Welcome to my latest new story that is based on Warriors and Survivers (by Erin Hunter). I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for chapter one.


The full moon shone in the full sky, there were no clouds to be seen. A cat was sitting on a large stone over-looking the world around him.

This dream seams so real, but why does it seam so beautiful. I've never seen the wilderness up close before in my whole life. Why do I keep dreaming of this place?

He heard a snap behind him and turned around. "Who's there?" he asked loudly and then waited to see who would answer him. Instead of answering him from the shadows, another cat steeped forward into the moonlight from the shadows.

"Father is that you? Are you really alive?" he asked the other cat. The older tom shook his head. "I am dead, killed I was, long ago when you were young. I'm surprised you still remember me, Jade."

Jade carefully climbed down from the rock and then stood face to face with his father. "Then why are you here? How can I see you without any wounds?" Jade questioned him.

His father's eyes looked serious at him. "I have a warning from the ancestors of our kind. The land will fall and a storm will come, beware the shadows that will try to destroy all," he meowed and then Jade began to feel the ground quake.

"What does the warning mean? Please father, tell me!" Jade yowled as the ground beneath him began to fall. His father looked at him with his amber eyes.

"Remember what I have said, it will help you survive what will happen to the living world," he meowed as Jade eyes closed and he only saw the darkness of under the earth.

He soon blacked out, knowing that he must follow his father's words if he did survive.