no one quite understood the mechanics behind it, but it was producing results, and producing them well.

Within the year Serum Six soldiers were stationed on every continent and major island across the globe, within two 'zombies' had begun to appear.

Despite the best efforts of the governments, the outbreaks got a little out of hand, and a lot of cities in the East like Shanghai and Tokyo had to be abandoned because of how fast the virus would spread. The world did not, however, go to Hell right away.

Almost everyone on the street has stockpiled food stores by then-of course- and fences lined every city and town, but overall life crawled on. Movies were made, kids went to school and prom, people got married, life happened.

Attacks happened, too. By that point, almost every human on the planet had been exposed to Serum Six through the air, and a select few Turned into 'zombies' and went on rampages randomly, attacking, feeding, and Turning people on a whim until they were put down by SWAT teams sent out in droves. In the early months of 2024, Los Angelos, Honolulu, and San Francisco all had to be abandoned.

By 2026 people began to report seeing Herds in the Great Plains of America, giant groups of the Turned marching in a single direction, like soldiers off to war.

The US and it's allies sent in all forces they could spare, and a massacre of epic proportions took place on May 2, 2027. News crews were there, and amateurs hoping for a slice of fame through their videos.

It was horrible. Almost no civilian had ever actually seen a Turned, except for the random outbreaks, but those were subdued in hours so they didn't count. People rioted all over the world, screaming and shouting in horror and fear because, well...

The 'Turned' didn't look like the zombies they were said to be.

There was no staggering, groaning, rotting limbs, or even green skin.

Instead thousands of ordinary-looking humanoids marched across fields in military precision, the only thing even slightly off about them was their haphazard appearances and blinded eyes. The Serum affected the capillaries in eyes the most, for some reason, so after a person Turns, the blood vessels in their eyes burst- blinding the person as they claw at their eyes in agony, leaving behind ruined and bloody eye sockets.

But aside from the gore on their upper faces, they looked human. And they were slaughtered in droves on national television.

Now humanity is destroying itself, without even the helping hand of the 'zombies' they were all so scared of.

People line streets in protests, they riot at public places, and several dozen important world leaders have been assassinated. The world slowly falls to anarchy while we watch, helpless.

Pocket countries pop up everywhere, now days, and rebels and anarchists raid stores and loot houses in the 'Sheep Towns'-so called because those are the cities still under control of their countries original government. People suspected of being 'Turned' or sympathizers are ruthlessly cut down by the rebels and military alike, and people are panicking. The Herds are getting even worse, these days, and thousands of the Tunred march across Eurasia and the Americas, seeking food.

Violent crime statistics are through the roof, and terrorist attacks and school shootings and zombie outbreaks happen every day, somewhere, now days. Our world is breaking, and even better, not one fucking country's found the cure yet.

Mass suicides are common, now. Entire congregations of religious fanatics or swarms of desperate people jump from buildings or drink poisoned Kool-aid, trying to escape this nightmare world we live in.

In the last world census, January 1st, 2036, there were just over ninety-six million humans accounted for. It's like we're living in that old TV show- the Walking Dead, enough people are dying for it, anyways.

Fire and Ice, by a long-dead man named Robert Frost will appear written on walls all over the world, these days. Like some sort of prehistoric cave art/'inspirational' message.

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire,

I hold with those who favour fire.

But if I had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate,

To say that for destruction ice,

Is also great,

And would suffice.