The young man opened his eyes.

After making a quick prayer to thanks the Lord for this wonderful day, he quickly got out of bed and stretched his long arms all the while he let out a long yawn. Satisfied, he then moved towards the nearby window, where he swiftly moved his arms so that his hands could grab hold of the curtain and open them wide, so that the bright morning sun could enter the room.

Smiling at the view, he gently spoke to himself, muttering how a great day today would be.

With clear skies, a gentle wind, indicated by the rustling leaves on a nearby tree, and a wonderful start to his morning, the young man knew that today would indeed be a good one, just like every day in his wonderful life.

Sighing, in one that could be said as a sigh of happiness, the young man shook his head and smiled, as he strolled out of the room a prepared for the day.

He didn't know when things turned out so bright for him, but he didn't question how or why it happened. Maybe life just decided that the bad luck that used to plague him was just unfair and decided to repay him by making the rest of his life the most wonderful thing he would ever live. He knew all too well never to question good blessing and instead to just accept them.

Recounting on the day that seemed to change his life for the better, he made another quick prayer to thank the Lord on how lucky he was.

During that day, a rainy day, a day that didn't start so bright for him, the young man had wandered along the streets, depressed and seemingly at the worst point of his life. Failure has seemed to overtake him that day, as nothing looked bright or hopeful for him. His grades on almost all his subject were dropping, his friends were almost non-existent, and his family, the ones he hoped can help him the most, were feuding as usual.

So depressed he was during that day that he even contemplated on ending it all, end all the suffering, and go to the place where the dead can finally rest.

But he decided against it, as he feared that making such a decision while in a depressed state was not a good idea. It was most likely just the dark depressed side of him talking and that it needed to go away first before he made a decision on how to fix his situation.

So that is just what he did.

Strolling though the streets, despite the bad weather that was falling all around him, he tried to keep his mind away from such depressing thoughts. But the combination of weather and creeping anxiousness just wouldn't leave him, as it only made him gloomier.

Paying little attention to the world around him, he let his mind wander as his own physical body wandered the streets. He didn't care where he was going or where he'll end up, he only cared for a possible end to this destination and that the end was something that looked hopeful.

He walked and walked, one step after the other, stomping over small puddles, and head almost looking straight down at the concrete below him and mind worrying about the future that was in store for him.

Blindly making his way, he failed to notice the red light that warned pedestrians not to cross the road as the cars passed by. The blinking red light was only ignored by him, as he took his first few steps away from the concrete floor and onto the asphalt.

The only thing that alerted him of the grave mistake that he was making was the sudden sound of a horn screaming at him, which caused him to look up and see the speeding vehicle that was zooming towards him. At this moment, he felt his body freeze and grow stiff, as stood there and stared. The shock of the moment had shut down all his muscles, as his nerves seemed to have failed to send messages to them that would allow him to get out of the vehicles path.

But as he stared there, unmoving and in the path of the fast approaching vehicle, he suddenly felt the firm and strong grab on his hand, which was quickly followed by a powerful tug that pulled him backwards.

It all happened fast, as he felt the pull bring him back towards the side walk before bring followed by the swift air of the vehicle as it harmlessly passed by in front of him.

Heart racing and mind trying to comprehend the flash moment that just saved his life, he felt his body grow stiff once more, as he stared straight in front of him.

Only the sudden sound of a soft voice calling out to him brought him out of this state of shock and stillness, as he finally returned to reality.

"Hey, are you alright?" The voice asked.

Turning his head to meet the source of the voice, he looked to find himself face to face with a young woman who was looking at him with great concern. Staring for a couple of seconds, their eyes met one another as the two stared. His eyes were still filled with wild confusion, while hers were filled with worry, but both of them were thinking of the same thing. Was he alright?

"Y…yeah….I think I'm okay…" He said, with a little shakiness in his voice.

"Are you sure?" She said, seemingly inspecting him for injury. "Cause you had a near miss right over there. A very, very near miss."

"Y...yeah…" He said, trying to do a firm nod. "I think I'm good." He then paused to conduct an inspection on himself and noticed that her hand still had a firm grip on his, as if she feared that he still might stumble onto the oncoming traffic.

"Well…ummm…thanks…for that…" He said, somewhat shyly.

"No need for thanks, it was only the proper thing to do." She said, shrugging it off as she let go off her hold. "Besides, it was either that or calling for someone to scrape your body off the road."

She let out a short awkward laugh, as she quickly realized that it wasn't the most appropriate joke for the moment, or for any moment as a matter of fact. Wanting to get that terrible idea off their minds, she decided to change the topic to something else.

"So…uhhh…what was troubling you so much that you didn't notice the red light?"

As if that line triggered something inside him, the young man slouched and let out a sigh. The shock and adrenaline were now starting to fade, as he was once again reminded of his troubles. A part of him began to think that he shouldn't have thanked her for saving him, for running into traffic could have solved all his problems.

Seeing the sad look on his face, she decided to cheer him up by lightly patting him on his shoulders.

"Oh, don't look so glump, I'm sure whatever was bothering you can't be that bad."

When there was no reply, she shook her head and decided to try and cheer him up.

"Hey, listen, how about we grab some coffee and you tell me what's bothering you. Cause I'm not going to let you walk these streets in that state. For all I know, you can end up missing another red light, and I probably won't be there to save you."

Looking at her as if she was crazy, he stared not sure how to react. But seeing the seemingly cheerful face stare at him, a small light of hope suddenly lit as he slowly nodded his head.

And from that moment on, that light has never faded, as thing looked up from then on.

Ever since that encounter, the two grew close, close enough till he began to consider her as a close friend that seemed like family. And with this close friend's help, he managed to pull himself up in his studies, and rescue his floundering grade. Because this event, he life went around and faced a bright path.

Sitting in the kitchen with a mug of coffee at hand, he once again let out a sight of happiness as he closed his eyes to enjoy that feeling.

The young man's eyes were closed and remained closed.


Lying inside a small room, the young man was comfortably tucked in a hospital bed, blankets keeping him warm as his body laid motionless and still, as if he were in a deep sleep. Beside his bed, a small metal box was placed on top of a table, wires connected to the young man's body, as it formed a bond between the two.


The sound emitted from the box, as its waves echoed all over the, sending a sharp and loud noises that was barely noticed by the young man who lay asleep on top of the hospital bed.


Chest gently rising and falling, the young man slumbered away the days, as he constantly slept and slept, unmoving from his comfortable bed. Never growing hungry because to the nutrients that was poured into him by tubes, and never growing bored as he was constantly entertained by his own mind, he laid there and slept.


Lying there, he worried little about his current situation.


He worried none about his body's state of motionless or about the nightmarish thought of being in a deep sleep where he would never wake up from.


He cared little about the unlucky even that brought him here, as he most likely didn't know about that event.


He didn't know about the car the slammed against him and brought him to such a state and he most likely will never know about it.


For, as he lay on this bed in a state that was close to death, inside his mind he was alive, alive and his own world, living his own life. A life that only he would know about. A life that only he would enjoy.