Hollow, empty, black, dark, void. I'm stumbling. It's a haze, it's a rush. Avisyan, Avisyan! Your name on my lips, my trembling lips. More! Iam losing you. The drug. It isn't enough. Another whiff. Aah! Yes, yes! You are back. This feeling is back. Us clashing together. Light headed, floating, flying, soaring. Wings in the sky, reaching the scorching sun. Avisyan, Avisyan! Where are you? Your are here right? Flying beside me? Fly with me. No! Don't touch the ground, it'll keep you rooted. More, more! In my veins, through my blood, to my heart. Yes! You've tasted it right? Ecstasy. Mine, mine, mine. You are mine. This is mine. What have you done to me? What have I become? Sanity, I've lost it. Hehe, I love it. Obsessed? Yes, yes. I am. With you. Avisyan, you'll keep me right? You won't let go? Ah good. Just another breath. Yes, more. You're everywhere! Am I addicted to the drug or to you? Save me, I am crumbling. What is happening to me? Needles on the floor? How? Blood? Oh, from my wrist. Just me, testing if you are in my blood, in my heart as I think you are. But I don't see you? Why, why? You must be here. No? Ah! I remember. In my heart. I'll open up my heart to check, then. Just once. After that I'll lock it up again. Knife, knife. Stumbling. Found it. A few more seconds and I'll see you once again. Pain, blinding white hot pain. Have I hurt you? No, no it's me. Don't worry, this pain is your personification. Ah! So that's where you were. Everything's clearing now. No room, no chairs, no walls, no bed. White, peaceful light. I've found you Avisyan.