I sat in the rocking chair, trying to help my baby sister get to sleep. I had been in charge of her since January, when my mother left to go to a family reunion in Nevada. She took my baby sister, Rosalie, with her.

My mom was supposed to have come back a week later. It had been nine months, and she still wasn't back. Two weeks after she left, we called the police. They tried to do a search on her, but they couldn't find any information about her. It was as if she had disappeared, along with the rest of my family, with the exception of Rosalie.

They found nothing about her. Absolutely nothing. Somehow, her birth certificate was gone, her wedding papers, her everything. According to the rest of the world, she didn't exist. No trace of her. No, nothing at all. It was the same with the rest of my family.

With all the digital files we have nowadays, it's easy to record things. It's also easy to delete them.

Losing your mother is one thing. Having your mother disappear of the face of the planet is a totally different thing. It's as if one day, you wake up, and half of your DNA is missing.

They found my sister at a neighbor's house. The neighbors had said they found her in their yard, just lying there, sleeping peacefully. So calm and content. They said they heard someone singing a lullaby as they picked her up and brought her inside. But when they looked, no one was there. Nothing but the wind.

Along with Rosalie, I also had two younger brothers, Jake, and Will. They were not twins, as some people thought, although they looked practically identical. They were also in the same grade, since Jake was born in March, and Will was born in November. I wished Rosalie was my age. It would be nice to have a twin. You would always have someone to talk to.

Rosalie started to cry, bringing me out of my thoughts. I wished my mother was here to comfort her. But no, she was gone.