14 Miles

Chapter one: The Blu Dog:


The hospital is not what it is cracked up to be. You just lie or sit in bed all day long while people serve you hand and foot. Most people would love that, but not me. I like to move around a lot. The only reason I am here is that I collapsed one night last week during a speech at our academy dinner party. Turns out, I had a high fever I didn't fully recover from when I thought I did. But now, I am in the hospital.

I looked around my room. It is a gloomy place. The only things that are bright in the room are my mint green kimono decorated with gold marigolds on it hanging across from me on the wall and the pinkish white roses in a crystal vase that my husband, Mosh, sent me this morning. I smiled as they reminded me of a strange and erotic reoccurring dream I keep having.

"Benson-san," a voice spoke up. I looked away from my roses and at the doorway. A hakujuaku nurse who looked about thirteen stood there. She had on her typical stoic face. That's how all hakujuaku nurses are. They don't have feelings or fall in love. They are like robots with no emotion to them.

"You have a visitor," she said.

"Bring them in," I said.

"Yes, ma'am," the nurse said. Then she stepped away.

"Hey Noiz!" a female's voice rang out from the hall. I looked up. That either had to be Louise, Jun-Jun, Margaret, Scarlet, or Aden. They always greeted me loudly.

My girl, Aden Cho, shimmied in. She had on a short tight dark blue Chinese-style dress to her thighs and four-inch red kitten heels. Her long black hair was up in a stylish bun with small jewels in it and her lips were thick and red. Aden was a Japanese-Chinese kitsune girl. She loved to be sexy and tried to slutify me every chance she got. But it would backfire because I said no. She sat down beside me.

"How you've been?" she asked. She looked over at my roses. "Mosh give you those?" she asked. I gave her a small smile and nodded. Aden stuck out her tongue.

"You two are still icky," she said.

"They also remind me of a dream I keeping having." I admitted. I thought she would tune me out by that phase. But Aden froze and stared at me with interest. "What kind of dream?" she asked.

I looked around cautiously. Then, I signaled her to come closer. Aden complied and leaned her face close to mine. I drew in a deep breath. This would be my first time saying this to anyone.

"I am lying on my back in the woods," I began steadily without a hitch. "I was lying on my back naked." Aden's kitsune's ears perked up. One of her favorite things was sex. Anything to do with nudity and hentai always caught her attention.

"Go on!" the fox girl perked up. I breathed in again.

"My arms are stretched out like a martyr's. My legs were spread apart as well. I couldn't move. I felt too weak to. Then, I felt something heavy on top of me. I look up and see a kitsune huddle over me. I had never seen him before but I feel like I knew him. I fear him but I feel so close to him.

"Then, the kitsune kissed me lightly on the lips. A flame rushed through me. I could feel myself floating but I was still on the ground. Soon, I felt him slide himself inside of me. I felt a virgin pain shoot through me violently. I wanted to scream out but I was too weak to speak. As my kitsune pumped into me over and over again, I felt a mix of pleasure and pain. This was a powerful beast. He could have killed me if he desired. But there was a strong tenderness in him.

"When he came in me, that drained me weak. The kitsune pulled out of me painfully slow. I was trembling. He was grinning at me. He began speaking to me but I was losing consciousness.

"When I awoke, I saw a boy standing over me. Then, that was it."

Aden stared at me while she pieced it all together. "So, fox demon raped you and…" she said.

"It wasn't rape!" I cut in. "I actually… enjoy it. I couldn't see who the boy was because my vision was blurry. I always wake up in a cold sweat, wet, throbbing, and aroused."

Aden frowned. "Poor thing, you have a serious case of dry spells," was all she said. I frowned.

"Shut up." I mumbled. Then, a hakujuaku nurse came in. That was our cue to change the subject.

Aden: Guess who's getting married.

I looked up stunned.

Noiz: Who?

Aden: Ben and *******.

Noiz: Are you serious?!

Aden: As a hooker!

Noiz: I wasn't surprise that Ben would marry. But *******? She gives you and Josie a run for your money!

Aden: I know!

(Noiz: Just behind you and me, I'm not sick anymore. But I'm just hiding away for the idiot Toji-san, our representative.

Aden: Oh, you bad girl!

Noiz: Shut it! How many days of work did you play sick?

Aden: Shh! Don't tell them!)

The nurse began to take my temperature. Aden kept talking.

Aden: Our new summer intern, Kenny, is a hot sight for all eyes. He's young, hot, yummy, and he has a nice ass.

Noiz: Your hands off his bum!

Aden tittered. While the nurse was cleaning my room, I began to use the Mou-Hull technique of pressure. All I had to do was focus my vigor on a certain point and it would rise or fall. I concentrated hard on the thermometer. The numbers went haywire. I stopped it at hundred and four. Thermometer beeped and the small Goth nurse took it from my mouth and did a hard inquiry.

Nurse: Strange, you'll have to stay around day.

(Pandi: Yes! Score for the queen! She stays another night!)

(*Pandi is the voice inside my head.)

I smiled gracefully.

Noiz: All right.

Then, the nurse went away. Aden watched her leave.

Aden: They are always wearing those four-inch black velvet high-heels. I wonder who pays for them.

I just tittered. That was Aden for you. She loved sex, clothes, and shopping. Plus, liquor on the side.

Then, my stomach growled. Aden looked me.

Aden: You've eaten?

Noiz: The food here is crap.

Aden looks around and grins. She leaned in close.

Aden: I'll bring you something back.

Noiz: Thanks!

Aden: Be right back.

Then, my kitsune friend left me.

While I waited, I got lost in my thoughts. My kitsune entered my head. His eyes were so strong, almost like kitsune fire. The proudest virgin would easily be seduced by him. But who was he? And what did he want with me?

Then came a sound that made my black kitty ears twitch. I rolled on my side to see the ruckus. Two of the nurses were wheeling in the Old Blu Dog. He came to the hospital five days ago. He was a jolly old man. Loveable, warm, homeless, friendly, and patriotic to the core. In three days, he got on everyone's nerves. Including mine. Today, Old Blu was being moved to the room across from mine.

(Noiz: Oh goodie, his mouth goes on and on!)

Aden returned in a jiffy with a huge bag of sushi from my favorite sushi-ya, Umi Ai.

Aden: Hey girl! I brought you some tuna and crab rolls!

She noticed my face. I looked sick with disgust.

Aden: What's wrong, Noiz? A doc tried something fresh on you?

I didn't answer as pointed out the door. Aden turned and saw Old Blu in it.

Aden: So?

Noiz: Go sit in there in and listen to him for a good while.

Aden: All right.

Then Aden walked across the hall to the other room. I watched and bit my lip.

Blu: Hey baby doll! I believe that the humans are repressed but these evil pigs that now run the world! Drive out the pigs and reclaim the earth again!

I watched in a sickening anticipation. I couldn't even touch my smuggled lunch. The sound of his voice made me want to scream. Diamond would be much easier to endure than this guy. Old Blu talked nothing but crap about human rights and wars.

(Noiz: There's nothing wrong with it but it does tire when it goes on and on!)

Thirty minutes later, Aden returned. Her silver fox ears stood up straight and her face was as bright red as fire truck. She had her teeth clinched. I looked her.

Noiz: Well?

Aden: He…. talks…. too… damn… much!

Noiz: I tried to warn you.

Aden: Shut up! He killed his roommate already!

I said nothing and went pale.

Less than seven days, Old Blu Dog cleared out the hospital. I left the first day. (Noiz: I claimed that my fever had now gone done.) I took my roses home with me, too. Even the hakujuaku nurses fled. (Noiz: Guess they have some feelings.)

But less than seven days, the staff came home. (Except for the head doctor because he caught a cold.)