Chapter 1: Battle of Dī Shi Shī

"The Jade Tyrant will be slain, when the brown boar lies in the blood of their own. And the wheel shall be broken."

In the year of 4692, the kingdom of Hianov. The Emperor Zao announced that he'd passed on to the other side on the first day of Autumn. Living no heir to the throne to keep the kingdom peacefully but a power-hungry fool named Lord Dong. He was cruel and ruthless, treated his own people and army like trash. Killing and raping young women out of pure amusement. He has only one child, who named Zhouxdong.

The male was a feminine looking male with light brown hair and tan skin that was smooth. His father forces him to a married young woman to keep the family blood running. Of course, Zhouxdong didn't have any choice but to comply with his father wishes. But there was a problem, Zhouxdong wasn't sexually interested in anyone. He'd to force to get himself 'up' and conceive a child with his new bride. After two months of being the next ruler of the land of Hianov, the other Lords and Dukes, revolt against their new so-called 'Emperor' and gladly overthrown him. And free the land from his own father.


Year of 4692, on the day of winter. The sky was gloomy, and the air where is dry and damped. There was snow on the ground. Only a light blank of white frosty snow on the ground.

The Tora Weii and Gui, Wuu Clan are in a war with the new Emperor. Over with 30,000 men at their disposal. Ready for anything that comes their way. Marching to the capital of the town of where the castle, Dī Shi Shī. The path was slightly narrow, but the men kept marching until they reach camp by nightfall. Reaching close the hills that were known as "Shi Peak" A surprise attack would be dispatched by of the time when the sun rises from the peak in the south. As the men set up camp, Shiryu Wei of The Tora Weii Clan. He was the leader of the clan and the leader of the campaign. Heading to his set up tent; Shiryu as he came out of his tent wearing a Royal blue and Royal purple ancient like Chinese like soldier uniform. Just without the heavy armors. He was holding a sword that had three blades on it two on each side was bend in as the sword in the middle was straight. His hair was long it was navy blue hair that reaches to his back. Gracefully that looked so smooth. He had these odd eyes colored with the color of the ice blue.

His skin was a creamy peach tone to it. His smile was the soft despite it being so small. He'd a scar on his face from his right side. That didn't stop him being so beautiful. He was truly beautiful. He made the sun and stars, even the moon to put in shame and hide from the behind into the clouds.

Flicker his hair out of his face, that soft but small smile turns into a smirk. Looking out at the men that were working on setting up the camp. And the surprise attack. Everything should go quarterly to plan if no one screw up.

Shiryu heads toward to another camp, where two guards bow and the tent flap for the commander. Shiryu enter the tent and seen other commanders and generals there. Planning along. Sighed calmly as he went over to the other generals and commanders were sitting down at a table that was round. Made of out of the finest woods, pulling out a chair as one of the commanders has noticed him sitting down at the table.

"It's great to see that you're finally here Lord Shiryu." said one of the commanders.

Shiryu looked up with his odd colored eyes, smirked a little. Ran his finger through his velvet navy blue locks. Cooley. His eyes shown amused by the commander 'concern'.

"Oh yes? I merely freshened up and I thought it wouldn't take long. As I can that you men had already started without me. I hope I didn't miss anything important." he responded back. Shiryu watches carefully at the male reaction. The commander actions spoke louder than his mouth, his body language showed he was nervous as his fingers were fidgeting a little. But then he suddenly straightens up a little and stops the fidgeting now. "Of course not, milord. We were only talking about the other rebellion that Lord Wengtai of Wuu Clan is handling it. Near the sea of SA'MOT." he answered.

Shiryu smiled as he crossed his legs than his arms. Lean back against the chair with still that amused look on his face. Nods his head.

"He can handle it himself. He makes look like a fool, but he can handle it when he got the best strategist, Sun Chenyni by his side. Now, let's handle this matter, first men. Their four trails, I'll take center trail where it easier for him to hide in the overgrown area."

One general stood up, his armor clank together as he stood up so fast the chair fell over. With a loud thud.

"Who the hell made you in charge! Only Lord Mingie is in charge!" he growled.

Shiryu raise an eyebrow at the other male, he laughed at the male general outburst. The general red to the face with anger and embarrassment. How dare he laugh at him!? His hand was reaching for his weapon was tied to his side. Shiryu smirked at him.

"Fine? If you want the middle path, go right ahead. Does anyone want to pick a path for themselves? Am I curious now? Are we children around here now. "

The general criticizes him, his name was Gon Che. He was a middle-aged general that been in war for a long time. Even during The Trio Era. And that was the most brutal era ever, but he was glad that was over, but now new war and more blood would be shed. Narrowing his eyes at the pretty boy, he could feel his blood boiling as he wants to wipe that smug look off the male face.

He tries to attack Shiryu with his board sword. But Shiryu gracefully moved out-of-the-way. As he jumped over his chair, gripped it and smashed it across Gon Che chest. Causing the male gasped for air as he was taken by surprise. Stumbling back and fall over his own chair. Sword landed on the side. Luckily nobody wasn't hurt at all.

Shiryu's chair was now broken. It was fine because he can careless, tossed it to the side. Shrugged innocently. Mingie sighed. He was in his early twenties; this man puts anyone in mind or thoughts of an industrious ant. On how small he was at his height were 4'3. He has the most deep-set eyes the color of burnished iron. His thick, straight, sapphire hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a tangled bush. Which he forgot to brush sometimes he intends to forget to brush or wash. And has a lithe build. His skin is ruddy. He has a low forehead and small hands. His wardrobe is plain but with elaborate patterns on his robes. A nice wedding band that was all blue.

"That enough General Gon Che! I want to hear Lord Shiryu plan but since you interrupted. You'll be taken the middle path with you and your men. No question asks you ARE dismissed!" He commanded.

General Gon Che glared at his lord but he wouldn't dare go against him, as he got on one knee and a fist into his hand. As he bows his head.

"Of course, milord."

He quickly gets up and walked out of the tent, more likely limped out. He would see the doctor first if he has broken anything. Shiryu had his hand on his hips as he watched the general leave the tent.

"Please forgive him Lord Shiryu, he always been known to be brash," he commented.

Shiryu chuckled and smiled a little. "It's quite alright, he got my blood going. But I would suggest getting the plan going. I think we should cut off their exits route including ours if I suggested. Or make it seem like our exits route cut off too."

Mingie was curious and including the others were too. This would be interested to hear about. Shiryu begins to explain himself.


"WHERE IS MY GOOD FOR NOTHING SON!" yelled out a voice from a golden throne. The male was overweight and sloppy fat, that his face had crumbs and sticky food coating it. Blistered on his lips. Nose hooked. His silky, straight, jade-colored hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a porcupine's quills. He is very short. His skin is dark. He has a weak chin and his neck fats rolls that were the size of a banana. His fat stubbly fingers digging through in a large bowl of candy. It was chocolate that was shaped like an oval.

The male entered the throne room as his hair was into two big puffy pigtails. One puffy fringe on the side of his head; two long braids in the back. His hair was a shade of light brown that reminds anyone of the season of autumn colored. His darting bright tangerine eyes darken with alarmed emotions. As his father kingdom was about to attack, barely getting no sleep with bags underneath his eyes. His oval-shaped head straightens up, doing his best to show pride and confidence in the way he walked and talk. His skin was with a texture of being soft and smooth like silk. With no scars or bruises, nothing on his flawless skin. He did his best to stay out of the sun and not get hurt at all. His lips were thin and a lighter shade of rose. Many people had taken him to be a female, but he has proven them wrong each time. He wasn't weak. Sort of? Zhouxdong barely put up a fight unless he wants too.

His thick slightly muscular legs felt heavy as he was close now. Pushes himself forward. As he was close now, breathing through his nose, that was that curves outwards in the center area and protrudes too far from the face.

His clothing was loose as his robe was cut off where he doesn't have a long flare sleeve on the right side. As his right arm was coated with jewelry, each finger and his wrist. As his left arm had the flare sleeve and a couple of rings on those slender fingers. A sash was holding up the large shirt. The pants were a bit baggy and his boots like shoes that stopped at his thigh, at the tip shone like a star. With bright yellow designs on top, pushing the door to the throne. His breathing hitches a little.

'I cannot show fear.'

Zhouxdong came in as everyone became quiet including his father. He got on one knee and bow his head to his father to show respect. His eyes were lower to the ground.

"Rise up boy!"

Watching his with a studied expression. As Zhouxdong rose up and stood his ground, the air around him was serious. Arms crossed. But soon went back to his previous position. His father stares at him. With piercing dark colored eyes.

"The rebellion at Sea-gal been annihilated!"

Lord Dong had an ecstatic grin on his face, this good news. However, Zhouxdong looked away, it was more to the news than anything. He spoke up louder, the tyranny frown than sneer as he heard his explanation that their army was destroyed. Lord Dong was furious as he tosses his golden bowl at his only son. Glaring as he put the blame on his son, it was easy. No one goes against the king. His own men were either annihilated or defected to the enemies.

Zhouxdong hissed in pain when the bowl hit his head. Still on his knees, feeling a bit dizzy now from the hit. Not daring to lift his head and on his one knee bowing to his father. He could feel the blood slows down and dripping down his forehead. Listening to his father putting the blame on him for no reason. Belittling him. Each time something went wrong his father either give him lashes or belittling him. Chewing on his bottom lips as he was grateful for no lashes this time. As he chews on his bottom lip a bit hard, cutting himself by accident. Blood trickle down his chin from his thin lips.


Zhouxdong did not raise his head, bows once more. Turning to leave being careful as he leaves the throne room. The whispers and stares made him sick to his stomach. Going to his room as quickly as his body can move. Bearing the pain and the blood trailing down a bit faster, he needed to be quick. Finally reaching his room slamming the room door, along with his thoughts; sliding down against the room door. The world felt so cold.

His father hates him with passion, because on how he looks? Zhouxdong can't help it if he looks exactly like...

Shaking his head, a bit hard, flinched. His heart stings each time when he thinks about that person. How much longer does he have to suffer from his life? Forgetting about the wound at the back of his head, he leans his head against the decorative door. Jerked away when he felt the pain, placing a hand on the wound where it throbs.


He had forgotten about the wound, he needs to be stitched up and the wound needed to be covered up. Clean and stitch up bandages. Zhouxdong yanked open his door called out to the servants in the palace. To come here at once with first aid kite.

Alliances/Tora Weii

Back at the base, Shiryu was laying in his fur made bed inside his tent. Keeping himself warm. Planning an attack was hard work. But the hardest part was pretending. Scolding himself as he turns himself over on his back to sit up. Flicker a dead ant off his shirt. Those people were unforgettable! Running his fingers through his silky long hair, his left-hand reach over to the right to get his comb. Stopping midway when he felt the cold air enter his tent, a smirk appeared on his beautiful face.

"Did you bring the news I need Jin Xinyu?"

A voice spoke but only a whisper that no one can overhear them. Shiryu's ears perk up when the voice begins to speak to him.

"The Middle path is dangerous and covered in booby traps. An invisible string in the middle section of the path. Hard to spot. But only easy to spot by the direction of the sun, Lord Shiryu."

Shiryu couldn't help himself to smirk from hearing the news. Finally reaching over to grab the comb and begun to comb through his hair. But the main question is should he tell Lord Mingie or wait it out? How to even answer that silly question. The candle on the stand next to him blew out from the tent is open. Leaving the sane man in the room his eyes had this eerie look that it could kill a man.


Zhouxdong has finally been seen by the doctors. The bandages were tightened over his head. The pain slowly fading away, alone once more but determine more than ever! He was going to murder his own father. He'd enough of that fool. He needed a plan, but what? He didn't have a lot of time before the enemies come! He already evacuated the townspeople, SOMEONE must do it. And his father could care less about the people or his army. His head begun to hurt. Not from the wound either, hissed as he breathes through his nose. Eyebrows knitted together as he senses someone coming into his room. No one EVER enters his room unless...

"Young lord? I have an idea just for you. How about killing your father? And take over the clan. Cleanses the corruption within." suggested from an unknown voice. Causing the young warlord to jerk from his spot and turn to be facing the doorway. Eyes narrow with displeasure, he should have known as it only can be one person. Sneer at the sight before him.

"Zhauge Jian? What an honor to see you." he mocked.


Alliance: Mingie/ Gui Ernir Clan

Mingie knows the surprise attack did not work like how he needed it to be. Sighing. Hiding his face against a folding fan. Coughing so hard he almost lost his breath. But he gasped loudly, he coughed again. Calming himself. How much time does he have left? Fold his fan, it does not matter to him anymore. His life is nothing but a mere existence to those that need help. Accepting his faith years ago that he was already dying from an illness.

"Guards! Bring me my horse this instant!"

The guards quickly get their lord his horse, a brown chestnut mare. With hazel colored eyes. That sparkle like the sun. The guards were a surprise of him joining in the fight, this brought their morale up. Mingie commands a general to stay behind and watch the camp, guard it with their life. Leaving his tent, asked one of his men to fill him in on everything that was going on the battlefield. Walking to the main gate, as the soldier told him what was going on.

"General Gen Cho is trapped in the middle path. Ambushed by the enemies. We're are clearing a way to help them. Lord Suu is on his way as we speak but won't be able to make it help us. Lord Shiryu would be surrounding the castle by going through the back path. But there a problem, we cannot find him. All exist are in fact blocked. We are closing in with the enemies."

Mingie felt an upcoming headache coming on. A lord and his men are missing. Where the devil is that man! He was worried about his own general, he didn't show it, but this is worrisome. When they reached the gates, he hops on his horse. Stated he would need 300 hundred men to the middle path and a spy to find any hidden path to get on top of the cliffs. He prays that he isn't too late to get to his general, he was racing against time. Time was precious when it comes to war, time is the key and everything to solve any problem. His heart was beating against his chest each time. He could feel the thump each time when he took a step. Everything felt like going in slow motions when it not. Mingie would do everything he can to save those lives!


Gen Che only has forty men left from the hundred he'd earlier, the armor was sticking to his skin from his sweat. His body was aching ready to give up. And his trusty spear on his back 'The Deathbringer'. But he can't give up just yet! Not now! He swung his board sword around at the foot soldier. Slicing three down more to go, as more surround the group slowly trying to circle them. Putting a strain on his wounds, he was a warrior by heart, and he wasn't ready to give up! This was for his lord Mingie! He would be the one that put an end to the tyranny and bring peace to these corrupted lands. Grinning brightly with his wrinkle showing his age. Only forty years old he lived his life to the fullest. Gripping an enemy head, covering his mouth as he thrust his sword through the chest. Blood splatter out, dripping on the board sword to the ground. Dropped him to the ground, turn to his men and raise his weapon to the air. Pointing to the sky than toward the reminding enemies.

"Onward men! To victory!"

The men of his little army cheered as they charge into victory. This is it! Gen Cho wasn't going down without a fight! He would return to his lord! For victory!



Lord Dong was still in his bed, enjoying himself on his king size bed. With the most exquisite bedding with the most complex designs on the sheets and pillows. Many pillows on the bed just for him and many of his 'fair' ladies. There lay a beautiful maiden with a fair complexion, her figure was busty with no shape. Her smooth plump and round lips were pink like a flower petal. Her beauty was enchanted and her eyes dreamy and divine. She was like a goddess to men, woman envy her beauty dying to know what makes her so beautiful? A little circular bead that connects to an oval jewel in the middle of her forehead; her breasts were large but not too large just a handful to grab in a person's hand. Nice shade of color in her eyes as she was staring up at her lord. She was just one of those many 'fair' ladies. But his main favorite was her! Laying naked in the bed beside her lord, the sheets were stained with their love-making. Her lips curl up into a smile, those pink coated lips turn into a sneer behind that graceful smile. Sitting up and looking at his overset body stroking down the left thigh up to the fat on his stomach. Lips trailing over to his chest and leaving a trail of kisses, as her eyes stay on his face. Lord Dong cocky smiled at the woman. Licking his dry lips, humming in pleasure. She was perfection in his eyes, his fat fingers reach up and ran his fingers through her soft light-colored hair. She visibly flinched at his touch. She never wanted his touch, but she doesn't have any choice in this way. Only to accept this as is, the pleasure was overwhelming him a little; the young maiden wanted to gag at his stench. It was making her sick to her stomach. How long? How long is she going to suffer? Smiling innocently at her lord, raise herself up and get herself off the bed.

"Milord? Please forgive me, I need to be cleaned for you. And I shall show much I adore you."

"I don't deserve you my beautiful Meinu!" cried Lord Dong. He was head over heels over this woman, as much he couldn't play favorites! She was his ultimate favorite! His poison! His life and lust for this woman! Nothing would make him feel this way ever again! Not even his deceased wife!

Meinu smile as she went to the bathroom. Lord Dong reached for something on the small nightstand his stubble little fingers grabbed a bottle of pills. The pill shaped like a square and the color of yellow, He popped a couple of them in his mouth and swallow the dryly. Smirking as the pills were supposed to increase his drive. Waiting for her return, his bedroom door pushed open. There stood a male with blue hair, that was dark. A huge burn like scars on his right side of his neck. Piercing eyes stare at the male with disgust written on his face. Tilting his head to the left, showing his cleft chin. In his other hand was a blood halberd. Lord Dong sneer at his adoptive son, that he made into a general. The shadow casting over the general was a bit creepy. But it wasn't a lot of lighting in the room. The lord was sweating a little nervous and fear. He wouldn't show fear, glaring at his adoptive son.

"What the hell do you want Ru Baye!" he demanded.

Ru Baye smirked sadistically, walked further into the room. Closing the door behind him. All could be heard was a scream of horror, a few seconds later that felt like hours. He appeared out of the room holding a head in his forearm that was coated with blood. Clothing splattered with red and including his face.

"It's done Zhouxdong."

Zhouxdong was leaning against the stone wall. With his arms crossed, his childish grin appeared on his face. The young woman from before came over to him with a graceful bow. Dressed in a short skirt with a rectangle split on the side. Strapless deep shirt with a simple design. detachable long sleeves barely hiding her weapon long claws. Adjusting her belt.

"You're our new lord, milord."

"Thank you Meinu, from now on I would like to be called King Dong of Zhou Clan." he commanded.

It had a nice ring to it, still grinning. A man appeared behind, on his knee. Bowing showing respect. Light freckles across his nose. Peach like tan. The shade of autumn. Maroon hair that was curly and long enough that pass the shoulder a bit. Shoulder pad with a chain connected at the end. Wide black deep eyes, fingerless gloves; pants that were slightly tight. Fishnet underneath the shirt and the top layer of the shirt had a large dip 'V' in the neckline. Knee high grey boots with cloud designs.

"Milord, the coalition has broken through the gate. And heading this way! It would be not long until they hit the castle!"

"Thank you Xiapiye!" he thanked the ninja. Ru Baye cracked his neck and smirking darkly. This could be fun! He needed the work out anyway. Killing the pigs was boring as the ex-lord barely pick up a fight. He wanted the enemies to squirm and fight back. That was a battle.

"Let them come! I want to bathe in their blood. And rip their hearts out and crush it between my fingers." he amused.

King Dong who was now Zhouxdong, the leader of his clan. He would allow it, gave Meinu an order to watch over Ru Baye and Xiapiye would find everyone an escape route. Zhauge Jian takes over the treasure. Grabbing his father head. After everyone had left to follow their given orders. Carrying the head back in the room. It was cold now, wall cover in blood splatter up. A large dent in the wall from the halberd. Placing the head back on the body, the facial expression expressed angrily and shock, fear. King Dong softly smile as he sat on the bed on the other side laced his slender fingers together. Place his chin down on them as he leans forward.

"This is what you get father, I won't forgive you at all."

Shutting his eyes tightly. Holding back the tears, his nostrils flare up as he sucks in the emotions. Straighten himself up. Turn halfway of his body to look at his father. Used to be a father, grinning as he crawls up. Kissing the cheek lightly stroke his face lovingly.

"I hope you are having 'play time' in hell father."

Getting off the bed, grinning still as he was finally freed. Behind him, the head rolled off to the ground.


Alliance: Gui Ernir

General Gen Che was able to escape from the middle path. When his lord came and save him, riding his horse and by his lord side again. This was the best feeling because he was back on his lord side again. Also, he felt trouble that he was causing trouble to his lord who health isn't in good condition at all. Watching his surrounding and his lord.

"Sorry milord, for troubling you," he stated. Mingie raises his hand up to him. Shakes his head no. Words are not needed now, he did what lords do for his army and the people he cares about.

"Do not fright my friend. Nobody didn't see it coming from. We can catch up with the others." General Gen Che sighed. Nodded as he kept his eyes and ears open for anything to happen. He looked over and notice a boy in his late teen with soft pink bubblegum colored hair. Bright and yet shinning childish green eyes. Carrying a large guan duo. The craftsmanship was lovely and perfection; lean forward and asked his lord a question.

"Who is he?"


"The female or male in pink hair?"

Mingie looked over and see what he was talking about. Looked ahead with a calm expression. "That Xuande. But prefer to be called Shu for short."

General Gen Che nodded as they approached just in time to the main castle gate. It was three level to reach the top of the castle. Gripping his weapon and pointed to the direction of the castle. Holding the reigns from his horses, the animal buckles a little.

"Onward men!"

The men cheered as they rushed in attacking the enemy. Gen Cho notice the Tora Weii Clan was missing! Growling angrily, his grip on the horse reign tighten. Glaring at the fight in front of him.

"Where the hell is that pretty boy!" he yelled.

Mingie didn't notice that Shiryu was missing in action. His entire clan was missing, frowning behind his folding fan. The ground begins to rumble than shake. Suddenly a battling ram on wheels forcing its way through the crowd of men. A few had quickly dodged out-of-the-way, some got themselves ran over and hurt in the process. Shiryu was standing on the ram, cocky as he smirked. Flicker his hand through his hair.

A middle-aged male with tan skin and high cheekbone. Dirty brown lemon colored hair in a ponytail. Some hair came undone, chuckled as his bright worn tried eyes gleaming in delight, His beard was filthy from dirt and oil from working on the battling ram. When his old worn out gloved hand reach up and scratch his chin. His head was wide, on his back was a metal pipa and a pike with a golden machine gear attach to it. In his other hand was a remote that controls the battling ram. Twist the knob and pressed a button. The ram swirls around in circle breathing out a fire. Shiryu gasped as he had no choice but to dropped down to sit down on the ram. Holding on to dear life, when the ram stopped, he chuckles sweetly. Rushing over to the second gate instantly it breaks through. Shiryu shielded himself up with arms. Covering himself.

"Sorry we are late, Lord Shiryu had to bring in some toys to share." laughed from the middle-aged male. Coughing. The older gentlemen smiled at the two. Mingie smiled back awkwardly at him, looking at the device in his hand.

"What your name, sir?"

The older gentlemen smiled as he walked away looking back at him. Answered his question truthfully. Which shocked the lord and his general?

"Chu Minyie."

Mingie face darkens a little, hiding his face expression behind his hand fan. How was he still alive? The Almighty works in mysterious ways. Mingie calms himself down and yelled to his army to charge forward and follow behind them. General Gen Che narrows his eyes at the retrieving figure, bluntly spoke up and scolded.

"What the hell is The King of Strategies and Inventions doing here! Wasn't he supposed to be dead and executed!"

Mingie raises his hand to him, signaling him to be quiet. Gen Cho nodded. Turn his attention back to his men rallying them up and took off, Mingie was right behind him. The Lord of Gui was over thinking came up an idea that what Shiryu met about his plan earlier before. Interesting to find out that a Tora clan member was alive and well. But for how long? Shiryu and his clan is a danger to the world. He will figure out how to get rid of them later. But for now, they were at war.


Chu Minyie coughed a bit hard. As he sat down on a boulder as the fight were around not noticing that the enemy was behind him rising its sword to strike him down. In a flash, the enemy soldier was slice in two. Chu didn't move from his spot but his pike, the blade was covered in a crimson colored red. That was dripping down onto the rock he was sitting on. Coughing again, reaching behind his back and grabbed his pipa. His fingers brush against the strings. Smiling to himself and hummed.

"Such a nice day?"

In the umber-brown woods, that was slightly dense, came across a ninja trying to find a decent escape route. Sighing as he stopped his search for the moment. Kicked a small pebble on the ground. How pitiful.

Xiapiye notices most of the escape routes were blocked off, knowing this would be a problem for them. He begins to pout how can he get their new lord to escape without him getting hurt or captured? That was the biggest question here, having no answers for them yet. Climbing up the highest tree in the area. A few branches up he can see some of the areas entirely, almost. Tilting his head as he slowly forms a plan in his head. He going to do the unthinkable! Take them all out! That would be fun! Stepping into the shadows in the branches.

A cold brisk of air rustle against the umber-brown leaf, one of the soldiers shivered as they were keeping guard of the escape route. But alert. Suddenly a hand covered his mouth, a metal against his neck as it was being a slice. Blood begins to squirt everywhere, everything was in slow motion for the other soldier watching his own comrade being killed. But everything was going by fast. Xiapiye was moving like lighting slicing their other one throat too. Blood was gushing out everywhere from their neck wound. The male ninja was having so much fun. The rush was there but it lacks something, he doesn't even know what was missing. He felt himself slam against a tree, causing the tree to jerk a little from the force. It hurt a lot. Xiapiye hissed in pain and shut his eyes not wanting the tears to come out. His lower back was spasming in pain as he was about to move, a blade was against his neck. Swallow a little, as he scolded himself for not sending him or her presence. He WASN'T even paying attention. Damn him!

"Freeze dirty bastard!" said a voice that was laced with venom dripping with bitter coldness. He shivered in delight. This made Xiapiye gasped, that 'feeling' again. Oh, he can feel the blood boiling and his heart racing. This was IT! That rush he was looking for! His eyes popped open to see the voice that belongs too. The other male was handsome! Wide head with silver piercing eyes that stare through anybody and a deep cleft chin. Wild silver hair into a ponytail it was spikey.

"My me aren't you a mean one." he teased. The blade pressed harder against his neck. The metal steel was sharp enough. One movement it would be the end and Xiapiye couldn't die just yet. Staring into those cold silver eyes. Couldn't help that he was drawn to them. However, the other ninja wasn't drawn as he just wants answers. Soon as possible! That was it. The other ninja with those cold silver eyes was going to kill him! Xiapiye coughed up a smoke bomb, it activated causing the smoke to appear. Holding his breath as the other was blinded, Xiapiye was able to escape the other ninja. Running away from him, each step a crunch of a branch could be heard. Scolded himself again. Today wasn't his lucky day. Spotted a torched nearby on its post. Quickly stopped and to grab it, heating up his curve blade with three sharp points at the end. The other ninja, Wenqianye was heated as he ran after him. Putting on his heavy gloves with the curve spikes on each finger. Unaware of the other skinny ninja was doing. The silver-haired male was ready to end this for all! Since the other was useless to him.

"I'll bring that stupid head of yours to my beloved Lord!"

"Aww! So cute! If I didn't know any better? Sound like you're in love with him!"

"Shut up!"

"Touchy!" teased Xiapiye. As Wenqianye charged after him, Xiapiye swung his farmer handheld sickle by the thread. As the silver-haired ninja came too close, Xiapiye hit him on the left side of the face. Leaving hideous scarring on his face. An imprint of their everlasting rivalry. Silver headed ninja scream in agony holding his face. The pain was ten times worse than any broken bone he ever suffered. Xiapiye took the chance to escape him, jumping up into the tree. Vanishing.

Wenqianye was screaming in pain and horror about his face. He desires to kill him, glaring around him. Alone in the cold. That son of a bitch! He going to murder him and his entire family! Those silver eyes were narrow with hatred.

"I'll kill him!" he threatens. Holding his face, wobbling a bit. Forced to retreat to the main camp this time. When that day comes, and they meet. It would be that pink haired last time.


The army made it through all the gates until there stood Ru Baye! The Almighty Warrior! On his majestic horse. As its mane and tail was the shade of a darker purple or red of the night sky. It was 86.25 inches, 219 cm. He was sitting on top smirking wildly as he pointed his weapon at them.

"Come! Show me, your might against me!"

Mingie appointed his weapon and raise it up in the air to the heaven. Told them to charge, the men cheered as they raise their weapon up and pressed on to the attack. This made the larger male smirked. He swings his halberd as he set charge toward them.

This would be the perfect chance for King Dong to escape. His brother-in-law. A good distraction, he going to stall them long enough. Swung his halberd, smirking insanely. That craze driven look in his two-colored eyes. Decapitate several soldiers' heads. The large blade coated with their warm blood. Scarlet red, as it dripped down to ground. Decorating it with the blood of his enemies. The horse buckled a little as it felt reign being pulled hard. Ru Baye's face and arm were covered in blood.

"That ALL you GOT! Come at me! FUCKING SWINE!" he cruelly with a laughed.


King Dong was escaping through a hidden tunnel. Along with Meinu and Zhauge Jian. Panting as he escapes through the narrow dark tunnel. It was damp and wasn't a lot of oxygen down there. It was tight but big enough to move around a least. The jagged rocks were rubbing against his bare skin on the right arm. He tries not to flinch each time. Time was ticking for him.

Xiapiye stayed behind to finish some unfinished business. It needed to be taken care of; carrying a sack that he tossed over his shoulder. Heavy he grunted a few times.

"I never thought you weigh this much fatty!" he complained. Xiapiye were counting on how much time that he has left. Ten minutes to escape. He put a little more gas to his step Moving faster with the sack on his back.

Ru Baye had strike fear into the enemy's heart. Holding a decapitated head of the enemy's comrade. A young chap in his early teen. Between 16-18, poor boy thinking he was strong or man enough to handle the monstrous fiend. The Almighty... No. The Greatest Warrior of The Land had shown him. What a real man can do in war! The battlefield was his home, and it shouldn't be a place for children! This wasn't a playground for them! If they want to go to war? They better be prepared for the consequences soon comes after! Unlike this fool thinking, this was a game. Ru Baye broke his arms and ribs; the chap was begging for mercy. So, he granted that mercy for that poor boy. Freeing him from his suffering. Just with one slice to the neck.

Holding the head up to them, toss it at them. The head hit the ground near a warlord. Mingie's horse buckles a little, he calms it down. A bead of sweat was forming on his forehead. Warily. As he tries to focus on a plan, this man was dangerous, and he knows that this monster can take out an army. Everyone knows the tale. Shiryu was annoyed with everyone fearing this big bad wolf. He was just a mutt that needs some house training or is put down. Taken a step forward, a hand on his hips and his right-hand toying with the end of his hair. Those thin lips curve into a smirk. Ru Baye sneered at the sight of him, he could feel something wasn't right with this one! He has the feeling of unease in him as he rose his weapon at him. The feeling couldn't be explained at all. Ignoring it entirely. He must focus. The beast may feel caged and he hates to be cage by some pretty boy! Glaring angrily as he smirked once again.

"I will end you!"

"I have seen a bigger weapon than yours!"

This enraged Ru Baye even more as his grip on his halberd tighten. As he begins to charge him. Swing his halberd suddenly a blob of pink block his attack. Shocked as he stared down at the young male with this bright pink hair. That remind anyone of spring. Oddly, it's wasn't spring; it was Autumn. But something in him, he couldn't describe him. But just one word: 'Break'.

The young male name was Xuande Shu were freaking out mentally. Sweat began to form on his forehead. He cursed himself for doing this, he regretted his actions. Holding up his weapon, the guan dao against the halberd. He could feel the other using his weight to push him further down. Xuande was panting lightly as he uses strength to hold back.

No... He chose to save the warlord. Pushing forward with his own strength against the larger male. Ru Baye stares at him, he couldn't explain it anymore. Not only he wants to break him, but there something deeper inside in him. Trying to tell him, shakes his head. Couldn't get distracted at all. His heart was racing and beating fast against his chest. Like it wanted to escape. He hates it! Breathing hard through his nose, smack his lips as he moved back slightly and glared.

"What your name boy?" he asked.

Shu stared as he slowly begins to blush, fidgeting as he held his guan dao and pointed at him. Aiming it toward the older male. Trying to act tough, but his expression was betraying him. Which made the made the older male smirked as he had this evil gleam in his eye.

"Umm... I'm Xuande! But you can call me Shu! Prepare yourself!"


King Dong and Meinu had made it through finally in the tunnel just with a small army. Looking back and from waiting for Zhauge Jian to Ru Baye to show up. He was very close to freedom now! He can almost taste it! Grinning. Looking ahead as he sighs of relief when he saw Zhauge Jian, standing in front of a large battleship. The tunnel leads them to an underground tunnel inside a cave. King Dong grinned as he almost skipped over when he approached the other.

"Zhauge Jian! What a beauty! Where did you get it?" he asked. Noticing the blood on the ship. "The boat is coated with blood! You know what? Never mind. Great Job." he thanked him regardless despite the boat was covered in blood and stink of death. Zhauge Jian bows to him. His long teal colored hair falls to the side. Looked up at him with his sharp teal eyes with an orange triangle underneath his eyes.

"Everything is going to a courtly to plans. Ru Baye will hold out their pursuits while you escape unharmed with Lady Meinu. Let me guide you the way to free my lord."

King Dong nodded, as he and the others got on the ship and set sail. Zhauge Jian would sound the alarm for Ru Baye to retreat and meet them in Yuu Province. Where they can plan their next move. After was on board, a messenger came again to give them news that Ru Baye would meet them later. Zhauge Jian understands as he boards the ship as well.

Set sail unaware that they were being watched by the enemy spy quickly who disappear into the shadow. They quickly leave to alert the others...


Ru Baye was fighting head to head with two people. Xuande and Shiryu, damn them both! He was impressed with how they can handle him against in a battle. Playing fair and dirty! He NEVER had this MUCH fun in a long time. Pushing them back causing them both to fall back, sweating and panting. Xuande falls back on his bottom, dropping his own weapon. Shiryu's sword was dropped out of his hand too. But this didn't stop the beautiful man to charge him only to be knocked down by Ru Baye. He was so close as he swung his halberd, his eyes caught something in those jade colored eyes. As the younger male stared back into his cold, black and dark cobalt colored eyes. Xuande was shocked and in awe of the male, he could describe it; dangerous and ruthless, he knows this man can rip his heart out with no problem. A fitting death for himself. No matter how alluring and dangerous these feeling can be, but his life shall not end here! About to attack with a rock.

He heard the alarms going off, shakes his head and whistled for his horse. A mare with a mane like fire. Dark purple coming through and galloping toward it master. Ru Baye stands back and jumped on, as it kept going. He would never forget the ones that stand against him so boldly and hold their own. Today would be forever imprinted in his mind. Shiryu and the others watched him go. Stuck. The strongest warrior of the era retreated? Gon Che snapped from it. He yelled and called for some of the men to go after him! And He gave chase; Mingie heard that alarm. He knows everyone did too. Feeling it could be a trap and he knows his general wasn't thinking clearly.

"Please stop Gon Che! Do not pursue Ru Baye!"

Gon Che stopped midway and look into his lord eyes, the older male smacks his lips. Whistled for the others to come back. The Gui lord sighed in relief as much he wants to pursue him it would be bad. Because it feels like a trap. Fan himself lightly, staring at the fleeing male. This doesn't sit well with him. A scout appeared before him at his side. "Milord! Lord Dong's son Zhouxdong had escaped! I believe this is part of their plan. A member of Tora Weii's clan had been captured and another has been gravely injured. Some of our men were killed by having their neck slit."

Mingie sighed. This was not good at all, what are their plans? He carefully leans over and whispered into the scout's ear. "Follow the ship ASAP. Stay hidden. Xiapiye and Zhauge Jian are probably there. On the lookout." The scout nodded and leaves to follow its duties to their lord. Mingie turned to face the army of men. Holding the reigns with one hand. Begin to speak:

"Search the surrounding area from top to bottom. If anyone loyal to the previous lord. Please executed them. Show no mercy to them. They deserve death."

The men nodded and they were happy to follow that order before they could take any step further. The castle went up in flames. Everyone jumped back in shocked, luckily nobody wasn't hurt at all. Any closer some would be been dead or caught on fire. The fire burning up everything around and inside. While the castle was up in flames, Lord Dong's headless corpse lay in the state of shame. Burning through the victims that were still inside or trying to escape from the castle to the forest. They were easily captured. Shiryu and his men quickly get to work getting the fire under control. Good thing that Mingie had a mage come along with him. A personal mage, who was a middle-aged woman. Slightly heavy set with hazy eyes and plump red lips. Soft freckles around her face, Button nose, and slightly narrow eyes. She bows to her lord. Mingie nods his head toward the female, lightly fan himself. Started to cough, holding his chest the pain felt like prickles stabbing his weak heart. The pain subsided quickly. She was quick to give him a small square meat bun. He slowly takes it; the meat bun was hard and crunchy but tasted horrible. He grew custom to the horrible taste. Disgusting. But it was the only way for his medicine to work.

"Please make it rain from the heavens. So, the wicked of the fire would be tamed." He asked politely.

The mage nodded as she waved her large brown stick in the air. Mumbled a few words to the gods in the heavens. Her stick begins to glow, and the sky darkens, and it started to rain. Shiryu felt a tiny raindrop on the tip of his nose. Which made him smile as he looked up at the darkening sky. Then looked at his men who were happy and rejoiced that they can relax for now. The Weii lord walked to Lord Mingie and smirked calmly at him.

"Thank you, Lord Mingie." he thanked. Mingie were flushed from being thanked. Fanning himself a bit faster and hummed. Before he begins to talk his eyes were on the castle.

"I. Just want to fasten the progress, Lord Shiryu... But thank you, I do not deserve your thanks or praises at all. My mage deserved them."

Shiryu smirked, Flutter his hair a bit with his hands. " I will thank her later." The rain begins to slow down and going away now. The castle was weakened and burned. Holding up the best way it can for now. The scent of burning stone or is it flesh? Maybe both hard to tell for everyone. Xuande was tending to the injury as his mind begins to wander back to 'him'. His hand carefully starts aiding a man who had lost it eye.

How strong the man was! How he can handle himself on the battlefield.

Swallowing the large lump in his throat, ignoring that feeling entirely. Going back to wrapping the man face. Luckily, they had built a temporary health camp for the hurt. A loud alarm went off. Made him jumped up from his seat and covered his ear, hissed. One man came in panting covered in mud. Sweating as he wipes some of it off his face, as he smiled. Rushing over to the lords of this campaign.

"We... Caught Lord Dong's brother and the daughter-in-law and her kids!" he said. "They were hiding in the forest!" Panting in between coughing to catch his breath. Xuande was peeking through the flaps of the tent. Carefully listening to them after his ears stopped hurting. As the doctor called out to him before he can leave. It was too late; the young male had left. "Xuande!" He jogged. The doctor sighed loudly, and he was annoyed, shaking his head.

"What a weird boy."


An army of a cladding of green and orange, banners riding high up in the air. Flapping against the wind, three adults, and three or more children. All were dressed in lavish clothing and brought to the warlords. Shiryu standing next to Mingie, as the man was on his horse.

A bearded male in his late forties, with long dark brown hair and a tan complexion. Wearing a plain uniform. Sweating as he was nervous. Unsure what to do?

"Please spare me! I've done nothing to do with my brother's reign! This is my brother fault! I beg of you! I would live an honest life and become a monk!" he begged. The male was willing to do anything to save himself. Swallowing his nervousness, cock a grin at them. Tripped over own two feet. As he tries to walk to them but only to trip. On the ground trying not to cry.

"I can give you any information on my dear nephew."

Mingie was eager, Shiryu was not. Studying the male body language, the eyes were dilated by the pupils. Body trembling as he was crouching down. Staring up at them. Shiryu inspect his nails and looking rather bored with himself. Crossing his arms, as his lips slowly turned into a smirk. The male blood turned cold as he lowers his head to avoid eye contact. He was terrified of his own life. He saw the sword on the guard's waist side. Just within a blink of an eye he grabbed it and ran to the female companion. His eyes widen with fear, he doesn't trust that warlord at all. Something about him rubbed him the wrong way. He knows that he was lying! As the fear and survival were slowly taken over his mind. Took the blade to the female neck, who was a nursemaid. Shaking with fear as his heart was beating against his chest. Her lips were trembling as she begged for her life. The older male shouted.

"SHUT UP! I will kill her if you don't let me go! This stupid bitch will die!"

Everyone was on high alert right now. The nursemaid was sobbing. The older man was getting restless. The look on his face showed a crazed man, looking for an easy escape. Pressing the sword, a tad bit hard against her neck. The Regal female that was with the group was using her children as a shield. Doesn't want to die because her pathetic husband escaped and left them behind. Leaving her behind with these horrid children. Mingie tries to stay calm, But Shiryu had an archer to shoot with a signal by the tug of his earring. An arrow pierced itself through his forehead. But the blade slid her neck on the side, cutting a blood vessel. The nursemaid held her neck and coughing up a lot of blood. Choking on her blood as she didn't want to die at all. Her eyes rolled back of her head, Dying. While the men were too focused on them. The regal pulled out a dagger from her sleeves. And start stabbed them randomly, her face looked deranged and happy. Pure of bliss, she's always hated them with a burning passion. Drugged and tied down to have these babies by force. Never again. She will be freed! Cursed this damn family! She had killed the other children inside the castle and shivered in delight when she heard their screams and begging for mercy. Laughing maniacally as the blood splatter all over the place. Her lips twisted and hair a mess. When she laughed, everyone turned to see that ghastly scene and two guards heard her quickly. She was struggling to get free. Mingie was off his horse and ran over to check on the children's pulses, two fingers pressed on their small neck. Chewing on his bottom of his lip. Shiryu walked over to him. And waited for something. Looking into the poor child's eyes child. As their life was slowly draining from their tiny body. Shiryu's heart was breaking. No children shouldn't have to go through this much pain. The child took their last breath, Shiryu pray it wasn't that he was thinking. The guards got her up from the ground, holding her up by force. As she struggled some more. Shiryu stared at her with a blank stare before turning to Mingie.


"No, they are dead."

Mingie turned his head, narrow he darken colored eyes. "How dare you! How could you be so heartless! They were just children!" he yelled in disgusted. She laughed coldly. Her eyes were lifeless and dull. Only filled with anger and hated. She slowly slipped into madness more.

"They deserve to die! They're no good to me! Those children deserve death! Kill ME-" She was interrupted by a sword going through her chest. Coughing up some blood from her mouth. Looking up at the person, she could have sworn she had seen an angel that appeared on her sight. Forgetting the pain as her hand was shaking as she tries to reach up. A smooth hand took hers suddenly a bolt of strong blue lightning strike her down. Burning her to a crisp, electrocuted her where she stood. A bone-chilling can be heard among the army. A few turned their head. Unwillingly to look at the scene before them, the body was burnt to a crisp. As the clothing was badly damaged her face shown an agonizing pain. The body was stiffed. Shiryu smiled and pulled the arm out of the socket. The loud crackle and crinkle sound from the arm being pulled out of the socket. Removing his hand from it crisp hand. Looking at everyone with an amused expression with his hand crawling with tiny lighting, winked.

"This is only just a beginning."

"With the death of Lord Dong and his descendants wiped from this word. The land was freed from the tyranny. There was peace but for how long? With the Emperor's death. And his son on the run. What will it become of the land of Hianov?"

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