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Colt had ultimately, despite his willing urge to not impose, been forced to stay with them for another few days so he could allow his wounds to fully heal so he didnt rip them open. Dynamite had not had any objections and had taken up chasing compys around the ranch even. Colt had come quite accustom to the Rogers and their daily routines and it didn't bother him to have been included in everything; it had been a long time since he was included in family rituals. For now, he was lying with Dynamite somewhere a little ways away from the ranch house watching the clouds float by. Lucy had taken his shirt a little bit ago to clean after he'd been outside helping Thomas work with the triceratops so it was just him and his pants and bandages now so he figured he was a little sun burned from lying outside. He tentatively ran his fingers over the long healed scars on his side as if touching them still hurt. Dynamite must have noticed because the young carno slid his tail through the dirt and shifted his head so he had made an almost protective like wall around Colt with his body.

Colt patted the carno's head as Dynamite let out a soft growl, "It's alright Dynamite, it was a long time ago you know that. I'm fine now."

Dynamite just brought his tail closer to his head.

Colt smiled, "You sure are a weird carno."

Just then he heard someone walking through the dirt and soon Scarlet's face came into his field of vision, "What are you guys doin' out here?"

"Just sittin is all." Colt said sitting up.

Dynamite lifted his head as she pet his nose briefly, "Well, mom made stew if you want some."

"Alright, gotta feed Dynamite here anyway…" Colt said standing, "Ready to eat boy?"

Dynamite, awkwardly, got back up onto his feet and shook the dust off of him before walking toward the barn where Colt had put the supplies. He and Scarlet headed back as well and she couldn't help but look at the scars on his side when he stretched.

"How'd you get 'em?" She asked as they passed the house.

"Huh?" Colt looked at her, "Oh, those… well, that's not a fun story really."

Scarlet nodded, "They don't look like it was fun…"

He brought out a crate and pried it open carefully, "Well, you ever seen a tyrannosaurus before?"

"No, they are up in the mountains aren't they? Where its greener?" Scarlet replied, "They don't normally hunt or live down in the desert."

He nodded slowly, "Well I had a run in that direction a year or two ago. A town I had to get through and the fastest way was through the mountains. It was going pretty well, we were almost clear of the mountains when a tyrannosaurus just happened to come upon us. Dynamite's a carnotaurus, another large predator, so the tyrannosaurus probably thought he was hunting in his territory. He figured he had to defend the territory so he attacked us, and being right on top of Dynamite made me a pretty big target."

Scarlet guessed she knew where this was going as she watched Colt pull a large chunk of cured meat out of the crate. He walked over to Dynamite who happily, and carefully, took it from him before putting it on the ground and tearing chunks off of it.

Colt proceeded to reclose the crate before continuing, "I got thrown off Dynamite when the tyrannosaurus rammed us. Dynamite and the tyanno were going at it pretty bad, and I don't know, maybe half way through the fight or something he got hungry cause as soon as he got Dynamite on his side it came charging after me."

The two were sitting together on the crates and Scarlet shuddered thinking about what it must have been like with a predator that big chasing you. Colt ran a hand through his hair before he touched the scars again.

"It caught up pretty fast, just as Dynamite got up to his feet again. It got me with a couple of its teeth but before it could take a chunk out of me Dynamite came at it." Colt rubbed the carnotaurus' nose when he came over to join them, "I don't really remember what happened after that, everything's a little fuzzy and the next think I really remember is wakin up in the town I was supposed to go to; apparently a week later."

Scarlet instinctively put her hand on top of his and gave it a small squeeze, "You've had one hell of a life haven't you."

Colt looked at her but shrugged, "I like to look at it as things that just made me stronger. 'sides, I'm still alive."

He smiled at her and then Dynamite pushed his head into the two of them and gave them a soft, almost purr-like, growl. The two smiled as they pet the large carnivore before Scarlet's mother came out onto the porch to announce it was time for them all to come eat. Thomas and Marcus came in from the horses and met up with Colt and Scarlet as they all reached the house.

"How ya feelin kid?" Marcus asked as he put a hand on Colt's good shoulder.

"Better, it doesn't hurt so much to move no more." Colt looked back at the older man.

He and Colt stopped just before the porch as the other two went on inside.

"Look, Colt, I wanna apologize for gettin you shot over some box delivered to me." Marcus started, "I mean hell, I an't got a clue as to where it woulda come from neither."

Colt shook his head, "Don't worry about it, I've gotten shot over some stupid stuff, but I an't never got shot over gold before. I'll just add it to my belt."

Marcus laughed, "Well, even so, it an't right, so I was thinkin' a givin you some of it. I an't got no use for gold, I'm a happy man where I am."

"What? You don't have to, I make it well bein' a transporter and all." Colt stared at the man almost confused; nobody out here gave away gold.

Marcus just waved him off though, "Oh don't think of it as charity or nothin' I just don't want it, an't got no use for it is all. Was plannin on givin you and the Rogers most of it. I'll probably just keep enough to get myself a pachycephalosaurus, always wanted a pachy."

Before Colt could protest any further Lucy opened the door, "You boys comin in or are we gonna eat it on our own?"

"We were just headin in Lucy." Marcus smiled as he put an arm around Colt's shoulders, mindful of his injured one, "Just havin a small discussion is all."

She smiled at them, "Well alright, hurry then before it gets cold, I made some rolls too."

The two walked up the porch steps and into the house where Scarlet and Thomas were already seated and waiting. Scarlet patted the chair next to her for Colt who slid in slowly as Marcus sat over by Thomas and Lucy.

"Mom, Im going to Lorewell for somethings. Do you need me ta pick up anything?" Scarlet asked as Lucy walked around the table and started to serve the food.

"Well, we could use some more flour hun. Almost out actually and Lucas here says his supply is running late this week." Lucy said as she set the pot down again and joined them at the table.

"Mind picking up some bullets while you're there?" Thomas added, "I've got the money ta give ya, and their cheaper up there in the bigger town."

"Alright, I'll go in after we're done then." Scarlet smiled, "Colt do you want to come? Get outa the house and all?"

The young transporter nodded, "Sure, I'll go. My Winchester needs more shells and all too. Used up the last of 'em a route back and forgot ta get more."

"Good, off to Lorewell it is then." Scarlet laughed.


Down in Lorewell the stage coach had just arrived. A well-dressed man with slick black hair was the first out and he dusted off the shoulders of his tailored suit jacket. He helped out a young lady who was dressed in a fine, light blue lace dress and a small white hat with a blue ribbon wrapped around it. Her hair was a nice copper red and her skin was a smooth white. After her was an older woman who the man carried on his arm, dressed similarly to the younger girl only in a light grey and white.

"Are you going now darling?" The woman named Jess asked taking her husband's arm as they started walking, bags in hand.

Simon nodded, "I have some business to attend to briefly and then I will join you."

Jess nodded and took her daughter as they headed toward the hotel.

The stage coach moved on as the triceratops gave a low grunt. Simon headed toward the largest building off toward the east of the town that had the large word TRADE on the front of it. He walked into the wooden structure and then headed up the stairs to the left before he proceeded down the hallway to the farthest room. He knocked two short precise knocks before he waited.

"Come in."

Simon opened the door and proceeded inside, sure to close it after he entered. He saw John sitting in his desk and tipped his head slightly when the man looked up.

"Ah, Simon!" John said standing up and walking over to greet his business partner.

"John." Simon said politely, "I had the notion to stop by before I did anything else. Check in on things."

John nodded as he walked over to a small end table that was pushed up against the wall. He poured out some finer whisky into two glasses before he returned to Simon and handed him one, "Well, I can assure you that everything is running smoothly down here. The shipments have been undisturbed besides a few mild attacks by wild dinosaurs out on the roads; nothing our men couldn't handle."

"Good." The taller man nodded before he took a drink, "You had mentioned something in your letter some time ago; a problem with one of the men?"

"Oh, well you don't have to worry about that anymore." John said quickly as he placed the glass down on his desk, "I've handled that."

"What about the gold he stole?"

"Ah, well." The small man hesitated for a moment, "I have some special people out working on getting it back as we speak."

Simon nodded slowly as he too placed the glass down on the desk, "Good, good. Well, I will be at the hotel with my family for the time we will be staying here; my wife thought it would be a good, get away, for us to come see the west." He turned and walked back toward the door, "You have until we leave to get that gold back Mr. Landon."

Then he simply walked out the door; closing it with a little more force than necessary.


"Mother!" Teresa looked at her mother as she stood near the door, "May I take a look around the town?"

Jess smiled at her, "Of course dear. Just do not stay out to late; you know how your father can get."

"Yes mother!" She smiled and then headed out.

Teresa had enjoyed the day when her mother had convinced her father that they should go see this western part of the world. A part of it though, did make her heart hurt a little because it was this wild place that had drawn her older brother and caused him to leave them. Well, that and the strained relationship that he and father had, had. Even so, she was excited to be out somewhere new; though she felt their clothes were a little out of place here.

The town was nice, ordered, and the people were friendly. She walked by an older couple who said hello and welcomed her to the west and Lorewell. She was also very interested in all the different kinds of dinosaurs that were making their way through the street; they only had very small ones in the cities up north. A large green parasaurolophus with riding spots passed by with an older man as the rider. Some compys ran through the streets and in between people's legs while triceratops stood outside buildings waiting for their riders. It was so fascinating to see so many different varieties of dinosaurs roaming the streets. Sometimes the cities up north could be so dull that it drove Teresa insane, and she wasn't surprised that her brother had been so drawn to the west. The wild country just seemed to suit him well, and he had always had such a fascination with the larger dinosaurs. She just wished he'd write to them at least.

The girl sighed as she walked toward the general store; she was feeling a little emtoo /emout of place in her northern clothes. On the way over she blushed as two younger men called in her direction, but she didn't do more than a flirtatious wave as she kept on her way. She was just passing the saloon when she saw another parasaurolophus coming into town. It was smaller than the ones she'd seen so far but there was a beautiful girl on the back of it. She nodded to some folks and smiled at others as she passed them. Teresa stopped at the edge of the walkway and watched, always fascinated by a girl who looked like she could handle her own. Her long copper colored hair was pulled into a braid that hung over her shoulder; her skin was tanned almost perfectly from the western sun. She seemed fit, like she did work instead of just household chores. Teresa was pretty sure that the girl could hold her own in a fight; if the gun on her right hip was anything to go by.

She looked back behind her and Teresa followed her gaze. The girl's eyes widened when a large carnotaurus faded into view behind it. People rode meat eaters out here!? It was impressive, and honestly terrifying. The carno came up next to the para and it didn't seem to even flinch at the other dinosaurs passing by. Teresa's eyes traveled up to the rider. He was tall, that much she could tell, his clothes looked well-worn and a silver revolver was snug in a holster on his left. He and the carno both had green bandanas on, but a black hat covered the rider's head. The two were talking quite enthusiastically as they stopped in front of the general store. Teresa watched as the para rider slid off easily before she held the carno's rider off slow; he seemed to be injured. The carno's rider patted the large dinosaur's nose before he followed the girl into the general store.

Curiosity was a strong trait in Teresa so she continued on toward the store herself. She was both interested, and a little afraid, as she passed the meat eater who looked at her curiously. As she walked in front of it she startled when it leaned forward toward her and seemed to sniff the air around her. It snorted and shook its head before it leaned back and watched her head inside. The general store was decently sized, held everything from books to guns, and she found the pair over by the guns. The girl had a sack of flower over her shoulder as she pointed to a box of ammo. The male rider, whose hat was off now and allowed Teresa to see the fiery hair that it had hidden before, was carrying a couple boxes of ammo. She felt incredibly strange, stalking these two, but something just pulled her curiosity about them. They placed their things on the counter before the girl turned and headed toward where Teresa was standing. She grabbed a book off the table before she looked at her curiously.

"You don't look like you're from around here." She said kindly, "Are ya from the east?"

Teresa nodded quickly, "Uh, yes actually. My family and I are visiting for father's business…"

"Ah, well might wanna lighten up on the clothes." The girl smiled, "Ya can over heat out here quite quick if you an't dressed right."

"Thank you. I'll certainly keep that in mind."

The two looked back as the other rider turned and called to the girl, "Scarlet are ya comin or what?"

The girl nodded to Teresa quick before she went back to the counter, but Teresa didn't notice because she was too busy staring wide eyed at the other rider. There had been a reason why the fiery hair reminded her of her own, and it was a reason she honestly thought she would never see again.

This rider was her brother.

A wave of mixed emotions flooded over Teresa as she watched the two of them, more specifically the boy. What were the odds of the universe that she would see him here; that they would end up in the same town. The girl felt giddy for a moment, and nervous, as the two left the store. Quickly following after she saw him hand her a box of ammo before they put them in the saddle bags on the dinosaurs. Wasting no time Teresa ran right up to him and grabbed his arm.


Colt was quite sure that when he moved out to the west he'd never have to deal with his family again. Hence one of the reasons why he'd left. Sure his sister was still important and all, and his mother was alright, but his dad… he just couldn't stand his father any longer. He had never felt as good as he did when he finally made it out to the west and as far away from the man as he could. So when a girl dressed in clothes from the north grabbed his arm and spun him around he all but jumped out of his skin.

Scarlet as well was quite surprised when the girl she'd talked to moments before was suddenly jumping on Colt. The transporter suddenly looked extremely on edge and tense, but Dynamite was watching the event quite carefully even if he didn't make a move toward the girl. Scarlet looked curiously at the northern girl, but her sudden statement caught her off completely.

"I thought I was never going to see you again!" She said as she beamed at him, "It's been years since you left!"

Colt looked form Scarlet to Teresa. Oh he knew exactly who she was, and there was no way in all of the bloody universe that she was here alone. He was just going to have to play stupid; it was the only way out of this before she went and ratted him out.

"I have no idea who you are." He said quickly as he tried to think of a way to get himself out of the situation.

Teresa's face looked at him confused, "What? Course you do Malcolm. We're siblings!"

"Malcolm?" Scarlet looked at Colt as her head tilted to the side a little, "Sorry, but I think you have the wrong person. This is Colt… he's a transporter."

"Colt?" Teresa let go of his arm and looked him up and down again, "No, I'm sure of it. This is my brother Malcolm. He came out west a few years ago; his hair was red just like yours, and his eyes were the same color, and there was a small birthmark on his right side. We both had one."

There was no way this guy wasn't Malcolm; Teresa was sure of it. The eye shade was too perfect, as was the hair. The only other thing that would prove it was the birthmark that had been on Malcolm's side.

"I don't have a birthmark." He said as he pulled up his shirt slowly, mindful of his injuries, "I an't got nothing on my side but tyrannosaurus scars…"

Teresa looked and her heart fell. Indeed all this rider had were scars, and new bandages. Really the scars could have covered where the mark could have been, but now there was no way to be sure.

Returning his shirt to where it had been, Colt sighed. He'd come up with a story, a plan to get himself out of this for good, but he really, really, knew he was going to regret doing this to his sister. She was the one out of all his family that he still wanted close, but there was no way to keep her close without his father getting in on the mix.

"I knew the guy you're taking about." Colt started slowly looking at Teresa softly, "He came out when he was young right? Be about my age now?"

She looked up at him again and nodded. This guy might not be him, but maybe he knew where he was if he wasn't.

"He picked up transporting with me." Colt swallowed uncomfortably, "Did pretty well for a while, but…"

Something in the way he said "but" had Teresa and Scarlet looking at him as if they knew something bad was coming after it.

"The rex that gave me these…" He waved his hand up and down in front of his side, "Got him."

That was it. The world shattered before Teresa as soon as those words left his mouth. Her brother had been the other half of her; they had been so close. He couldn't be dead.

But the look on his face said that he was.

Teresa stared hard at the ground, fighting the tears that threatened to take over her eyes. There was so much wrong with what he said. Her brother had been so strong willed, so determined. A part of her felt like the world had just exploded and there was nothing left, but she could still feel the defiant side that said Malcolm was still alive somewhere. Besides, there was no proof that who this guy was talking about was Malcolm. A part of her still believe that this was Malcolm, but there was no way to tell.

"Well…" Teresa struggled with her voice, "I'm sorry then. I was just so sure."

Colt stood there awkwardly for a long time, Scarlet giving him a look of question and one of sympathy to Teresa. Most of him wanted to just reach out and comfort his sister; the one who had defended him against their father. The one who always been on his side. But there was that nasty little voice in his head that kept remind him that with her, came his father, and the hate for his father was too great to ignore.

"Colt…" Scarlet said after what seemed like forever, "We should get back."

He nodded silently as she got back up on Runner, and he turned to get back on Dynamite who lowered himself some to help make it easier. He looked down at Teresa when he was back on Dynamite, and before he went after Scarlet he couldn't help but say one last thing.

"He told me about you." He said, "Said his sibling, Teresa, said she was the one thing he could always count on. He really loved you, ya know."

Teresa looked up at him, eyes glassy with tears, but there was a defiant look in her eyes, "I know he did... but I don't think he's dead. Not really… he cant be."

Colt wanted to say not to dwell, not to keep looking, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Not with the pain he'd already caused her, and himself.

"I hope you get better." He said carefully as Dynamite turned around, "There's always somethin' better down the road."

It was a saying he lived by, a saying he always repeated in his head when things went bad.

And as he was leaving, Teresa was watching his back. Her eyes were wet with tears, but a small light still hoped in her chest because she knew that phrase. She knew it because he had said it for so long when she was little. Too little to remember a lot, but she wasn't too little to remember what he loved.

..And Malcolm had loved that phrase.

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