you are my sunshine
you are beautiful
you are so beautiful
you are not alone

you can do it
you can do it meme
you can call me Al
you can do it gif

you can't take it with you
you can't sit with us
you can't stop the beat
you can't handle the truth

you like that
you like the juice
you like me because I was blue
you like me

you might be a redneck
you might think
you might think
you might

you are almost done
you are almost there
you are almost welcome
you are almost there

you eat it raw 94
you eat it with bread 94
you eat in spanish
you eated my cookie

you aren't worth the whiskey
you aren't connected to facebook
you aren't
you aren't special

I am Cait
I am
I am number four
I am Legend

I will survive
I will always love you
I will wait for you
I will survive

We are your friends
We are the champions
We are young
we are the world