(OC Origin) Black Clover

(Name) Tsuneo Arakan

(Age) 16

(Gender) Male

(Hair Color) Brown

(Eye Color) Blue

(Species) Human

(Affiliation) Brass Wolves

(Magic Type) Defense Magic, Creation Magic


Righteous and dutiful are what stand out the most for Tsuneo. Willing to do for others, and the first to volunteer for the toughest of missions, Tsuneo is unselfish and does for others before himself. While this is a wonderful trait, it often makes him quite naive to people who make try taking advantage of him. Though he is not stupid, often thinking with a level head during most missions. It is this unshakable composition that makes Tsuneo such an irreplaceable asset to the Brass Wolves. Along with being a key fighting force, Tsuneo is also one of the important aspects that holds the team together, acting as both mediator, and voice of reason.


"For the Brass Wolves, and the Clover Kingdom!"

"I am both a weapon, and a shield."

"I'm no one special, I'm just an ordinary kid from Nairn."

"The Brass Wolves hold their own, against all odds, and against all enemies. If even more odds and enemies are stacked against us, we'll fight them too."

"If my enemies tell me to back down, or they tell me to move aside, I tell them, No. This is my job, my choice, and my will. So you back down, and you move aside, because I won't."


Born in the Common Realm in the city of Nairn, Tsuneo Arakan worked as a Blacksmith apprentice. Seeing the Capital and Magic Knights for the first time, Tsuneo knew he wanted to be a Magic Knight. One of the first knights Tsuneo would meet face to face would be the Captain of the Brass Wolves, Svend. Seeing potential in the boy, and the fire in his eyes, Svend encouraged him to try for the Magic Knights once he was old enough to obtain a Grimoire. Upon turning fifteen and obtaining his grimoire, Tsuneo entered the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. However, he had little to offer offensive wise, having spent most of his time as a blacksmith rather than a magic user. What he did know was how to use a shield, something that would come in handy in a one on one combat match. Relying on defense, and hand to hand combat, something he was accustomed to, Tsuneo won. A total of three captain desired to recruit him. Remembering Svend from before, Tsuneo chose the Brass Wolves as his squad. A rather new squad, Svend thoroughly trained him in both survival, combat, and most importantly team work. With all of this, and his desire to be a better knight, Tsuneo learned and created more magic and defensive spells to be a core member of the Brass Wolves.


Shield Retraction - Tsuneo's easiest ability, this spell allows Tsuneo to retrieve his shield from a long distance. It can respond to his words, or a simple wave of his arm without needing to pick the shield up himself. This spell can be stopped with Magnet Magic, or if something holds the shield to prevent its return.

Shield Throw - By throwing his shield, the weapon can ricochet off of walls and enemies to hit multiple targets. It can either return to him like a boomerang, or Tsuneo can predict and calculate the shield's trajectory so it always ends up back in hand.

Barrier Field - Tsuneo is able to create a barrier to block attacks and cut off enemy movement. While useful it is not impenetrable. These barriers can be broken through with strong enough forces. They can also be stacked and molded to the user's desire, as well as made to be invisible to all but the user. Some specific ways these can be used is through a triple layered barrier, or a phalanx formation barrier to deal with crowds of enemies, or protecting against devastating attacks. This ability becomes stronger with the barrier shield.

Magic Skin - Tsuneo can coat himself, or allies with a thin membrane of magic. This magic gives the user greater defense from all attacks. However, it does not completely block all attacks, neither does it prevent any pain. Still, this ability can be useful in preventing fatal blows. This ability does not last, as taking more damage will weaken the barrier. Once gone, Tsuneo will need to set up another barrier for himself or others.

Reflecting Defense - Tsuneo is able to reflect, or redirect attacks away from himself using a shield or barrier. This is best when used against long range attacks magic attacks, and is quite helpful by turning an enemy's magic against themselves.

Enlarging Defense - The user is able to grow his shield for greater range of defense. The original size of the shield, desired new size of the shield, and overall composition of the shield determine how much magic will be used to create this defense.

Shield Tremor - By striking the ground with the edge of his shield, Tsuneo can create small tremors to knock an opponent of balance. At mid-range, the enemy may become disoriented, while even closer enemies may be completely knocked out.

Porcupine Quill Shield - To defend from oncoming enemies, Tsuneo creates a circular magic barrier around him. This instantaneous barrier strikes outward with large spear like quills. This can be used as a swift counter attack, but only at close or mid-range.

Raging Bull Shield - When leading the charge, Tsuneo rushes forward with his shield in front of him to close in and slam into foes. This is often used break through defenses, divide crowds of enemies, and quickly clear dungeons.

Defense of the Iron Tortoise – Tsuneo creates a large dome like barrier around himself in the shape of a tortoise shell. While having only a set size, this is Tsuneo's strongest barrier. No object or enemy has been able to break through this dense barrier.

Shield Dive - Gaining height either from a jump or falling from a great height, Tsuneo dives shield first into his foe. This can be used to get the drop on an enemy, quickly and stealthily take down a foe, or incapacitate someone by striking the head.


Wolf Shield - A weapon in the shape of an Aspis Shield, this device is Tsuneo's preferred weapon of choice. His most versatile shield, the Wolf Shield can do anything the other shields can, with the exception of the elemental shields, or the Trap Shield. Though versatile, this shield does not use its abilities as great as any of the other shields.

Power Shield – A shield designed by Tsuneo, making it a one of a kind. This device takes the shape of a Kite Shield. It has the ability to absorb kinetic energy from physical strikes. When enough energy is absorbed, Tsuneo can release this energy in one powerful kinetic wave, or shorter and smaller waves. The only drawback to this shield is that it can only absorb so much kinetic energy before self-detonating.

Tag - Team Shield – This shield is used best in conjunction with teammates. Taking the shape of a Heater Shield, this device has cutouts near the top to allow an ally to stand behind him and attack from long range while Tsuneo kneels in front to protect them. This shield also enhances the Magic Skin Spell.

Elemental Shield – In a set of five different types, these shields come in the designs of fire, water, earth, lightning, and wind elements. In the shape of Targe Shields, these shields can create shockwaves of the elements when swung with both hands. Their best use is blocking elemental attacks. The elemental shields work greatest against their counter element, such as Water vs. Fire. When placed against neutral elements, such as Fire vs. Fire, the defense will hold but can be overwhelmed if the opposing element is too powerful. If placed against a weaker element, such as Wind vs. Fire, the shield will offer little defense.

Mirror Shield – Taking the form of a Thyreos Shield, this device can reflect, and deflect, and capture magic attacks. By capturing long range, magic, or elemental attacks, Tsuneo can hold these attacks and release them at will. It can be used to turn an enemy's magic against themselves, or counter the same enemy's oncoming attack. Absorbing attacks should be taken with caution, as absorbing mixed attacks can cause the shield to shatter, such as absorbing too much Fire and Wind Magic at one time may create an explosion. This shield also does not absorb kinetic or physical attacks well, as it is susceptible to shattering with strong enough forces. The Mirror shield enhances Tsuneo's Reflective Defense spell.

Barrier Shield - Tsuneo's largest shield, this device takes the form of a Tower Shield. The Barrier Shield enhances his Barrier Field spells. With this, he can create different shield formations such as the Phalanx Formation, Tortoise Formation, or Wedge Formation. His biggest feat with the Barrier Shield is creating a giant Barrier Field, a large square wall that can defend an entire mansion against an oncoming explosion.

Trap Shield - A rather unorthodox kind of device, this weapon takes the shape of a Coffin Shield. With this shield, Tsuneo can trap foes in a tomb like coffin. This trap can be spring loaded, and open and close at any desired command from Tsuneo. With magic seals all over the box, the even the toughest enemies will have a hard time breaking out. However, outside forces can break it open with the right set of tools. In case of an emergency, Tsuneo can hide in the coffin to avoid detection, or to even survive explosions. Since it is his own magic, and device, Tsuneo doesn't need to worry about being locked in the coffin.

Gauntlet Shields – Acting as portable shields, these dual wielded shields are in the shape of Buckler Shields. As implied, these shields are retractable in gauntlets around Tsuneo's forearms. The Gauntlet Shields are Tsuneo's fastest shields when thrown. However, due to their size and shape, they are also Tsuneo's weakest shield in damage comparison.

(Noticeable Feats)

In his time as a Magic Knight so far, Tsuneo has defended the kingdom from the Eye of the Midnight Sun's attacks, blocked the entire Brass Wolf's base from an explosion using only a single barrier, and even blocked a lightning bolt from the sky.

This was a huge pain in the ass to write. Originally this character was written out on my phone, but for some reason my notes aren't saving anymore, so it deleted my entire character. I had to restart from scratch, and I couldn't remember everything I wrote down. I think I got everything I missed from before, but it wasn't easy starting all over again.

Back to the actual character, I'm almost done watching Black Clover, and I love it. I can see why some people say it could be the next Naruto. I wanted to put this character into the Black Bulls but I thought, "If I'm gonna make an OC character, I might as well go all in and make him a new squad too." I haven't put much thought into my character's squad yet, but I may do that later. I wanted to use a Lion, but that was already taken, so I went with Wolves instead. Why I chose Brass, I don't really know myself.

Anyways, seeing Asta be more of an offensive character, I decided to play the defensive card this time. A shield isn't exactly a fancy weapon, or even considered a weapon, but my character makes it work. The name Tsuneo, which can mean Ordinary, and Arakan, which can mean Worthy One, or Hero, were some names that didn't seem to common or too out there. I didn't want to make this character overpowered, or something really out there like an elf of demon. I wanted to go for a simpler character, and I think I did that. I hope this character can be used in an RP some other time, and I hope to RP some Black Clover some other time.