(OC Origin) Danmachi

(Name) Sigurd Erling

(Age) 30

(Level) 7

(Gender) Male

(Hair Color) Grey

(Eye Color) Teal

(Species) Human


Thor Familia


Sigurd's most defining trait is his extreme loyalty. Dedicated and trustworthy to Thor, Sigurd would go beyond the distance for his familia. This has put Sigurd as the second in command of exploration and mission teams. With the team actions resting on his shoulders, Sigurd has become a great leader. Sigurd is always the first in battle, but is by no means a war monger, or a rash warrior. Calm and collect, Sigurd looks out for his allies despite usually being ahead in the fight. It is not uncommon for Sigurd to put himself in danger for the sake of his allies, a trait that is both a weakness and a strength.


"I am Sigurd, son of Sigmund and Hjordis."

"I hope to restore my household and one day bring it's glory here, in Orario."

"The will of my entire household lays in this sword."

"I never expected to face a dragon that day. Maybe it was destiny that he and I crossed paths."

"When the time comes, and my body can no longer fight for Thor, I will have him teach my children. The coming generations will always be loyal to the Thor Familia."


Born to a household of conquerors, Sigurd's family name would become mediocre by the time he was born. This was due to a lack of heirs and his family estate being overtaken by other conquerors. With no money, or land to return to, Sigurd found himself in the town of Orario. Searching for work, Sigurd found resources to sell in the dungeon. Due to solo adventuring, earning a living was slow. Seeing potential in the young man, Sigurd was recruited by Thor. He would be the first recruit to the Thor familia, and eventually its oldest member. After helping establish a proper familia, Sigurd found himself in a dungeon facing a powerful and rare dragon. With the rest of his allies injured or unconscious, it was up to Sigurd to defeat the dragon. With the use of his family sword, and skills taught to him by Thor, Sigurd defeated the dragon. This earned Sigurd new developmental skill and the title of "Strongest Dragon Slayer". Sigurd's feats and prowess would only grow as the Thor familia grew.


Strength 975

Endurance 950

Dexterity 950

Agility 950

Magic 730


Meginjaroar - A skill unique to those of the Odin family. This skill doubles the strength of the user, possibly allowing them to fight someone a level higher than them.

Unarmed Combat - The user can deal significant damage while unarmed. This can range from martial arts to simply hurting a target more

Blade Throwing - Able to throw weapons. Can range from daggers, to javelins, to certain axes.

Fáfnir - This ability is earned after defeating a rare dragon and drinking its blood. With the Fáfnir ability the user's overall physical stats are drastically increased. However, this power boost greatly fatigues the user. It is also noted that the user receives the same weaknesses as a dragon when in use of this skill.

(Developmental Skills)

Dragon Slayer - Heavily increases all abilities when fighting dragon type monsters, potentially making Sigurd stronger than his actual level when fighting them


Dragon Scales/ Armor - A chest plate designed from dragon scales that protects Sigurd from normal blade attacks

Tarnkappe - A cloak that increases Sigurd's strength twelve times

Iron Gauntlets/ Gloves - Steel covered gloves that slightly increase Sigurd's attack and reaction time

Iron Guards/ Boots - Shin guards worn by Sigurd that help him remain balanced

Belt of Strength - Belt that doubles Sigurd's strength


Gram/ Long Sword - A weapon forged by dwarves and passed down through his family. This weapon was specifically designed to slay dragons. Sigurd wields this as his preferred weapon of choice.

Battle Hammer - A small but heavy hammer used as a weapon. A requirement for all in the Thor Familia to learn, this weapon can be thrown and has the ability to return to its user.

(Noticeable Magic Attacks)

Dragon's Breath: Sigurd is able to breathe fire like a dragon. These flames can melt through thick sheets of ice and even incinerate enemies.

Balmung: With a swing of his sword, Sigurd creates a wind like wave of energy. While deadly to nearly all enemies, this wave is most deadly to enemies with dragon traits.

Weapon Retraction: Much like how Thor's hammer works, Sigurd can retract certain weapons, such as his hammer and blade. This comes especially in handy when throwing his hammer or if he finds himself disarmed.

(Noticeable Feats)

Sigurd has defeated a rare and powerful dragon single handedly, he's survived in the dungeon alone for days at a stat lower level, and has earned the title of "Strongest Dragon Slayer".

Here is a character I had been planning for Danmach for a while. I haven't seen many dragons in the series, and thought that maybe they were rare creatures to find in the dungeons. Inspiration for this character came from Siegfried from Fate Apocrypha, at least that was the character idea in my head was like. I REALLY wish I could draw. Anyways, the last name for Sigurd I had to come up with by looking for cool norse names. The one I settled on was Erling, meaning "Nobleman's offspring", since he is trying to rebuild his household. I wanted to make a character a lot more powerful than my other Danmachi character for variety, and beause I had this idea in my head that he could fight Ottar single handedly. That's all I got for this character. Like always, I hope others will want to rp with him. I haven't rped with a Danmachi story before.