"Floyd, won't you come out, buddy?" Kai asked from the other side of the toilet door.

I didn't reply. After seeing what Scarlet had just done, I'd locked myself in the loo.

And I wasn't coming out.

"Listen, it'll be OK, buddy," Kai went on. "But you need to unlock this door."

There was a pause and I heard footsteps at the door, then Kai's voice came again.

"Any sign of her?"

"Yeah," Rico replied. "She's still snogging the face off that guy…Stan…I think."

Kai sighed; I silently hit my palm against my forehead.

"Listen, go back out there," Kai instructed to Rico. "And tell her that Floyd knows what she's done."

There was a pause, and then his voice piped up again.

"Floyd, listen, she's only the first girl. You're bound to get one or two duds at the start. We'll just ditch Scarlet and go home and find someone else on that site, shall we?"

I waited a second, hoping that his stupidity was temporary. How glaringly obvious did I have to make it? This wasn't about Scarlet; I'd have thought my best friends would've worked that out by now.

"Don't you get it?" I asked finally, giving myself away. My voice was bitter and choked up from trying not to cry, but I held my ground.

"I don't care about Scarlet, I never even liked her. And I don't want a new girlfriend, I…I want Martha back."


There was a silence. I felt no need to say any more, and Kai clearly had nothing else to say.

Besides, it was kinda hard to speak when I was busy crying my eyes out.

I just couldn't believe how much of a fool I'd been. How could I have let Martha go? How could I have made her feel like I loved Rocket more than her? I didn't love anyone more than her. How the heck could I have thought that a random girl off the internet who clearly didn't give a stuff about me could replace Martha?

My Martha.

Well…she's not mine anymore.