This is a poem....of sorts, in the form of an email. Well, you'll see when you read it. Just keep that in mind!


I still love you
Maybe by the time you reply to this
You'll love me back
But if you don't
I'll still wait

So anyway, how have you been?
I haven't talked to you in a while
Forgive me
I know you've been busy
And I didn't want to bother you
But I still love you
I just needed to write to you
I've missed you so much
We haven't seen each other in a while
I sound like a lovesick fool don't I?
I'm sorry

Don't worry, I'll try not to make this too long
Just wanted to say hi
And I love you
But you already know that
What have you been doing lately?
Have you been hanging around that girl?
What's her name?
I'm sorry, I sound so jealous
I know you like her
And I hope she likes you back
I just want you to be happy
That's all I could ever want for you
If you're happy I'm happy
And if you're heart is broken, mine is too
If that girl breaks your heart
I'll break her face

Well, I guess I'll go now
I only wanted to talk to you
And to say I love you
And I wish that you would love me back