It was Rico's turn to collect the post that day, and what he found brought a smirk to his face.

"Well! Would you look at this? A letter from my darling Danielle."

I grunted. Danielle was Rico's girlfriend. They had a long-distance relationship so we hadn't heard anything about her in a while, also it didn't help that Rico used their long-distance relationship as an excuse to flirt with every girl he ever saw.

"Oh, Rico!" Rico said in a stupid girl's voice, beginning to quote the letter. "How I miss you, life seems so dull without you!"

"Knock it off, Rico," I grumbled.

"Your eyes are like stars, your beautiful face is-"

"Knock it off!"

"Floyd, why are you so bothered?" Kai asked me. "You've got Martha; just quote something romantic she's said."

Martha was my girlfriend, emphasis on was. I couldn't believe that I hadn't told them yet, Kai and Rico were my best friends, and it wasn't like me to keep a secret. I took in a deep breath, it was time to face the music.

"Mind you," Kai mused. "Your Martha isn't really the romantic type."

"She's not my Martha," I corrected. "She…uh…she dumped me."

"No way!" Kai exclaimed. "When?"

"Yesterday. She said I loved Rocket more than her."

Rocket was my motorbike.

"Si, we knew this," Rico said. ""What's changed?"

"Shut up, Rico," Kai said, putting his arm around me. "Listen, Floyd, I know how you're feeling, buddy."

Did he? Kai had never dated a girl, so surely he had no idea of the pain of a break-up.

"Break-ups are tough," he went on. "But there's two way of getting over one-"

"Si!" Rico interrupted. "The first one is to grab ice-cream, a load of movies and a brand new puppy and wallow in your own self-pity."

I looked doubtful. "OK…"

"It won't help per say, but it'll take your mind off it."

"I don't think that's such a great idea," I sighed.

"Yeah," Kai agreed. "Especially the puppy. Remember Whiskers, that hamster who you fired across the neighbourhood in a cannon?"

"Yes, I remember that," I replied with a groan.

"And remember that rabbit, who-"

"OK! I get it!" I glanced back at Rico. "So what's option two?"

Rico smirked and truly looked like the cat who'd got the cream.

"My dear Floyd, I am about to introduce you to the wonderful world of internet dating."