A long time ago, there was a bunny named Harold. Harold for the most part hated humans, except for this one girl with a blue bow that gave him food. He thought about giving humans a chance since that girl was human and she was nice, but Harold saw that the other humans were destroying the homes of all his forest friends and leaving lots of the animals either dead, starving or homeless. This made most of the other animals mad, but it made Harold especially mad. He saw that humans had the potential for kindness, so seeing such cruelty from them was horrifying and unacceptable. Harold, in his rage, brought together a group of like-minded forest critters and assembled a tiny army. He invited the girl with the blue bow to hide in the woods for a day. While she was there, Harold and the other animals laid siege to the small town nearby, killing everyone and destroying everything.

Proud of himself for having saved the woods, Harold and his friends slept soundly in the wreckage of the town. The next day, the girl with the blue bow returned to town. She saw the destruction and wept. Harold tried comforting her, but she ran away, angry. She hated that such sweet creatures had the gall to do such horrible things. She, in her anger, vowed never to trust animals again, and to mow down every forest in the world.