in the middle of the night, somewhere

in a street corner with dilapidated buildings,

a stranger is standing under a lamp post

while taking a long drag from his cigarette

feeling speculative in such an unholy hour

as he waits for someone to put loose change

inside his vintage cowboy fedora

because he has a pocketful of dreams inside

his distressed blue-gray skinny jeans and

he spits lyrics like a sermon straight

from a jack daniels bottle

imitating a downtown messiah

with a rock 'n roll complex

and somewhere, in the middle of the night,

a girl in a jersey crop top

and high waist denim shorts

with matching chucks boots

is moonlighting as a nightclub dj

and ends up in someone's car,

tipsy from too much caramel appletinis

barely able to comprehend

the crawling beneath her skin

while being trapped inside a spiderweb

of clumsy hands and his tongue

inside her mouth is suffocating her screams

and somehow, in this particular spot

in the middle of nowhere

in the middle of the night

an alley cat is run over by a pick-up truck

and no one seems to notice,

no one seems to care

no one seems to give a damn

about your suicidal thoughts,

your sudden urge to rebel

against a system whose very foundation

people seem to question, a car crash

in slow motion, a ship sinking in the ocean,

a mother without emotion

amidst all the commotion

and somehow, somewhere,

in the middle of the night

in the middle of nowhere

your ghost still haunts my dreams

as i feel your phantom caress

like poetry stuck in between ...ellipses...