God is Holy
Bright and grand
He made the earth
and all the stands.

He is kind and loving,
Straight and sure
Here for us forever more.

God is amazing and can do all things
He even created creatures with wings.
He made the clouds and the blue, blue sky
Yet even they will never reach so high.

God protects us: weak or strong
In any battle it is best He comes along.
From fighting giants to crashing walls
He can cause our enemies to stop or stall.

God cares for us and knows our heart
His spirit from us will never part.
He is with us unless we send Him away
and such an action would prove a sad day.

God is mighty, strong, and sure
For our sins He sent the cure.
For His love conquers all
and He desires not even one to fall.

God is amazing, the ultimate light
With Him around our hearts take flight.
I am so happy for His grace
and that He created every place.