Chapter 1

This is my first fictionpress story. I hope you like it and the idea is straight from a dream.

The night was a very cold and freezing one. It was the night where the deaths of innocent children had token place. It was the bombing of an orphanage in Chicago, Illinois, a place called Mercy. The explosion and massacre was on the news nationwide, and even attracting attention from some parts of the world. In the burning or the orphanage was a boy who laid in the ring of fire…dead. A man in a black cloak with his face hidden and glowing red eyes was grinning at the mess he caused. He looked down at the lifeless boy on the floor.

'This boy put more of a fight then i expected…',The man thought then looked at a hole in his chest was. It was something he couldn't heal from,

"Aww…a nice vessel for me…this body won't last any longer,"He said to himself and thrust his hand into his chest and painfully pulled out a his "soul". It was a red-ish purple orb of light and dropped it into the boy's chest…and was gone a second later. The boy began to cough as his heart began to beat again. His eyes had opened and were fading from hazel to red and red to hazel until they had finally settled on his original hazel color. He quickly sat up as a door when a door was cut into by a fire axe. A few chops later, the door was kicked down and 3 firemen had came in and scaled the large him being alive was a girl with emerald eyes and black hair. She wore a regal dress and had tan skin. He strolled his eyes away from the dead bodies that were around them and hid his face into his hands and one of the fireman had picked him and buried his small head in his shoulder to keep from breathing in the fumes. The other fireman had did the same to the girl and the 3 of them had went and escaped the burning building. The boy looked at the Orphanage as it was crashing to the ground, then the next thing he knew he was passed out.

The two were then taken to a hospital just 4 miles where the incident had occurred. They received special attention and care.

A few days later the two were transferred to another orphanage. It was across the street from the Chicago Police Department. At the department, a blonde-haired woman with skin as pale as snow and wearing a white dress with heels to match, looking like a woman straight from Heaven, was signing papers with a lawyer, and a sheriff. She was going to take custody of the two surviving kids. She was escorted across the street by two officers to claim her new kids. She was directed to the room and saw the two kids. They looked behind at her and the girl scurried under a bed. The boy looked at his soon to be sister then back at the woman…he noticed behind those emerald eyes…red ones…familiar red ones. The girl poked her head from under the bed and went over to the boy, hiding behind him. The women smiled warmly…and little by little they both took the women's hand. Little did they know their lives would change for ever, the moment they took her hand.

10 years later-

It was a bright, sunny, and cool morning in Chicago. It was mildly busy today on the streets in the city as usual. For a certain individual, the roof tops was a scenic route…and prevented chaos on the streets below. He popped his knuckles as the sun beamed down on his skin. He needed a good tan after being in the hospital for a week. His skin was losing its tan, now a lightly tan color. The cool wind blew against him, he made sure he wore spandex underwear under his basketball shorts to keep his parts also wore a blue sleeveless hoodie over his black punisher t-shirt. He leaned down and tightened his canvas shoes and scanned the area. He stood upon the leg of a tall building…more like a semi-skyscraper. The teenager grinned back to the center of the roof the dashed towards the ledge. He jumped off onto the building below and made a great land with an evasive roll. Any human would have broken they're legs but he was fine, he didn't even feel the recoil. He continued to run as soon as he got up. He was fast, a blur of dark colors as he jumped building to building to his school, sliding under narrow air conditioning vents, jumping over tall obstacles like water towers and such, and bouncing off of thick electrical wires. He was on the verge of being late to class with in 10 minutes, he spent the morning at a coffee shop talking to his friend.

When he did make it to school…he slipped through the boys restroom window while being unseen. His sister gave the teacher a lie telling him he was here but then he went and used the restroom and with the class not paying attention they agreed. Soon the boy had came into class with a pain look, much like his favorite manga hero One-punch man. The teacher, Mrs. Solders looked at him.

" , lucky you were using the restroom…would've been 10 minutes late,"She said handing him his paperwork."Take a seat before I change my mind,"

"Yes ma'am",He sighed.

He walked to his table and sat next to his sister.

"I swear that girl is gong to get you in trouble, start making to to school on time,"She said as she doodled.

"Aw shush you face you should know my morning routine, besides it's better than being here…",Eisenberg said then looked around the class.

They either gave him a dirty look, avoided eye contact, or didn't know he was looking. The girl sighed…sadly he was right, it was better than being here at school.

"Taylor you should really try to skip out on your morning routine and walk to school with me. You'll even be on time for class plus we have a test to take Friday",She whispered loudly and some jock and cheerleader shushed her. She growled inwardly and and undid her ponytail letting her long blue-tip black hair fall to her mid back.

"Meh i'll do it Friday then,"He whispered quietly as he did his work.

"I'll hold you to it,"She grumbled doubting he will.

"Aww come one, dont be like that Sierra…look ill even wait for you,"He whispered with a smile.

The girl nodded and smiled back. They went back to working with Sierra doodling as well as working. Taylor was awfully good at math even though it was his least favorite subject in his schedule. Taylor and Sierra finished they're assignment 15 minutes later. Sierra was already done but she considered Taylor's work hers for some odd reason. After a while, the whole class finished some time after and they were free to talk.

"So my brother, how was that weird roof jumping thing you do?",She asked turning to him.

"It was great as always. It was less than i usually go for as far heights and stuff since i was running late."He said and Sierra rolled her eyes with a chuckle."It got the adrenaline running and the blood pumping."

"Adrenaline is a drug for you thats waiting for you to go overdose, stop now before you get help,"She said puffing her cheeks for no apparent reason.

"Bleh you're speaking that nonsense again. Thats like saying you drawing is a drug but you don't here me complaining,"Taylor said as he drew horse balls on the back of his assignment then wrote 'Deez Nutz" under them.

"Dumb ass that doesn't even make sense…",She said squinting her missed colored eyes at him.

"Yes it does," He defended himself.

Sierra grunted and flipped him off."Eat ass"

Taylor leaned his head on her shoulder."Love you too,"

"Shut the fuck up,"She said giggling.

Taylor leaned on her shoulder soon falling asleep on the desk, while Sierra drew a random picture that came into her head like a random thought out of nowhere. She was at her calmest when she is either drawing, or around her family. She is the one out of her and Taylor. Though even with her high intelligence and looks she is still a teenager, prone to make the most mistakes out of both of them. Especially with a imaginative mind like hers. Sierra looked at her finished drawing of a black cloaked man, face hidden and everything. The eyes were…purple though. It just came to her mind after Taylor brushed his head on hers before he fell asleep, literally face first into the desk.

Taylor woke up moments later from Sierra moving to much."What time is it?",

"8:27", She said sliding her finger on the black screen of her LG to show the time, now she began to draw serrated black metal chain links.

"Hey what have you drawn so far?",He asked looking over with a sleepy look.

"Just this so far. It's completely done,"She said passing the drawing over to Taylor.

Taylor looked at the cloaked drawing and stared at it. A quick flash back of the orphanage and the cloak man had appeared then went away as fast as it came. Taylor flinched and shook his head."Very nice picture",He said with a smile.

"Awe you sure do know how to make a girl smile,"Sierra laughed and looked at him with a grin.

The teacher began to collect the papers. When she reached Taylor's paper, she gave a chuckled and took it."Better not do this in another teachers class…they wont get the same reaction,"

Sierra handed the teacher her assignment and then she went back to collecting the rest of the classes work.

"You sure you are okay? You kinda shook and flinched there,"Sierra asked looking around,

"Im fine, i was just amazed of how well drawn it was. Its like its real and you can recognize it from somewhere…",Taylor said with a soft smile.

Sierra gasped and drew her best on the chain links."I can do this better! I promise!",She said and focused hard on this drawing.

Taylor was glad to see her in this mode. She was focused and nothing could stop her. The class bell had rung and the two had packed there stuff and left to they're next class, then went off to finish school. It went out as a calm and lonely day for the two. Nobody talked to orphans in this school, no matter what they're history was, rich or poor, ugly or beautiful, orphans were considered and abomination to the school. It'd hurt the siblings, they're hearts broken with the stares they were given everyday. Most knew about the fire but they didn't care. Why they hated them was far beyond they're knowledge, something as old as the school and would happen often around the same time. Taylor and Sierra had learned to ignored they're looks. They were fine being in they're own bubble. Taylor left the school after Sierra had decided to go to the library after the last bell had rung. As he walked towards home, it was like…something was trying to communicate to him…from inside of him.

"Taaayyllooor,"The voice said as he slipped into an alley. It sounded to be a women, but the voice was strange. It was like it had two voices speaking at one time. A light and airy voice, like a shy angel and a demonic and seductive voice, like a succubus straight out of hell.

It gave him a headache and he put his back against the wall. Trying to wrap his head around of whats going on. The pain was more than he could take. He bit his lip till it bled.

"What's wrong? You don't remember me? Oh, you suspected a man huh?",The voice said.

Taylor now on the ground shaking violently. Something hot and fluid was coursing through his veins.

"I must thank you, back then…if it wasn't for your strange power you should me, i would never found another vessel in time, i would've died,"She said as she was embedding her powers into.

It was a painful process for Taylor. It felt like another body was growing inside of him. His old body parts felt like they were falling off. His eyes flashed red to hazel then red again until it finally landed on hazel. Taylor had laid passed out in the alley way as the day went on.

Sierra was on the bus riding home. She and Taylor would usually ride together but today was kinda awkward. She really needed to study for the test Friday. It was would make a big difference on her grade in math. She sighed and decided to draw a picture for Taylor. She began to draw a black outline of alethic male body, much like how Taylor was built. She then drew a line above the outline. This would be skin tight suit that was as strong as leather but was made out of aerodynamic fabric. She made cool chest plates ad midsection armor that would be thin steel and leather. She imagined this to be some kind of hero suit. She knew his deep dream was to be a hero, so she imagined him to be a hero of the night. She was done with the drawing and she just had to color it. Wait…she then added a trench coat and a anti air polluting cycling mask. was enough she added small hooks on the knuckles, and smaller one on the tips of finger. Then she erased the soles of her boots and redrew them adding smalls spikes for traction.… She clapped to herself as she saw the finished everything. She then began to color everything black. It was fitting for him and she gently put the papers away. By now she had gotten off the bus and was on her way home to her house.

When she reached the front door of the Victorian fancy home and opened it, she was greeted by a Siberian husky who barked happily at her. She rubbed the dogs back."Aww did the big bad Bella miss me?"She asked with a adorable baby talk voice. The dog licked Sierra's face before going off to her own thing. Sierra went upstairs towards Taylor's room. When she saw the door open she jumped in front of the entrance and held her fingers outs forming them in a pistol like fashion. She didn't see him in there. She walked in and looked everywhere, under his bed, in his walk-in closet that was made into a mini-room/closet, mini balcony, and behind the door. Nothing but a clean gamer room. No Taylor, so she went downstairs and looked around after searching the upstairs room. Nowhere downstairs and not even in the basement, something was up, he would've been home already. Maybe something happen, the thought alone made her worry bit. She took a deep breath and sighed then plopped herself on the couch and waited.

'Maybe he is out…yep, definitely not something he would do, but…you never know,'She thought.

40 minutes passed and a tan women with blonde hair had came in the house carrying groceries.

"Taylor and Sierra dinner is gonna be served in a hour!",She called to the house and Sierra's head had popped up over the couch and looked at her mom.

The mom saw Sierra but not her son."Taylor isn't home yet?",

"Taylor isn't here!",She started and the mom sighed in a 'Here we go' fashion.

"He is probably out doing his weird exercise tricks in the city again."She said going to the kitchen.

Sierra followed her."But I called him 11 times in the past 30 minutes!",She said.

"Text him and he'll answer when he can, probably has things on his mind. If he doesn't show up by nightfall we'll go out and look for him,"She said in a comforting voice.

Sierra sighed then nodded."Okay mom,"She said. Sierra sat by the stairs at the fronts door, waiting.

It was around 10 o' clock at night well passed the mom due curfew. Taylor was still knocked out against the covered in sweat and dried tears. His body was hot above 100 hot. He had been having pain flashbacks of the orphanage in his unconscious state. He had also got a chance to talk to this mysterious women living in his head. He decided to dwell on that thought now as his body began to cool down at a safe rate. He then saw two men come up in front of him. They both grinned and one pinned him to the wall while the other picked his pockets. As weak as Taylor was, he somehow lifted his right arm and a small red demonic portal opened in his palm. One of the thugs freaked out and was about to run away and was to late when serrated black chains, thick as steel but 10x tougher came out and went clean through his chest. It snaked around and went through his legs, back round through the back of his skull. The thug didn't have time to scream as he was already dead after a few seconds. Taylor attached the chain to the far end of a buildings lede and yanked on the chain. and the body was torn from the attached parts. The other thug couldn't move but he screamed when his head was split apart by a the end of the chain going through his head.

Taylor had looked at what happen and decided to run, happy he didn't get any blood on him. 5 minutes later Cops had pulled up to the alley. A cop and his partner got out and walked up to the alley.

"Jesus christ it reeks!",He said and shined his flashlight down the alley and he held his stomach looking at the scene, though his partner had a weaker stomach and threw up.

A helicopter came and shined the light at the scene and several voices spoke. It shown a mix pile of body parts from one thug and a split skull from the other. The leading cop told everyone to search the area for anyone looking suspicious. The cop looked back and gulped."God help us all,"

The next morning Taylor had woke up in his bed in his shorts. Nobody had heard him come in, and Sierra and the mom fell asleep on the couch. They had forgot to call the cops. Once Taylor got up here heard something coming up the stairs fast with the sound of a small bell. It was Bella, she dashed into his room with a elated attitude and circled around him playfully before she tackled him to the ground. Bella licked his face and curled up to his side. Sierra woke up from hearing the commotion. She ran up stairs to see her brother who had went back to sleep next to Bella. Sierra sighed in Content but was a bet weirded out why he was next to Bella. She tossed covers over the two and Bella moved and curled up on his bed. She went to the living room and sat on the couch. The mom went to check Taylor's room and she had a similar action to her son being home, weirded out by the fact he was sleeping on the floor but decided not to press the matter. Sierra turned on the tv and began watching the news. The current subject was about last night. Though they wouldn't show the footage the way the anchorman described was gruesome enough and she drew up in her mouth then swallowed it back down. She turned off the T.V and went to her room to draw.

At a warehouse in Chicago, was a group of teens looking up at a huge theater monitor. They were all watching the killing from last night.

"So our enemy has a new recruit, no?",A 19 year old girl said. She had a sweet smooth french accent. She had shiny blonde hair and flawless white skin. She wore denim short shorts and a blue t-shirt with Skeletor's face on it.

"This one seems to be promising?", A Russian 20 year old said hidden deep in the shadows."What do you guys think about him?",

"Aggressive, unstable, and un-predictable at the moment…thing is he possibly isn't Marvin's new member so we might have a chance to bring him to our side,"A teenage boy said studying him but his twin brother grinned."Probably to late…we should kill him now,"

"We're not going to kill if Jason if thats what you are thinking,"The French girl said."We're gonna observe this cuties and make him one of us,"

"What if the plan fails?",The hot-head red-head boy asked.

"Then you kill him Jason,"Kristie said.

"Jeez Jason I think your kill count needs to stop,"A women with a New York accent chuckled.

"Iilene yours is no better",Jason said standing next to a Japanese woman who was clearly uncomfortable. He had his arm wrapped around her tightly.

Her name was Akitsu, she was called the Snow Queen of the group and Jason's boyfriend. She hated this guy, Akitsu sighed as she looked at the picture of Taylor.

"So who is going to observe him at his school?",Akitsu asked.

"I will, I will,"Iilene said excitedly.

Everyone nodded as they all left except for Akitsu. She looked at the picture of Taylor with a light blush."What entertainment can you offer me?",She giggled.