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I walked down the school hallway, heading down the familiar path towards the gym. However today wasn't the day for struggling to change out on time, or fighting my way through whatever exercises my coach had planned, or even the day where I forgot all my troubles and just ran.

No, today was the annual school talent show and I was preforming.

I began humming the first stanza to "Closing Time, by Semisonic" and the humming eventually evolved into full fledged singing. The hallways were deserted, so I let loose a bit.

"I know who I want to take me home"

"I know who I want to take me home"

"I know who I want to take me home, take me home….."

My voice echoed off the empty walls of the hallways and surrounded me, and I smiled. Yes sir boy, your singing voice is getting better.

Suddenly I felt a pair of arms loop around me in a friendly hug from behind, and I spun around to wrap my arms around my assailant. "Hey Tory…Almost scared me that time…."

Tory released me and smiled, one of those beautiful smiles that I knew was only meant for me. She was a head taller than I was, had long brown hair that reached down to her back, and had the body of an athlete…..which made sense because she was one. One of the best in fact.

I smiled back at her and she slightly pouted "You weren't even a little scared?" She asked.

"Focusing on my music Tory, not all of us are natural born star singers like you." I joked, poking her in the ribs, before singing the chorus again.

"Hmmm….not bad, but you need to go a bit higher on the "I knows."

I know who I want to take me home.

I know who I want to take me home.

I know who I want to take me home.

Take me home

As she began singing the chorus, my mind blanked out.

There was something about her voice that seemed to shut my entire being down. Her voice flowed around the empty hallway perfectly and the sound seemed to find every echo and high note and simply bounce off the walls and floor like a tennis ball. It was beautiful, so beautiful.

While my voice was like bouncing a football, it bounced a bit but eventually it always missed the echo or high note and just ended up wobbling around awkwardly. I was getting better at controlling my voice, but Tory came into it naturally.

"Hey, Earth to you!" Tory smiled, clapping her hands in front of my face "Listen up, I hear your name being called."

The echo of my name came from the gym and Tory grabbed my hand "Let's get you on that stage!"

I speed-walked down the hallway, trying to get myself into the zone even after Tory had just thrown me out of it.


The dreaded finals…were one day away.

Which was why I was up at 9:00 pouring over material I had studied fifty times already, but being me I knew I needed to study it fifty more times to commit it not only to memory, but also total recall.

Bzzt, Bzzt, Bzzt.

I looked at my phone, which I promised I wouldn't touch until my studying was over, but that promise flew out the window when I saw the caller.

I picked it up and smiled "Hey Tory, what's up?"

She giggled "Apparently you are, shouldn't you get some rest for tomorrow? Don't want to oversleep do you?"

I shook my head "Tory, even if I wanted to sleep I doubt I could calm my brain down. I've been studying for about four hours straight, that kind of hardcore studying doesn't just up and leave your brain."

Tory smiled "Tell you what, get into bed."


"You heard me, in bed….now."

I wordlessly obeyed, clicking off my lights and closing my books, before sliding under the covers and making myself comfortable. "Alright Tory, I'm here…what do you need now?"

"Put me on speaker."

I did so, placing the phone on my pillow, and waited.

After a few seconds she started playing a guitar, before beginning to sing Daylight by Maroon 5.

"Here I am waiting, I'll have to leave soon

Why am I holding on?

We knew this day would come, we knew it all along

How did it come so fast?"

Daylight was one of my favorite songs, especially to sing and play, however when she sang it my brain instantly offered white noise, instead of the same facts repeated on a loop. I froze, completely empty inside my brain as I lay in my bed.

Well completely empty except for one command:


I yawned as she finished the chorus and by the time the bridge rolled around I was asleep.

Tory finished the song, then smiled on her end "Goodnight buddy." She whispered before hanging up.

And just like in the song I was dreaming about having her with me, as more than friends…..even though I knew she'd be gone when I woke up.


The third time it happened we were both at my house, playing Star Wars Battlefront 2…..or to be more specific, I was playing and she was curled up next to me watching the action. After a few space battles, a capture the flag battle on Naboo, and a conquest mission on Yavin 4. I stood up and walked over to my computer, pulling up my Pandora account.

"Alright Tori…..I've got my "Let's blast some Ewoks playlist up!"

I fired up Hunt mode on Endor and began playing as "Rolling in the deep" by Adele played.

Tory chuckled "You shoot Ewoks to this?"

"Every day." I muttered, nailing a fuzzball between the eyes with my sniper rifle. "I've tested it, my accuracy is so much better when my playlist is on!"

Tory squeezed my arm, also throwing off my aim. "Tory….." I complained.

"Hey, I am a member of the anti Ewok cruelty party!" She giggled.

Regardless of Tory's sympathy for anything small, cuddly, and bearlike. I racked up four more kills, then she began singing along with Adele.

I shook my head, noticing my vision was starting to get blurry, I kept blasting with my pistol as a group of Ewoks got too close to my position.

"We could have had it all…..Rolling in the deep…..you had my heart inside of your hands….and you played it to the beat….."

I groaned "Tory, my vision is really getting blurry! Have we been playing too long?"

She stopping singing and shook her head "Nope, only an hour. On your left."

I spun and blindly fired, somehow nailing an Ewok in the head "Thanks Tory….Why are my eyes so blurry?"

Tory grinned "I think you need to wipe your eyes. Don't know why you were crying….is it dusty in here?"

I paused the game and wiped my eyes and my glasses, "Might just be allergies…." I suggested, even though I inwardly knew that she was the reason for me crying.

That beautiful voice would be the death of me someday, I knew it. Why only her voice made me turn into an emotional quivering husk of myself I would never know, but it happened.

"Arrgh!" from the screen

My Stormtrooper was dead…guess her voice is the death of me now as well.


I sat down underneath a tree, in the park near my house. It was a nice quiet place where I could think, and I often brought my guitar. Today was one of those guitar bringing days as I worked on a new original song.

I paused in my strumming to jot something down in my notes, when I heard it.

So fill to me the parting glass.

And drink a health what'er befalls

For I'll gently rise and softly call

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

The Parting Glass with the best rendition of it being from Assassin's Creed four. I turned to see Tory sitting nearby, singing the song to a group of birds.

She'd always had the insane idea that a group called "Celtic Women" sang "The Parting Glass" better than Anne Bonny from AC4. Assassin's creed four had so much unspoken emotion behind the song…it had gamers crying over their consoles! Celtic Women could never claim that, still Tory stuck to her guns.

I gathered my things and moved over to her quietly, "Hey, mind if I accompany you, seeing as how you are without a guitar this fine day."

Tory's smile gave me my answer and I sat down, beginning to accompany her as she sang the second and third verses.

Granted, I get to the third verse before I break down in tears again, and this time she stops. "You okay? You've really seemed stressed these past few days, like your holding in something big….." She suddenly froze and took my hand "Is it me? Did I do something wrong?"

"No!" I said, squeezing her hand. You haven't done anything wrong….except turn me into an emotional wreck every time you decide to sing. I think I'm falling for you Tory.

I shook my head "You've done nothing wrong Tory, I'm…just dealing with some emotional stuff right now."

Tory smiled and stood up, "Put the guitar down and hug me okay?" She opened her arms and gestured. I entered the embrace willingly and she rested her head on mine. "Whatever you're going through, whatever problems you are facing…..I'll help you deal with them, promise."

I hugged her back while inwardly wondering; can you help me, if you're the root cause of the problem?


I walked into the music room of my school, staring at my watch. 3:45…where is she?

When I got the call to come to the music room after school from her, I'd assume she'd actually be on time!

The door opened and she rushed inside in a flurry of brown hair and guitar. "Sorry, my strings broke and I had to repair and…..I'm so sorry to keep you waiting." She seemed almost regretful for a fifteen minute wait

I smiled "No big deal Tory. I'm okay. What do you need?"

Tory blushed "Since your birthday is coming up I…I decided to play one of your favorite songs….So I present….

Young and beautiful by Lana Del Rey."

My jaw dropped as she began to sing, and I listened attentively to the entire song, trying not to cry the entire time. I loved and loathed that song all at the same time, it was just so beautiful and sad and romantic and….. I would have cried regardless, but with her singing it I bawled.

Bawled like a baby by the first verse.

She stopped the song, inwardly wondering if it brought back any painful memories, but I shook my head "Keep going…..Tory….."

She resumed the song and finished it, before placing the guitar aside and throwing herself into my arms. "Hey….calm down okay, please tell me what's wrong…..Please….what am I doing to hurt you?"

I buried myself into her "Your voice…..so beautiful…..makes me emotional…..Don't know why."

Tory smiled "Awww" She wrapped her arms tighter around me "You and your big heart, that's why you're crying…shh….it's okay."

I hugged her back "Tory, when you sing it…it touches my heart, makes me think your singing to me…..makes me…."

"Think we could be more?" Tory smiled. "I've felt that way when you sing too…..I can't explain it, it just must be the power of music."

I laughed a bit, the power of music was something we could always turn to when music affected both of us, and it worked here.

She suddenly leaned over and laced her fingers through mine, resting her head on my shoulder, and shifting so she was sitting in my lap. Since she was taller than me it looked a bit awkward, but we didn't care. We didn't speak, just held each other for a while.


Tory jumped and reached into her pocket "My mom's outside, gotta run. I'll see you tomorrow okay?" She slipped out of my arms like nothing had happened, scooped up her guitar, and was gone.

I pinched myself to make sure this was all real, and then I found myself asking "Do I have a girlfriend now?"


I was walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria, lunch in hand and stomach grumbling, when I heard a piano being played and I heard lyrics to another one of my favorite songs (In case you haven't noticed, I've got a ton of favorite songs.)

"Just give me a reason just a little bit's enough.

Just a second we're not broken just bent and we can learn to love again.

It's in the stars

It's been written in the scars on our hearts

We're not broken just bent

And we can learn to love again"

'Just give me a reason" by Pink. I walked down the hallway towards the music room when I saw my music teacher sitting at his desk, while Tory played the piano.

I froze in the doorway, listening to the music…..and not crying.

For some reason her voice didn't affect me the way it had been doing, in fact the song sounded…..wrong.

Something about it just didn't sound right at all, and I couldn't put my finger on it. She started on the second verse and I suddenly realized what was wrong.

It was a song for two voices, not one.

My music teacher saw me in the doorway and gestured for me to enter, pointing to a guitar that stood in the corner. Tory's back was to the door and to me, so I grabbed the guitar determined to make this musical wrong right.

Slowly I began accompanying her

"Oh, tear ducts and rust

I'll fix it for us

We're collecting dust

But our love's enough

You're holding it in

You're pouring a drink

No nothing is as bad as it seems

We'll come clean"

She turned in surprise as I sat beside her on the piano bench, strumming and singing. Now the song was just the way it should be, as we let our mutual love of music fill us. The ending choruses were filled with a passion that had been lacking when just one voice sang, but with two….two was incredible, two voices was the way the song was supposed to go.

When we ended the song, in relatively perfect harmony, my music teacher applauded us and smiled.

However the greatest praise came from Tory "Thanks for being my Nate Ruess, and I think you just gave me a reason to do this….."

Before I could even ask what she meant, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

Once again my brain erupted in white noise as my entire being exploded. When she pulled back she blushed and smiled as I hugged her tightly.

My music teacher smiled at both of us "See, this is what I mean! Music bringing people together!"

I smiled at Tory, who began playing the song again. "Why don't we do the song the way it's supposed to be this time? Together."

"Believe me Tory, we need to." I said with a smile "You were singing my favorite song and you were singing it wrong."


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