The Darkness was silent, waiting.

Shadows stilled, voices in the ink quieted. Where there was once a word, a sort of companionship, there was only emptiness.

She knew this was the end. It was that feeling that all souls have, that feeling that tells them, that lets them know. It was the notion one had that there was nothing else to do, to be accomplished. That realization that the world no longer had use for your life, that you were nothing more than a series of atoms taking up space.

For some people, there was panic accompanying this. Fear crawling out of the closets that hid in the dustiest corners of their minds, waiting for that moment to reveal themselves. Some felt overwhelmed, a sense of emptiness that consumed them, a statement saying, "But I haven't done anything yet."

Then there were the regrets. The regret of doing too little, or too regret of not telling someone the truth, of the feelings that welled up and blocked the throat in their presence. There was the regret of watching as someone suffered, unable to do anything, even though you knew you could do something.

But in those long moments that would just not end, none of these things came to her. No fear, no regret, no overwhelming emotion, no acceptance. She was just empty, and this emptiness filled her soul. No tears fell from her eyes, no light shined in them. But when had the light ever looked at her, reached for her? She was the shadows, the one that made the light possible, yet she was never acknowledged. Nonexistent.

And in those forever-lasting last moments, no one would come. No one came. Not for her.

The Darkness was silent, waiting.

A very short prologue for a story I plan to publish eventually. :P Thought I'd see what people think. (I swear most of the story isn't this dark, that's just how the prologue was.)

I haven't been very active on this site lately, but every here and there I'll post a short story/one-shot/two-shot/etc. of various characters from the book. :3 Because they most likely won't end up as official parts of the story.