A/N: This is my second attempt at writing verse so it might not be that good. It was inspired by songs from a band called Aria (Ария). I apologise for any typos or punctuation mistakes.


Moments remembered, stories told,

Start to see your past unfold,

Shifting memories, fleeting thoughts

Through our minds, race across

Sleeping emotions they awake,

And turmoil they leave in their wake.

People, places left behind

Stuck in the farthest reaches of the mind,

Lost words left unsaid,

All the tears that were shed.

Although evoked are not all things blue,

There are instances of laughter too,

Fun and frolic, jokes and smiles,

These are what make things worthwhile.

Courage they give to face the past,

To overcome obstacles when we're downcast,

Thoughts and memories which give us warmth,

Are the ones which help us transform,

To a person we would rather be,

With that, wouldn't you agree?