Quit emailing me.
Quit texting me.
Quit calling me.
Quit bugging me.

I was with my best friend.
The ticket cashier laughed as we joked around.
"Pick a candy already! Holy shit, it's not that hard."
"It is a hard decision! I am working on it."

The cashier asked if we were best friends.
We said yes in unison.
He said he could tell.
Her fingers brushed mine.

My phone buzzed.
I hit decline.
My phone buzzed.
I hit decline again.

She looked at me,
with that look in her eyes like
she was worried.
I wanted you to stop.

She asked if something was wrong.
How could I tell her that
the person who used to be my everything
was trying to reach me?

How could I tell her that
I was sending you to voicemail because
she is the only thing I ever want to
think about again?

How could I tell her that
I was craving her touch
and her hands in mine
and her warmth?

How could I tell her that
my phone kept ringing because
I wouldn't give you the time of day
to hear your out?

How could I tell her that
I left you crying on the cold hard ground
only watching you through
the rear view mirror?

She doesn't even know you exist, dear.
That is a part of me I never want her to know.
I don't want her to know how defeated I was.
I don't want her to know about you.

She is the only person
I want to see.
She is the only one I love

I open your emails.
Your pleas are getting old, dear.
I told you, I have moved on.
Please do the same.

I am sorry you regret leaving.
I am sorry you feel bad that Zeus doesn't know you.
I am sorry that you regret your decisions.
But that is not on me.

Those were your choices to make,
and you made them.
I learned and lived,
I am doing well.

Her shoulder holds my head so well.
Her hair smells like the best thing in the world- her.
Her hands are warm and hold mine so perfectly.
Her smile fuels my love for her.

She is everything to me,
her and my dog,
and I am sorry that
you are not in the equation any more.

But, my dear, that is on you.