Chapter 5

The motel room was warm from the heater being left on all day. Chris sat on the made bed (the maid had come in during their absence and cleaned the room) silently watching Auna pack for her early morning departure for the airport. When she was done packing everything except for the clothes she was wearing, the porcelain Christmas tree with the lights, and the bottle of champagne from the previous day, along with the chocolates, she took a seat on the bed next to Chris.

"I think it's like 72 degrees in Phoenix today," Auna remarked.

"What was it here?" Chris laughed. "Thirty five?"

"Would you like to help me with the champagne?" Auna asked, knowing there was nothing else left to do.

"I would enjoy it very much."

She retrieved a couple of plastic cups from the bathroom counter and opened the champagne, pouring them each a drink.

"Merry Christmas, Chris," she said, handing him one of the cups.

"Merry Christmas, Auna," he smiled and they lifted the cups in a toast gesture. "I'll never forget this one."

"You won't forget me?" She worried, as they took seats on the edge of the bed.

"Never," he promised.

"Did I help you?" She asked hopefully. "That's all I wanted to do. Help the both of us."

"You helped," he assured her.

"I didn't want to think of you all alone in that house," Auna explained.

"Perhaps this was something we both fantasized about from a long time ago," Chris suggested. "And all that pent up desire finally came out."

"Perhaps," she agreed, refilling their plastic cups with more champagne from the bottle she had placed on the floor by their feet. "Are you going to be okay?" She worried.

"I think so," Chris replied. "You gave me Christmas back."

She smiled with approval. "And you gave me an unrealized piece of my past back."

"Good," he smiled. Then he studied her for a long moment. "We'll always miss her," he added quietly.

"I know," she agreed, not wanting to get emotional about it. "I guess we should turn in."

"Sure," Chris agreed.

They got off the bed and pulled the sheets back. They both disrobed and when Chris saw that Auna was naked again with no signs of putting on a pair of pajamas he got naked too and he fell onto the bed on his back, admiring Auna's bare beauty as she stood over the bed.

She picked up the cup of champagne she had placed on the bedside table, knelt on the mattress, put the cup between Chris' legs and dunked his dick into the champagne. She put the cup back on the bedside table and then she leaned in and put his penis in her mouth, licking the champagne from it while slowly stroking his shaft with her hand. Chris felt like he was in high school again.

Auna used her tongue to lick his entire length causing Chris to fall back on the mattress and moan. She pressed her lips against the tip and tightened them, sliding her tongue over the head causing Chris to shudder as she sucked him off.

Just when Chris thought he was going to explode, Auna let his penis fall from her mouth and she moved up his body to kiss him on the mouth.

"Do I turn you on?" She asked seductively. "Do you find me attractive?"

"Definitely," he assured her. "I think you are beautiful and wonderful. I feel young again."

Auna let out a breath of relief and she straddled him a she played with one of her nipples with one hand and fingered herself with the other. Then she moved up his body and planted her snatch on his face to finish what the UPS man had interrupted the day before. She felt Chris' tongue inside of her and she shook with pleasure, amazed at how fast he brought her to orgasm with his tongue inside her womanhood causing her body to shake with desire as she pressed her groin against his face and convulsed in orgasm.

"Oh, God, Chris," she marveled as she moved down his body and lined herself up with his stiff penis swaying in the air, helping him penetrate her as she lifted and lowered herself on him while rotating her hips and arching her back, crying out when Chris grabbed her by the ass and pushed his hips upward, thrusting into her as her breasts bounced and she screamed in pleasure.

They moved together rhythmically until Auna's next orgasm washed over her and she fell against his chest, him still hard inside of her. Suddenly, Chris sat up and Auna wrapped her legs around his waist as he pulled her close and lifted her up by her ass. She arched her back again and they looked into each other's eyes before Chris kissed her with passion and happiness as he pumped her with thrusts that brought her to orgasm again, both of them soaked with sweat from the heat in the room and then Chris let out a long loud moan as he exploded inside her.

When it was over, Chris fell against Auna and they both fell to the mattress, neither wanting it to end. They fell asleep in each other's arms as Christmas slowly drifted away.

Chris was awakened from a sound sleep by movement in the room. He opened his eyes and tried to focus his vision. The only light in the room came from the small porcelain Christmas tree with the tiny bulbs. He saw Auna's shadow moving through the room.

"What are you doing?" He asked with confusion, seeing that she was fully dressed, complete with her winter coat.

"Leaving," she whispered.

"It's the middle of the night!" He protested as he sat up in the bed.

"It's 4 a.m.," she clarified. "I gotta figure out where to turn in the rental car I rented up here. I have to catch the shuttle. My flight leaves at 6:45. I gotta go."

"So, it's goodbye for real," Chris realized.

Auna sighed. "I guess so." She stepped closer to the bed. "Thanks for my present," she smiled.

"Likewise," he said warmly.

"You going to be okay?"

He nodded affirmatively. "You?"

"I think so," she answered with a brave smile.


She knelt on the bed and kissed him. "If you're ever in Phoenix..."

"Yeah," he said sadly, kissing her back. "Merry Christmas, Auna."

"The room's paid for," she let him know. "You can have the tree. And the chocolates. Just leave a tip for the maid."

"Thanks for everything, Auna," Chris said with sincerity. "You gave me Christmas back."

"I'm just sorry you lost its joy when Cheryl died," Auna replied.

She got off the bed, grabbed her luggage and went out the door, a stiff breeze of cold December air flowing into the room as she left. Chris fell back on the bed and tried to come to terms with what had taken place during the last thirty-sex (er, six) hours.

He hoped Cheryl would understand.